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Aliens & UFO's

All eyes, including extraterrestrial, are on Ukraine. What are aliens preparing for us?

All eyes, including extraterrestrial, are on Ukraine. What are aliens preparing for us? 1

With the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, not only the attention of all world media is riveted to the dramatic events taking place now, but even ufologists and nibirologists concentrate on publishing mostly videos with crimes against the civilian population. 

Thus, the long-standing prophecy of nibirologists has partially come true that against the backdrop of a world war, few people will be interested in the fact that there is no longer one moon in the sky, but two or even four. 

Meanwhile, the events taking place now in the sky are also very important, since they are most likely somehow connected with what is happening on earth. 

Photo taken in Kiev at the end of February:

There are a lot of strange atmospheric phenomena in the world now, we are monitoring them, but today we would like to focus on the huge number of UFO videos that Ukrainians have now begun to upload. 

The videos are not of the highest quality, but the mass nature of the sightings is amazing which includes all known UFO types. For example, the green “cigar” from the first video was seen the day before in Argentina:

The author of the photo had time and inspiration to determine the size of the unidentified craft and, according to his estimates, its length is about 400 meters.

It seems that aliens are also interested in visiting Russia:

In the light of the events taking place in the world right now, the feeling from the abundance of these UFO sightings is certainly not as joyful as it was before the invasion. 

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Vortex of magnetic fields on the Sun?

Amateur astronomer Alexander Holichek, photographed yesterday a vortex of hot plasma wide enough to engulf the Earth, spinning at over 50,000 miles per hour.

All eyes, including extraterrestrial, are on Ukraine. What are aliens preparing for us? 2

“I recorded this 25-minute movie using the Lunt Solar Systems H-alpha 152mm solar telescope,” says the astronomer. “I estimate the outer diameter of the loop to be twice that of the Earth.”

The whirlwind may not last long. It gets its structure from the swirling magnetic fields that keep the plasma in a loop. At this very moment, the loop is twisted tighter and tighter – the build-up of tension can tear the vortex apart.

Tornadoes that are directed parallel to the surface do not exist, therefore, in a situation with these “magnetic fields” on the Sun, therefore only one physical analogy remains – a drain. That is, some kind of hole has appeared near the Sun, which draws in the ejected stellar matter. 

We do not know what kind of “hole” this is. Is it some kind of tear in the fabric of space-time, a black hole or a neutron star, but in any case, something with a colossal gravitational / magnetic field is now dangling near the Sun. It attracts the solar matter to itself, forcing it to twist into a vortex when the vectors of the forces acting on the plasma are added. 

Are we heading towards a spectacular celestial event where an object such as Nibiru will turn the sun black and then the 3 days of darkness of no shine and warmth will follow?

Most likely, something incredible is being prepared on Earth, and the higher intelligence beings have knowledge of it.  


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