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Conspiracy Theories

Aliens on the moon, facts and theories

It has long been no secret that the governments of different countries are involved in hiding the existence of aliens on Earth. And all the more there is nothing surprising in the fact that aliens on the moon built their bases.

aliens present on the dark side of the moon

Aliens present on the dark side of the moon

Like all claims about the existence of aliens, these allegations by ufologists are refuted by officials. But a number of evidence shows that aliens on the moon are present, being on the dark side of our satellite.

Astronaut Jim Irwin from the Apollo 15 mission shot a video showing an object resembling a flying saucer. A UFO hovering over the surface of the moon. This object from the astronaut’s camera indicates that aliens are present on the dark side of the moon.

Photograph taken by astronauts of Apollo 11, visible structures of aliens

Photograph taken by astronauts of Apollo 11 with visible alien structures

A photograph of the dark side of the moon taken by astronauts of Apollo 11 clearly shows a huge structure on the lunar lands. There is no doubt how much education resembles the construction of intelligent hands.

In the same photograph, which was taken by astronauts of Apollo 11, other structures are visible. In this case, a huge tower is visible on the surface of the moon. This indicates that aliens are present there.

huge tower on the surface of the moon

Huge tower on the surface of the moon

In the immediate vicinity of the Zeeman Crater, on the opposite side of the moon, a large rectangular structure is visible. The structure is accompanied by straight convex tiers and terraces. The presence of such structures, of course, is not caused by the natural creation of lunar nature. Rather, it indicates the presence of aliens on the dark side of the moon.

Zeeman crater on the opposite side of the moon, rectangular structure

Zeeman crater on the opposite side of the moon, rectangular structure

In one of the photographs of Apollo 11, a white tower with a black sphere on top is visible. This suggests that intelligent races have already visited and built structures on the surface of the moon. They were there long before a man came to the satellite of his planet.

Frederick William Herschel, the man who discovered the planet Uranus, claimed that in 1787 he noticed bright lights crossing the dark side of the moon. A curious phenomenon was by no means natural.

TV tower on the moon

TV tower on the moon

Many astronomers from around the world report the existence of luminous balls on the dark side of the moon. This in turn may indicate that aliens today visit the dark side of the moon.

Alien base on the moon, presumably

Alien base on the moon, presumably

NASA, however, noted that such images often lead to the formation of capricious theories and erroneous interpretations. In recent years, the number of images showing alleged bases on the moon has quadrupled.

Despite the fact that all “suspicious” photographs are in the public domain, theories still claim that governments know about aliens, but they hide this important fact from the public.

While most of the images are nothing more than a desire to see the imaginary instead of the real in the “muddy” images, some images arouse really serious interest.

In addition to the large number of “abnormal” objects on the lunar surface, there are remarkable statements from former astronauts and government officials working on lunar projects. It was a number of scientists and astronauts that provoked great interest in conspiracy theory regarding the moon and its origin.

Secrets friend, secrets.

For example, Dr. Brandenburg, a participant in Clementine’s research mission in orbit of the Moon, is often quoted as saying:

The mission’s purpose was to check if there were any buildings on the Moon whose origin we do not know.

Amazing moon landscape

Amazing moon landscape

Among the abundance of images of the lunar surface, the most striking professor finds, were images with structures very similar to artificial origin. According to the scientist, there should not be artificially created structures on the Moon, for the simple reason that we did not build anything there in any of the missions.

Can the words of Professor Brandenburg and truly stunning photographs provide us with a definite answer? Are there alien bases on the moon? Alas, there is no full answer in official sources.

There is only assurances glowing with curiosity that the images are of course interesting, but require more careful study. Additional research is required. And here a counter question arises: were the previous missions not enough? Moreover, they knew where to “carefully study”.

Meanwhile, Dr. Brandenburg additionally stated: after the Clementine mission was completed, all images of the lunar surface were analyzed by a “special team with the highest level of reliability”!

“… They basically kept aloof, just did their job. They told us that we should not interfere with their work … “

Complementing the theme of an alien presence in our home system are the numerous statements by the astronaut Edgar Mitchell , who observed such a thing as UFOs during space flights.

Both the Soviet and American astronauts, who have now retired, speak of signs of an alien presence. In light of this, you no longer reject the theory of aliens in the solar system so much, do you?

On the moon lies a broken UFO and there are abandoned stations of aliens, – ufologists have said this more than once. And in general, something has been happening on the moon related to the activities of an alien civilization for more than a dozen years.

Station Buildings on the Moon

Station Buildings on the Moon

In support of this curious idea, photo-documentary evidence is often found. It is difficult to judge how much this can serve as evidence of extraterrestrial life, but this cannot be ignored.

There is such a hobby of our time – home researchers. These are virtual explorers of outer space and the planets of our system. Usually they then own the next find of traces of extraterrestrial intelligence since the flight of Apollo 15.

UFO photographs.

For example, a user of the global network “Whatsupinthesky37 ′ ′ and a fan of studying NASA archived photographs, unexpected even for himself, recently discovered a mysterious artifact on one of the photographs of the lunar surface .

The image, delivered by the Apollo 15 mission, shows a portion of the surface of the moon. On which quite clearly, according to the author, the contours of collapsed buildings are visible. Probably, the author of the find believes, the buildings were photographed by one of the crew members when they passed over this place in the descent module.

According to the author of the find, these are the ruins of bases built by aliens. Remains from the stations that once stood on the moon.

Now the bases of ancient aliens have certainly lost their former appearance, but they still retain the correct outlines so as not to doubt their artificial origin and that they were built by rational creatures. – As we know from our history of evolution, this is clearly a building not of human civilization .

Another find from the same time is the UFO flight detected, seen in photographs by a user of Streetcap1.

UFO flying over the moon

UFO flying over the moon

The phenomenon is amazing in that it is difficult to confuse an object with a “cover” from the antenna or a wrapper of solar panels. More precisely, we can safely say that it is impossible to compare UFOs with anything other than an alien spacecraft.

UFO over the moon (increase)

UFO over the moon

As you can see when zooming, the UFO has the contours of three clearly defined engine exhaust nozzles. Viable assumptions that it could be, have not yet appeared.

UFO in orbit of the moon.

At first, the object was mistaken for the remaining Endeavour in orbit. However, they quickly came to the conclusion that these are different in appearance devices.

The UFO itself looks like a modular device, as if docked from several objects, so Endeavor clearly does not apply to this. What would it be for a mysterious object in the orbit of the moon remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, the first who encountered the far from simple anomalous phenomena on the moon were Soviet scientists.

During the lunar landing of the first automatic device on the moon, in the vicinity of it up to hundreds of kilometers in diameter, some craters were suddenly clouded by an incomprehensible foggy haze.

When the gas formation after several hours dissipated, then the craters disappeared along with it! What is it, and how it could happen, scientists are still worried. The only effective answer to all the abnormal “tricks” can be expected from a thorough study of the moon – sometime this should happen.

Many thought about the question: why did the moon landing cease, why did people not try to build a lunar base? If you rely on the words of NASA astronauts who visited the moon, then there is a valid alien base.

Worse, aliens explicitly told man to “leave” the moon! For half a century, people have been denied access to the Earth’s satellite, according to ufologists based on some secret documents.

In fact, why hasn’t anyone come to the moon for decades? Why didn’t people establish an outpost on the planet closest to Earth? This is because the Moon is not a viable celestial body to use it, or maybe because all of the above has already happened, but we do not know about it?

The answer to intriguing questions may be simpler than we think. For example, Dr. Michael Salla talks about the presence of an extraterrestrial military-industrial complex on the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite. There is also the possibility that the alien complex is working in tandem with humans.

Maritime reconnaissance Milton Cooper reports more than just an abandoned alien station on the moon. In his view, the aliens are mining minerals on a satellite. It is there that aliens hold their huge transport ships, as well as small “flying saucers” for flying to Earth.

In support of curious claims and many other secrets of the moon, the Chinese have released an intriguing photo of what looks like an artificial complex on the surface of the satellite.

The image is another confirmation of secret operations conducted on the moon. This may also indicate that the Chinese government is in contact with non-citizens of the solar system. In turn, this may explain China’s significant investment in moon exploration.

Several photographs taken with the Chang’e-2 orbital research probe clearly show mysterious structures on the lunar surface. Some researchers claim that NASA deliberately bombarded a portion of the Moon in an attempt to destroy alien artifacts and structures (probe collapse) in order to hide the true state of affairs from other countries.

China is said to be moving towards the full disclosure of the truth of an alien presence within the Earth. If the mysterious images and the future of the similar ones turn out to be genuine, then NASA may be convicted of fraud. China plans to release all the data and photographs of the moon’s orbiting scouts in the coming weeks and months, intending to illuminate all the lunar secrets.

Amazing moon landscape

Amazing moon landscape

Countless rumors indicate the presence of an alien base located on the dark side of the moon – we never see what is happening there. But we know that in 1969 and 2009, NASA bombed part of the moon for unclear reasons. Other images coming from NASA headquarters show no less amazing structures visible on the moon, which may be of artificial nature.

The giant towers visible on the far side of the moon certainly amaze our imagination. But they hit astronomers not with their gigantic size, but also because these towers seem to be moving! They move on the moon. This can be understood from the trail that the towers leave behind. Such moving objects require the creation of superintelligent minds, the researchers believe.

Structures resembling buildings with interconnected paths were discovered on the opposite side of the moon. These findings suggest that the aliens not only visited the moon, but were also able to build their own city there.

Many former officers who had access to the most secret documents for more than 50 years have been talking about the presence of unidentified and mysterious structures on the surface of the moon. All of this evidence is strong enough to confirm the presence of aliens on the moon.

If you believe the statements from ufologists, then NASA had a warning that they would stay away from the surface of the moon. Therefore, NASA has not made any further attempts to conduct lunar missions over the past 50 years. And also, the Soviet Union, which happened simultaneously with the Americans, also refused to exploit the Moon.


Conspiracy Theories

The Rothschild magazine predicted the coronavirus more than a year ago

“It’s hard to believe that two months ago this virus, which absorbed all the attention of the media, financial markets and politicians, was absolutely unknown to us,” said the Director General of the World Health Organization. The appearance of the killer virus was predicted a year ago.

While the normal flu annually kills over half a million people on the planet, there are no vaccines or effective medicines for the Chinese adversity. The WHO Secretary-General responsibly stated that it would take about a year and a half to develop a vaccine and specialized treatments. 

The first version on the coronavirus source was through bats and snakes. On February 7, they announced that they had found a potential intermediate host for the infection. This is an ancient pangolin that appeared on Earth 60 million years ago. The strain found in its body is 99% identical to that found in infected people. 

The 2019 Economist Cover

At the top of the cover there is a panda (China). From the East (where China is located) four “Horsemen of the Apocalypse” leave – Pestilence (coronavirus epidemic), War (Syria, Libya, Afghanistan), Hunger (food shortages due to epidemics and border closures), Death (from epidemics and wars) . But the most interesting detail on the cover is the image of a strange animal, which many be taken for an anteater. And only now it became clear that this is a pangolin. Given that the epidemic in China began in December 2019, the encrypted cover was prophetic. The main argument of this prophecy is the pangolin, whose appearance on the cover did not find any interpretation until February 7, 2020, when it was announced that the metagenomes of the pangolin, coronavirus and infected people are almost identical.

The influential British weekly The Economist is considered the global mouthpiece of the Rothschilds, the planet’s oldest financial clan. They are also called the secret rulers of the world, the top of the “golden billion.” According to cheap conspiracy theories, there are enough resources on Earth only for the world elite and the personnel serving it – the “golden billion”. The rest of the people of the world behind the scenes allegedly decided to counteract with the help of wars, hunger, epidemics. It turns out that the Rothschilds sent a message on a new epidemic by warning their supporters with an encrypted cover. Seemingly, everything converges – horsemen of the Apocalypse from the East, including the first, on a white horse – Death and the mysterious pangolin being the source of a terrible unknown infection. The vast majority of world residents have not even heard about these animals until the last days.

In that issue of forecasts, there was an alarming article on the trade in many billions of rare and endangered animals. Even elephants, tigers, lions and rhinos remain in danger.

In 2019, a lot of attention will be paid to the problem, the magazine wrote. Colombo will host a summit to protect these animals. There is a curious passage there. “One of the biggest breakthroughs is China’s ban on the sale of ivory and its products in 2018. But some ivory merchants have moved into a new market: pangolins. “These anteaters, valued for their meat and the alleged healing properties of the scales, are currently the best-selling endangered species in the world.”

According to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, pangolins are on the list of the most protected animals. Catching them is prohibited in China. But this does not save them from poachers. In Chinese folk medicine, pangolin scales are used to increase potency, treat many diseases, from asthma to cancer. Meat is considered a delicacy. In restaurants, they go for 60 – 70 dollars per kg, illegally of course

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, over the past ten years, poachers have caught more than 1 million pangolins in Asian and African forests and transported them to China and Vietnam. The meat was also illegally sold in the famous market in Wuhan. Employees of this market became the first patients with COVID-19 at the end of December.

So the appearance of the most popular animal among international smugglers on the cover of the Economist’s forecasts is justified but is the fact that the pangolin has become the alleged source of a new epidemic in the world a pure coincidence?


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Conspiracy Theories

US military uses 5G network to secretly control the weather

Some members of the anti-5G movement have suspicions that the ultra-fast satellite network may be connected to a mysterious military facility that can control the weather.

The HAARP (High-Frequency Ionospheric Scattering Research Program) is a transmitting device used to study the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, located in Alaska. Its construction, funded by the military, was completed in 2007, but just seven years later, the program was closed and ownership of the HAARP and its capabilities were transferred to the University of Alaska.

For many years, conspiracy theorists have argued that the US government uses HAARP to control the weather, a statement repeatedly denied by officials and scientists. Some believe that the power of HAARP is beyond the scope of weather manipulation, claiming that it is capable of mass control of the mind through the emission of extremely powerful low-frequency signals, with ionospheric heaters (powerful radio waves) specifically targeted at people. Interest in HAARP has resumed due to growing tensions between Iran and the US, and some say the program is not only active, but also strengthened by the deployment of 5G. HAARP operates in the ionosphere, a layer of our atmosphere that is located at an altitude of 75 – 1000 km above the Earth’s surface.

In addition, an increasing number of 5G satellites are being launched into orbit, SpaceX plans to launch another 1,400 as part of its Starlink fleet by the end of 2020. The company has applied to launch another 30,000, while other technology giants such as Amazon and Facebook are also planning to send their own 5G satellites into space. The US Air Force Report 2025, published in 2008 with a 3,300-page report identifying future challenges for the US military, contains this intriguing paragraph: “The high-energy space laser system is considered a multi-megawatt chemical laser capable of hitting ground, air or space targets With lower power settings, it can turn off the enemy’s optics, perform passive sensing tasks, actively highlight the target with a laser, or even change the weather.

American activist and author Arthur Firstenberg is one of many 5G critics who believes that the Starlink fleet will harm the Earth’s electromagnetic environment, creating an “imminent threat to the extinction of all life on Earth,” he told the Daily Star. “Starlink satellites are located in the lowest layer of the magnetosphere called the ionosphere. The ionosphere, which is the source of energy for all life on Earth, will be exposed to the full power of satellite radiation instead of just a negligible fraction of the energy that goes through power lines located on the ground.”

However, he does not believe that satellites will be used in technology like HAARP, and believes that weather control is much less feasible than some people think. Global Research’s Makia Freeman has linked the growing 5G network with HAARP, claiming technology is part of a broader plot of surveillance and domination. “It is vital to understand the big picture of a grand conspiracy,” she writes. “All of these destructive and dangerous technologies – 5G, Wi-Fi, wireless radiation, HAARP, ionospheric heating, geoengineering, GMOs, etc. – are going to be woven into one giant integrated monitoring, command and control system.”

As one example of the interconnectedness of these technologies, she cites chemtrails (chemical trails), “filled with metal particles that 5G can use.” Other conspiracy theorists believe that 5G continues to control the atmosphere that HAARP produced prior to its closure in 2014. A 2017 plan to install 50,000 5G cell towers across California was met with massive protests from local residents, some of whom claimed to be part of a “geo-engineering” weather observation and control storyline.


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Conspiracy Theories

What coronavirus has to do with the Davos economic forum logo?

With humanity living in fear of a possible pandemic of the deadly coronavirus virus, all conspiracy theories (or not) that go public, try to cover every possible association, event and situation, as crazy and unlikely as it may sound.

Therefore, the coronavirus is associated by some, with this year’s Davos logo and royal families.

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