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Aliens on the moon, facts and theories

It has long been no secret that the governments of different countries are involved in hiding the existence of aliens on Earth. And all the more there is nothing surprising in the fact that aliens on the moon built their bases.

aliens present on the dark side of the moon

Aliens present on the dark side of the moon

Like all claims about the existence of aliens, these allegations by ufologists are refuted by officials. But a number of evidence shows that aliens on the moon are present, being on the dark side of our satellite.

Astronaut Jim Irwin from the Apollo 15 mission shot a video showing an object resembling a flying saucer. A UFO hovering over the surface of the moon. This object from the astronaut’s camera indicates that aliens are present on the dark side of the moon.

Photograph taken by astronauts of Apollo 11, visible structures of aliens

Photograph taken by astronauts of Apollo 11 with visible alien structures

A photograph of the dark side of the moon taken by astronauts of Apollo 11 clearly shows a huge structure on the lunar lands. There is no doubt how much education resembles the construction of intelligent hands.

In the same photograph, which was taken by astronauts of Apollo 11, other structures are visible. In this case, a huge tower is visible on the surface of the moon. This indicates that aliens are present there.

huge tower on the surface of the moon

Huge tower on the surface of the moon

In the immediate vicinity of the Zeeman Crater, on the opposite side of the moon, a large rectangular structure is visible. The structure is accompanied by straight convex tiers and terraces. The presence of such structures, of course, is not caused by the natural creation of lunar nature. Rather, it indicates the presence of aliens on the dark side of the moon.

Zeeman crater on the opposite side of the moon, rectangular structure

Zeeman crater on the opposite side of the moon, rectangular structure

In one of the photographs of Apollo 11, a white tower with a black sphere on top is visible. This suggests that intelligent races have already visited and built structures on the surface of the moon. They were there long before a man came to the satellite of his planet.

Frederick William Herschel, the man who discovered the planet Uranus, claimed that in 1787 he noticed bright lights crossing the dark side of the moon. A curious phenomenon was by no means natural.

TV tower on the moon

TV tower on the moon

Many astronomers from around the world report the existence of luminous balls on the dark side of the moon. This in turn may indicate that aliens today visit the dark side of the moon.

Alien base on the moon, presumably

Alien base on the moon, presumably

NASA, however, noted that such images often lead to the formation of capricious theories and erroneous interpretations. In recent years, the number of images showing alleged bases on the moon has quadrupled.

Despite the fact that all “suspicious” photographs are in the public domain, theories still claim that governments know about aliens, but they hide this important fact from the public.

While most of the images are nothing more than a desire to see the imaginary instead of the real in the “muddy” images, some images arouse really serious interest.

In addition to the large number of “abnormal” objects on the lunar surface, there are remarkable statements from former astronauts and government officials working on lunar projects. It was a number of scientists and astronauts that provoked great interest in conspiracy theory regarding the moon and its origin.

Secrets friend, secrets.

For example, Dr. Brandenburg, a participant in Clementine’s research mission in orbit of the Moon, is often quoted as saying:

The mission’s purpose was to check if there were any buildings on the Moon whose origin we do not know.

Amazing moon landscape

Amazing moon landscape

Among the abundance of images of the lunar surface, the most striking professor finds, were images with structures very similar to artificial origin. According to the scientist, there should not be artificially created structures on the Moon, for the simple reason that we did not build anything there in any of the missions.

Can the words of Professor Brandenburg and truly stunning photographs provide us with a definite answer? Are there alien bases on the moon? Alas, there is no full answer in official sources.

There is only assurances glowing with curiosity that the images are of course interesting, but require more careful study. Additional research is required. And here a counter question arises: were the previous missions not enough? Moreover, they knew where to “carefully study”.

Meanwhile, Dr. Brandenburg additionally stated: after the Clementine mission was completed, all images of the lunar surface were analyzed by a “special team with the highest level of reliability”!

“… They basically kept aloof, just did their job. They told us that we should not interfere with their work … “

Complementing the theme of an alien presence in our home system are the numerous statements by the astronaut Edgar Mitchell , who observed such a thing as UFOs during space flights.

Both the Soviet and American astronauts, who have now retired, speak of signs of an alien presence. In light of this, you no longer reject the theory of aliens in the solar system so much, do you?

On the moon lies a broken UFO and there are abandoned stations of aliens, – ufologists have said this more than once. And in general, something has been happening on the moon related to the activities of an alien civilization for more than a dozen years.

Station Buildings on the Moon

Station Buildings on the Moon

In support of this curious idea, photo-documentary evidence is often found. It is difficult to judge how much this can serve as evidence of extraterrestrial life, but this cannot be ignored.

There is such a hobby of our time – home researchers. These are virtual explorers of outer space and the planets of our system. Usually they then own the next find of traces of extraterrestrial intelligence since the flight of Apollo 15.

UFO photographs.

For example, a user of the global network “Whatsupinthesky37 ′ ′ and a fan of studying NASA archived photographs, unexpected even for himself, recently discovered a mysterious artifact on one of the photographs of the lunar surface .

The image, delivered by the Apollo 15 mission, shows a portion of the surface of the moon. On which quite clearly, according to the author, the contours of collapsed buildings are visible. Probably, the author of the find believes, the buildings were photographed by one of the crew members when they passed over this place in the descent module.

According to the author of the find, these are the ruins of bases built by aliens. Remains from the stations that once stood on the moon.

Now the bases of ancient aliens have certainly lost their former appearance, but they still retain the correct outlines so as not to doubt their artificial origin and that they were built by rational creatures. – As we know from our history of evolution, this is clearly a building not of human civilization .

Another find from the same time is the UFO flight detected, seen in photographs by a user of Streetcap1.

UFO flying over the moon

UFO flying over the moon

The phenomenon is amazing in that it is difficult to confuse an object with a “cover” from the antenna or a wrapper of solar panels. More precisely, we can safely say that it is impossible to compare UFOs with anything other than an alien spacecraft.

UFO over the moon (increase)

UFO over the moon

As you can see when zooming, the UFO has the contours of three clearly defined engine exhaust nozzles. Viable assumptions that it could be, have not yet appeared.

UFO in orbit of the moon.

At first, the object was mistaken for the remaining Endeavour in orbit. However, they quickly came to the conclusion that these are different in appearance devices.

The UFO itself looks like a modular device, as if docked from several objects, so Endeavor clearly does not apply to this. What would it be for a mysterious object in the orbit of the moon remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, the first who encountered the far from simple anomalous phenomena on the moon were Soviet scientists.

During the lunar landing of the first automatic device on the moon, in the vicinity of it up to hundreds of kilometers in diameter, some craters were suddenly clouded by an incomprehensible foggy haze.

When the gas formation after several hours dissipated, then the craters disappeared along with it! What is it, and how it could happen, scientists are still worried. The only effective answer to all the abnormal “tricks” can be expected from a thorough study of the moon – sometime this should happen.

Many thought about the question: why did the moon landing cease, why did people not try to build a lunar base? If you rely on the words of NASA astronauts who visited the moon, then there is a valid alien base.

Worse, aliens explicitly told man to “leave” the moon! For half a century, people have been denied access to the Earth’s satellite, according to ufologists based on some secret documents.

In fact, why hasn’t anyone come to the moon for decades? Why didn’t people establish an outpost on the planet closest to Earth? This is because the Moon is not a viable celestial body to use it, or maybe because all of the above has already happened, but we do not know about it?

The answer to intriguing questions may be simpler than we think. For example, Dr. Michael Salla talks about the presence of an extraterrestrial military-industrial complex on the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite. There is also the possibility that the alien complex is working in tandem with humans.

Maritime reconnaissance Milton Cooper reports more than just an abandoned alien station on the moon. In his view, the aliens are mining minerals on a satellite. It is there that aliens hold their huge transport ships, as well as small “flying saucers” for flying to Earth.

In support of curious claims and many other secrets of the moon, the Chinese have released an intriguing photo of what looks like an artificial complex on the surface of the satellite.

The image is another confirmation of secret operations conducted on the moon. This may also indicate that the Chinese government is in contact with non-citizens of the solar system. In turn, this may explain China’s significant investment in moon exploration.

Several photographs taken with the Chang’e-2 orbital research probe clearly show mysterious structures on the lunar surface. Some researchers claim that NASA deliberately bombarded a portion of the Moon in an attempt to destroy alien artifacts and structures (probe collapse) in order to hide the true state of affairs from other countries.

China is said to be moving towards the full disclosure of the truth of an alien presence within the Earth. If the mysterious images and the future of the similar ones turn out to be genuine, then NASA may be convicted of fraud. China plans to release all the data and photographs of the moon’s orbiting scouts in the coming weeks and months, intending to illuminate all the lunar secrets.

Amazing moon landscape

Amazing moon landscape

Countless rumors indicate the presence of an alien base located on the dark side of the moon – we never see what is happening there. But we know that in 1969 and 2009, NASA bombed part of the moon for unclear reasons. Other images coming from NASA headquarters show no less amazing structures visible on the moon, which may be of artificial nature.

The giant towers visible on the far side of the moon certainly amaze our imagination. But they hit astronomers not with their gigantic size, but also because these towers seem to be moving! They move on the moon. This can be understood from the trail that the towers leave behind. Such moving objects require the creation of superintelligent minds, the researchers believe.

Structures resembling buildings with interconnected paths were discovered on the opposite side of the moon. These findings suggest that the aliens not only visited the moon, but were also able to build their own city there.

Many former officers who had access to the most secret documents for more than 50 years have been talking about the presence of unidentified and mysterious structures on the surface of the moon. All of this evidence is strong enough to confirm the presence of aliens on the moon.

If you believe the statements from ufologists, then NASA had a warning that they would stay away from the surface of the moon. Therefore, NASA has not made any further attempts to conduct lunar missions over the past 50 years. And also, the Soviet Union, which happened simultaneously with the Americans, also refused to exploit the Moon.


Conspiracy Theories

KGB would have hidden documents relating to the “First Contact” with Star Ambassadors

The first contact with a group of gray aliens, a kind of Star Ambassadors,  supposedly took place not only in the United States in the 1950s but also in Russia, in 1942. At that time, a series of diplomatic visits took place to discuss the planned issues of common interest, and according to alleged Russian documents,  a treaty was drafted.
Under the Treaty 23/04, these meetings would take place in secret. A limited number of special agents would have accompanied the visitors and they would meet only with high ranking officers.


According to document 072 / E, at the 1961 meeting there was an incident involving 3 subjects due to the violation of the treaty by the officers at the military base, when it was discovered that the soldiers themselves had a hidden device to record the meeting, but without the consent of both the alien team and the KGB team of special agents. According to the Treaty 23/04, the meetings would have been reserved and therefore not allowed audio and photographic recordings of the meeting. After the accident, the treaty was revised and resumed, according to reports.



All this was reported by the independent newspaper and from Pravda, where an article had been published on the news of an alleged “first contact” between a team of “gray aliens” and the Russian government, which presumably took place in 1942. At that time, a series of diplomatic visits would take place to discuss matters of mutual interest and alleged” treaties “with a team of aliens. Everything would be written in a series of documents hidden by the KGB.

In 1969 in the Sverdlovsky state, a UFO would have crashed and recovered from the Russian military. There is an alleged video showing the recovery, with close-ups of the impacted UFO on the ground. Presumably, there was a dead alien found in the flying saucer. The remnants of the alien and UFO debris were taken to a secure Russian site, where an alien autopsy was performed.


According to the Russian newspaper “Pravda”, the KGB allegedly had a special unit designed to collect and monitor all information regarding mystical and inexplicable phenomena reported in and outside the Soviet Union.
Also according to Pravda, General Ponomarnko, then commander in chief of the Ural military district, had declared that the special unit affiliated to the KGB also had the task of ensuring that the same intelligence officers had to be involved in the works pertaining to the UFO Crash, at all stages. The reports of the agents were promptly transmitted to Colonel Grigoriev, head of the KGB scientific department.
According to Billy J. Booth from, there are unfounded reports that a UFO had crashed or / was shot down near the city of Prohlandnyi, in the USSR on 10 August 1989.

A Soviet military radar had detected an unidentified flying object, resulting in an unsuccessful attempt to contact the mysterious aircraft. So the UFO was classified as “hostile” and the Soviet Defense had been alerted by flying MIG-25s to try to identify the UFO and bring it down.


The alien aircraft that flew very slowly, was shot down. Once dropped, the intelligence military went to the impact site and saw that there was obvious damage to the outside of the flying saucer. Given that the recovery team would have to wear external protective clothing and then move to the site where the UFO’s impact on the ground had occurred, here was a small amount of radiation and some team members tried to carry out analysis.

A helicopter flew to the crash site where the UFO was transported to the Mozdok Air force Base. The Russians entered the UFO and discovered three bodies, two dead aliens, one barely alive.

Image results for alien gray, ufo crash

Image results for alien gray, ufo crash

A team of doctors and other medical personnel have made every effort to keep the aliens alive, but failed to do so. All three beings were about 1 meter and 20 cm tall, with a gray skin. Under their skin, which was a blue-green color, it seemed they had a fabric similar to a reptile. Perhaps it was Reptilian Gray Aliens, similar to the mummies recently found in Peru, near Cusco and Nazca?

Image results for alien gray, ufo crash

an armed department of Russian KGB agents would have recovered some Aliens, whose bodies were similar to the Reptilian Gray mummies found in Cusco in Peru and recently analyzed

These beings had no hair, but had large black eyes covered by a thin protective film and the fingers and arms were long and thin with three fingers per limb. The alien bodies were stored in glass containers and the UFO was brought to the Kapustin Yar cosmodrome. This information was reported by three Russian researchers, Anton Anfalov, Lenura Azizova and Alexander Mosolov who say they are convinced of the existence of KGB Top Secret documents, where there is a testimony of the incident. However, the three researchers failed to have any documentation to support their history.

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Conspiracy Theories

Are ISS astronauts observed by a space force ship? (Video)

An unknown object appears in a video taken outside the International Space Station.

Images of astronauts have been revealed at the International Space Station (ISS) being observed by an alleged spacecraft of the Space Force from the US, according to some researchers and anomaly hunters.

Images of an alleged US Space Force ship have emerged. “following” astronauts in space, some independent researchers have claimed.

According to reports, astronauts from the International Space Station have captured a “space force ship” watching them during a spacewalk.

The US Space Force It is a branch of the proposed space war service of the US Armed Forces, which aims to control military space operations.

And a video was recently uploaded to the Internet which been disclosed by conspiracy theorists who believe that space force may have already been implemented.

In the video, captured by one of the astronauts, an object seems to move through the sky near the ISS.

Object captured in space and that, according to researchers, would be a spacecraft of the US Space Force.
Object captured in space and, according to researchers, would be a spacecraft of the US Space Force.

The flying object resembles an elongated cloud at the beginning. However, from another angle, the object has other characteristics. The supposed ship moves along with the ISS, staying close.

YouTube researcher MrMBB333 said in a statement:

You will see the object in sight several times from multiple different angles. I’ve put it in slow motion, look at it right there, it’s amazing. ”

As the ship flies closer to the ISS, it becomes clear that it is not a cloud.

MBB333 indicates that the ship has dark windows and contours, however such information cannot be confirmed.

Flying object appears in a video captured in space.
Flying object appears in a video captured in space.

Another video captured the ship quickly before turning sideways. According to reports, it would be an alleged extraterrestrial spacecraft approaching the ISS astronaut.

So far thousands of people have seen the video and many believe that the images show a supposed spacecraft fleet ship.

It is very risky to say that it is a US Space Force ship. We have no confirmation that the Space Force has such ships in its possession and much less can it be said that what is seen in the video is a flying object. A logical option would be possible. space junk, as we have seen in other cases.

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Conspiracy Theories

The NASA Lunar Orbiter photographs a massive structure on the Moon !!

What is the Moon hiding? A UFO researcher found a photograph taken from NASA’s lunar orbiter LRO which shows an alien structure with a diameter of 10 miles on the surface of the satellite.

NASA has always avoided giving a direct answer to the question “why didn’t we go to the moon anymore?” Although some former employees know the answer, NASA has always preferred to hide the truth from people. The answer to this question for some of the former employees of the US Space Agency is clear: “The Moon is infested with Aliens and the astronauts have confirmed all this even since the 70s”.

an outpost of alien origin photographed on the Moon from the NASA LRO orbiter

The Moon is full of alien bases and structures. Signs of activity on the surface of the Moon were not new to those who were immersed in the Apollo missions. For centuries, renowned astronomers around the world have reported the presence of “objects” that fly over the lunar surface.

a city with a dome inside a lunar crater

Glenn Steckling, a well-known investigator, gave a very interesting interview during the TV show “Coast to Coast AM”. Steckling, during the conversation with the conductor Art Bell, revealed the possible presence of alien bases on the Moon. The detective, thanks to the presence of photographic evidence, has practically revealed the existence of alien activity on the Moon. The photos, from NASA and the Apollo missions and the LRO obiter, show luminous objects, mining activities, pyramid-shaped structures and even several UFOs immortalized in the vicinity of the astronauts during the historic Apollo 11 mission.

Now the ufologist who calls himself the Paranormal Cricible on social media, discovered a mysterious anomaly while he was doing research on the raw lunar images, which were recorded by the NASA probe “Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter”. The structure shown in the photographs has enormous dimensions that measure an incredible ten-mile diameter. What are you waiting for? Perhaps it is a ship or an alien structure?

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