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Aliens from Within the Edge of Evolution

We humans create our human reality. Our evolving human perception not only experiences but creates at least some of the strange forms and alien craft which we see in our skies.

By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. 
The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired. 
– Nikos Kazantzakis
Greek philosopher Nikos Kazantzakis wrote “Zorba the Greek” and “The Last Temptation of Christ” and was the inspiration behind Anthony Quinn’s award-winning performance in the film, “Zorba the Greek.” Perhaps “Zorba the Human” would have been a better title.  I have no idea if Mr. Kazantzakis believed in life from other worlds and UFOs, but his thoughts are a poetic, artistic version of what quantum physics tells us about our creation of this reality.
We don’t think often about our own evolution and what it really means: What does the mental and spiritual process of evolution look and feel like? How does mass consciousness actually expand? Where is the evidence that this evolution-process even exists in each of us as members of the species? Might the evidence be in those UFOs we keep sighting?
Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. – Niels Bohr
Are at least some UFO occupants created by Homo sapiens’ vast, insatiable need to evolve? Or, a variation: Are UFO occupants being created by the process of evolution itself? Are UFO occupants falling out of the evolutionary egg?  Evolution is a mysterious force which is a blend of science and spirit.
Consider the fact that the universe itself keeps growing as we, the human species, continue to evolve. A few hundred years ago, Earth was flat and the Sun revolved around Earth. For all intents and purposes, this was true. Futurists were punished when they dared to guess that the world was round. Society and laws reflected that the Sun revolved around the Earth.
Today, just when we learn that there are 100 billion stars in 100 billion galaxies, it turns out our expanding science has discovered 200 billion stars in 200 billion galaxies. But wait! It was just announced the Milky Way might have 400 billion stars with as many planets! Our science constantly expands the universe and so does our spirit.
Imagination is more important than knowledge.  – Albert Einstein 
It seems the natural world has this prime directive: Evolve or Die!  However, humans are strange because of our advanced intellectual and spiritual needs. The animal world has wonderful intelligence and spirituality too, but it is in balance. Humans are restless, aggressive beings who seem out of balance with their own planet but at the same time, have amazing abilities and potential which other Earth species do not.
We arrived at this state of imbalance coupled with intelligence after many hominid species disappeared; one line of evolution was the most vigorous and aggressive, becoming Homo sapiens. We do not know what our people-ape ancestors began to perceive once the pressure of evolution set in. Did they begin seeing transparent, winged beings which flew through the sky? Did they see delicate hairless beings with prominent foreheads who manifested and then disappeared in the wink of an eye?
I believe this expanded, more complicated perception was  “available” within the electromagnetic morphic field. If our morphic field stretches out of our heads and into the cosmos, then there is always a more advanced version to be “downloaded” (a new evolutionary update).
If quantum physics hasn’t shocked you, you have not understood it yet. – Niels Bohr 
Earlier hominid species just couldn’t dream of computers and rockets to the moon, thus they did not bring them into being.  Whether evolution allows a species to perceive more of the cosmos, or the species actually creates “more” within the cosmos, who knows?
Of course there is the ancient astronaut theory which says that our ancient ancestors interacted and perhaps interbred with UFO occupants. How does this fit in with my theory? Doesn’t this mean that early humans saw UFOs and beings too? Then it is not just the individual of 2013 who sees an image generated by his evolving mind.
Our ancient ancestors were Homo sapiens, we have only been on Earth for a heartbeat. The process of evolution, the next step, had begun as soon as we emerged. The Egyptians, the Mayans, Greeks – it was not that long ago. Pre-human species were thousands of years before those humans who interacted with ancient astronauts.
Perhaps the ancient astronauts felt it the right time to interact with young Homo sapiens, planting the seeds of “proof” to which UFOlogists and other human seekers would point many years later. There is a lot of evidence for the ancient astronaut theory, but like a giraffe evolving to reach the high leaves, these days we have to work hard to embrace the next evolutionary leaf which was planted in ancient astronaut days.
And evolution involves work! It involves stretching and stretching your neck over thousands of years if you are a giraffe. Thus the ancient astronaut beings do not hand it to us today on a silver platter, we have to work for it. They remain partially hidden, almost not interfering at all; they are only available in glimmering objects hovering in the night sky. They are making us reach now, this is how evolution happens. However, the foundation and promise was laid during the ancient astronaut days. This is part of our inspiration and proof – now.
But did we create the ancient astronauts? That is much too simple because I do believe there are beings visiting us (always have) from actual sources such as other planets and dimensions. Perhaps in the strictest sense, we do create all we perceive but I am not championing that extreme view as much as simply saying, some of the aliens and UFOs we are presently experiencing, might have arrived because we are in the process of “downloading” an expanded consciousness. Therefore, we perceive more of the universe.
No problem can be solved from the same level that created it. 
– Einstein
Your cat walks all over your computer keyboard. This is very frustrating because not only you are trying to type, but cat hairs are not good for the keyboard. But does the cat really perceive your keyboard at all? Your cat knows there is space there to walk with a slight up-rise from the desk itself. She does note that the human spends a lot of time pounding this space with human-fingers which should be petting cat.
So, for thousands of years, we suddenly perceive more than just the starry skies. There is more there but we do not have the knowledge nor the imagination yet – to comprehend it fully. However, we are now near the cusp of our evolution; good-bye to Homo sapiens and hello new species. The universe is growing too and it is no coincidence!
I wrote an article asking if the Planet Earth herself creates UFO occupants,  fairies, and ghosts, perhaps in her subconscious or dream state. That theory can be blended with this one:  Gaia creates her various life forms. The dynamic, irresistible process of evolution begins to happen to them, because their creator is a living, breathing entity herself who is always evolving.
As millions of years roll on, these life forms come into new fields of perception which are actually the multiple EM layers of reality of the planet itself which belongs to a huge universe. Or, as a variation: These are the layers of the cosmic onion of quantum perception.
There had to be The Moment when Grandfather Hominid’s mass consciousness became Homo sapiens’ mass consciousness. The force of evolution favored the new human form.  This will happen to Homo sapiens too. It is happening even now.
Someone might say, “Well, it is a physical thing, this evolution. Early hominids slowly grew a larger frontal lobe, slowly lost the physical hair, and so forth.
However, what makes us human?  What makes a wolf – a wolf? What makes a blue jay – a blue jay? Yes, there are physical characteristics but each species has a “hum” (a morphic field), which cannot be completely defined or fully encapsulated by looking at the physical structure of the life-form.
Earlier hominids behaved, felt, and thought, differently than Homo sapiens. What it meant to be them was different than what it means to be Homo sapiens.
There will come a day when Homo sapiens starts to fade and the next step in evolution begins. This new species will be flying into alien dimensions that Homo sapiens ever dreamed of.  Sound familiar?
I have offered many theories on the origins of UFOs and their occupants;  these theories might blend together, thus UFO truth might be combinations of individual sources.
I am positive that human evolution has something to do with some of the UFOs we are seeing. I believe this fact is a good reason not to be constantly afraid of them. What if we not only are beginning to perceive their reality, what if we are actually creating their reality? In a basic way, we are creating the mind and spirit of the species which comes after us.
If our minds are evolving into their minds, then are we creating creatures born out of constant fear, constant aggression, constant greed, constant war, and constant destruction of our home world?
Fly on, Future Humans! Be gentle, intelligent, peaceful and just!

Aliens & UFO's

Extraterrestrial Life Report Revealed

An international team of astronomers has presented official data on the results of a massive search for space radio signals, which could be evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

The studies were conducted using the largest radio receiver in the world – the observatory in Green Bank (USA). According to EurekAlert, the study was conducted by Breakthrough Listen, based at the University of California at Berkeley. A report on the results was announced at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

A team led by graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, Sofia Sheikh, used a method called transit photometry. It allows one to detect extremely small deviations in the spectrum of visible light when a cosmic object passes between us and any star. This method is widely used to search for exoplanets. In this case, astronomers analyzed information obtained using Parkes radio telescopes in Australia and Green Bank in the United States. They searched for radio signals from the 20 closest stars in the so-called C-band – these are radio waves with a frequency of four to eight gigahertz.

“There has been a lot of talk about this region before, but there has never been a targeted search in it,” Sofia Sheikh explains.“

If other civilizations had telescopes like ours, they would know that there are planets in the solar system that block the light of the star, and they’d even know that life exists on Earth. That’s how we discovered thousands of other exoplanets, so we can assume that this is how other intelligent species find planets. And if they know that we are here, they can give us a signal.”

However, as follows from the report, the Sheikh and her team have not yet found any technical radio signals that could indicate the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization. Nevertheless, the analysis made it possible to reduce the scope of the search, which will be continued.

“We didn’t find any aliens,” said Andrew Simon, Breakthrough Listen chief researcher, at a media briefing. “

But we must bear in mind that we have set very strict restrictions on the presence of technologically advanced extraterrestrial species in the galaxy – within the radio frequency spectrum of 4-8 gigahertz. the results will allow those who wish to improve the experiment to climb another step. ” We add that in the framework of the project, astronomers directed the telescope to each star for five minutes, and then for the same time took it aside. Then the process was repeated twice more.

As a result, hundreds of radio signals were caught that were initially identified as inexplicable. However, they nevertheless found an explanation. In most cases, these were terrestrial radio interference, and in four cases the “alien” signals turned out to be signals from flying artificial satellites.

According to the study, Breakthrough Listen published almost two petabytes of data. In June last year, a petabyte of data received from radio and optical telescopes was also published. The amount of information is so great that researchers called on the public to look for along with them data on potential signals from intellectually developed civilizations.

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Aliens & UFO's

Underwater Portal Near Malibu

Six years ago, Maxwell, Dale Romero, and Jimmy Church from the Fade to black program of the American radio station Dark Matter discovered a gigantic underwater portal off the coast of Malibu, California. 

The structure is located under water at a depth of 450 meters, and the lower part of the underwater portal reaches a depth of 700 meters. The portal, respectively, has a height of 250 meters and is located more than ten kilometers from the coast of Malibu. To date, there is no information about the purpose of the structure, who built it or who manages it.

An underwater portal ten kilometers from Malibu: have not the aliens inherited here? © / xload
An underwater portal ten kilometers from Malibu: an alien inheritance? © / xload

Gigantic underwater portal

The “roof” of the underwater portal has dimensions of 2200 x 4000 meters, while it clearly visible columns indicating the entrance. The distance between the input columns is 836 meters, and their height reaches 192 meters. In this way, the entrance gates provide space for huge vehicles or structures such as the double-sized Eiffel Tower. According to ufologists, the underwater portal may well be the underwater base of UFOs.

True, UFOs seem to be very dubious candidates for such a huge complex. An alternative is the version of the earthly origin of this complex, which can be operated by the US military. An alternative is the China Lake Naval Base, located in the middle of the Mojave Desert in the USA, which can be connected to the underwater portal with a secret underground base and communications. Also known as a possible link is the Naval Underwater Center, located in Hautron, a town on the way from Las Vegas to Reno.

The construction of such an underwater base or underwater portal requires the solution of enormous technical problems. It is possible that the complex, existing for millennia, was accidentally discovered by the American military, and now they use it for their own purposes. This is the only option, because if the United States would build this structure on its own, it would certainly be noticed, because it would require a large amount of technical equipment, and it would be hard not to notice the activity in this place. True, it was suggested that the construction of the facility could be, for example, during the Second World War. But nevertheless, the “version of the construction” of the underwater portal is very doubtful, and there is no evidence for this.

The meaning and purpose of the underwater portal

Suppose an underwater portal is actually operated by the US Army and Navy. But then what is its purpose? The dimensions of the complex suggest a huge base, inside which you can hide vehicles, buildings and much more. And this underwater portal could be connected to both of the bases mentioned above. It has long been rumored that all of the United States are dotted with underground tunnels, and that all military bases are connected in this way to each other.

Unfortunately, there is no real evidence in the public domain of the existence of such tunnel systems and deep underground military bases (DUMB), and therefore everything remains at the level of rumors and hypothetical assumptions. Moreover, the cost of building such tunnel systems would reach trillions of dollars. And trillions, even in the secret budget, are almost impossible to hide. But back to our construction. An underwater base or underwater portal at a depth of 450 meters would keep secret the secret work and groundwork of the US Navy. On such a basis, new technologies could be developed, such as weapon systems, submarines or military technologies unknown to us. Such research projects could be funded from the black budgets of the US defense budget.

The mystery of the mysterious underwater portal near Malibu could be easily solved with the help of a diving expedition, which could carefully examine the complex using an underwater vehicle. But such an underwater expedition requires the permission of the American government, and the question of whether such permission will be granted remains unanswered.

For decades, the US population has been confident that the US government is hiding extraterrestrial technology from the public. After the Roswell incident and the rather clumsy attempts of the US military to explain it, skepticism about confidence in the government among US citizens has intensified, and over time it does not become smaller. 

Particularly strange in recent years, the statement by US President Donald Trump, who stated that he did not believe in aliens and did not have any data about them, could have seemed especially strange. The Americans immediately decided: Lying! Rumor has it that when taking office, each new US president receives a secret book from his predecessor, which should contain all important state secrets. True, so far no US president and senior White House official has deigned to confirm.

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Aliens & UFO's

Nimitz Carrier Technician Reported Meeting with Tic Tac UFO and Massive Greenish anomalies

A naval technician who was aboard an E-2 Hawkeye aircraft supporting F-18s sent to intercept the Tic Tac UFOs seen on the Princeton radar system spoke about this meeting.

The technician stated that he could see Tik-Tak from the window of his plane, which was flying at about the same height.

He also told Bati about the non-disclosure agreement that he and the other passengers on the plane were supposed to sign after the incident. 

“It was not a completely voluntary process, it was rather“ sign it and never talk about what you saw, ”he explained.

Davy Beati also said that he spoke with a second witness who saw some people boarding the Princeton to collect all evidence of the meeting.

Massive greenish UFOs flying through space continue to arrive

Meanwhile, greenish anomalies were noticed during the live broadcast from cameras installed on the ISS.

One unidentified flying object leaves the Earth’s atmosphere, while the second object appears to remain stationary near the International Space Station.

These strange anomalies keep coming and no one knows what they can be.

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