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Aliens created GOD when they left Earth – TV history presenter claims

Aliens created GOD when they left Earth – TV history presenter claims 1

ANCIENT alien civilisations were once mistakenly venerated by humans, creating the base for modern-day religion, it has been spectacularly claimed by History Channel presenter Giorgio Tsoukalos.

Mr Tsoukalos presented his incredible theory about the origins of religion at the annual Contact in the Desert UFO conference in Indiana Wells, California, this weekend.

The TV conspiracy theorist known for hosting Ancient Aliens on the History Channel gave an impassioned two-hour talk about ancient encounters between humans and extraterrestrial astronauts.

The UFO-hunter alleged early people misrepresented alien visitors as deities and their technology was interpreted as magic.

He said: “The reason that we’re in the crap that we’re in today is because of misunderstood technology.

“The reason we have religion today is because of misunderstood visits of extra-terrestrials.”

According to Mr Tsoukalos, examples of the misrepresented technology are evident in the Egyptian and Central American Pyramids as well as ancient literature and art.

The TV host blamed archaeologists for dismissing evidence of alien visitors in ancient relics as artwork of gods, magic and other fantastical beings.

Among other things, the Ancient Aliens host claimed the Earth is round and not flat, humans will one day explore the far corners of space and aliens do in fact need space suits when travelling through space.

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Alien news: Giorgio Tsoukalos UFO claimGETTY

Alien claim: TV presenter Giorgio Tsoukalos believes in ancient alien astronauts

Alien news: Giorgio Tsoukalos from ancient aliensGETTY

Mr Tsoukalos came to prominence for his appearance on the History Channel show

He said: “If the alien guy says that the Earth is round, trust me, it’s round.”

The reason we have religion today is because of misunderstood visits of extra-terrestrials

Giorgio Tsoukalos, Ancient Aliens

Mr Tsoukalos is a vocal proponent of the idea alien astronauts interacted with ancient humans in the past.

His offbeat theories came to prominence and online fame thanks to his appearances on the History Channel series Ancient Aliens.

The TV host has since appeared on the Travel Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel and National Geographic.

However, his work on Ancient Aliens has been described by audiences to be farfetched and extremely speculative.

Alien news Giorgio Tsoukalos ancient aliens UFOGETTY

Mr Tsoukalos gave a speech at the Desert Expo UFO conference in California

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Historian Ronald Fritze criticised the “pseudohistory” presented by the show’s experts.

He said: “The producers provided the window dressing of giving both the true believers and the skeptics some screen time.

“In the end, however, the final presentation was heavily stacked in favour of those who believe in ancient astronauts.”

The Contact in the Desert Expo is an annual UFO and alien conference held in the US.



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