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Aliens can use supernovae to launch interstellar spaceships

Astronomers from Harvard University have come up with a bold idea. According to them, extraterrestrial civilizations can use supernovae to accelerate spacecraft to near light speeds.

Abraham Loeb has definitely a passion for interstellar travel. Last year, he and colleague Amir Siraj announced the discovery of the first interstellar meteor. Recently, the same duet of researchers calculated how many such meteors accelerated by supernova explosions should hit the Earth’s atmosphere every month.

Now, the enthusiast of conquering the vastness of the Galaxy has taken the next step. Together with Manasvi Lingam he analyzed the prospects for using supernova explosions and other space disasters to launch interstellar probes. Scientists set out their findings in a preprint of a scientific article published on In addition, Loeb talked about his idea on the pages of Scientific American.

Recall that Loeb is the chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Breakthrough Starshot project, which is funded by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner. Enthusiasts hope to create a probe weighing about a gram, which will reach the Alpha Centauri in just 20 years. To do this, he will have to accelerate to 20% of the speed of light and cover a distance of four light years. Proponents of the idea believe that a powerful laser could give the ship the necessary acceleration by acting on a thin sail. At the same time, ten gigawatts (!) of laser power should fall per square meter of sail. This is about ten million times more energy than a square meter of the earth’s surface receives from the Sun.

Critics doubt the realism of this idea. They point out that such a powerful laser beam would simply vaporize the probe, no matter how perfect the sail was. In addition, it is unlikely that the design can withstand the acceleration that it is supposed to give it. There are other difficulties.

Despite all these objections, Loeb is full of optimism. The task of creating interstellar sailboats seems to him difficult, but solvable.

In a new article, an astronomer develops a bold idea: to use light or a stream of protons from a supernova burst instead of a laser beam. According to his calculations, a sail with a density of less than 0.5 grams per square meter could provide the apparatus with acceleration to 0.1 of the speed of light.

What a favorable contrast in comparison with the capabilities of our star! Sunlight is able to disperse the same probe only to thousandths of the speed of light, even if the ship will initially be at a distance of ten solar radii from the star. The thing is that a typical supernova releases a billion times more energy than our star in a month.

True, this idea raises a number of difficult questions.

First, in order to deliver probes to a future supernova, one must either live in its system or master interstellar travels. In the first case, aliens will have more important problems than launching probes: after all, a disaster will surely destroy their planet. In the second, it may be more convenient for them to send their devices using the already available interstellar engines (by the way, it is very difficult to imagine how they could be arranged).

Secondly, you need to know exactly when the outbreak will occur. Earth astronomers so far can predict such disasters only with an accuracy of ten thousand years . Perhaps alien scientists will be more versed in this matter.

Thirdly, before the explosion, the star emits intense streams of radiation, gas and dust into the surrounding space. So that they do not take the probe away from the star and do not damage it, the sail should be folded until the very hour X.

Fourth, at sublight speeds even microscopic dust particles will pierce the sail like cannonballs. In addition, he will rake interstellar gas in front of him, like a bulldozer. As soon as the mass of gas collected becomes comparable with the mass of the probe, the sail will begin to work like a brake. To avoid this, Loeb offers to fold the sail immediately after a short stage of acceleration.

Finally, all claims to the strength of the probe, the ability of the sail to reflect light and so on, expressed to Breakthrough Starshot, remain valid for “supernova sailboats”.

It is possible that some problems can be avoided if, instead of light, a proton flux is used as a “tailwind”. Such sails could use not only supernova explosions, but also particle flows from pulsars, black holes and other objects.

The authors admit that the galaxy is plowed by a fleet of such probes , and they suggest searching for their radio signals .


Aliens & UFO's

UFO flotillas near ISS and a Black UFO flying over Fairview, Texas

In outer space near the Earth and near the Sun, the incredible activity of entire UFO flotillas continues, which is fixed by cameras installed on the ISS and this has been going on for more than two months. Now, eyewitnesses record the appearance of many UFOs directly in our sky.

Gina Colvin Hill from Salem, Indiana, shared some shots taken on March 24, 2020, showing numerous UFO ships in the sky.

Gina used various filters to capture these ships, otherwise you do not see them, since most of them are hidden by a masking system.

Black UFO flying over Fairview, Texas, USA

A black ship flew over a car standing at a traffic light. An eyewitness took two photographs of clouds and on one of them caught a dark UFO.

The UFO must have moved very fast, because it was not directly visible at first. Many UFO researchers believe that UFOs are all around us on this planet, but they fly so fast that the human eye cannot see them, but the camera lens can.

An eyewitness writes:

“I took 2 photos of the clouds with an interval of a few seconds. The clouds looked strange. The first UFO picture is clearly visible. The second photo taken immediately after that, does not show it. The time noted in both photos is 5: 41pm . It looks like a black Millennium Falcon. This is definitely not something on the windshield or camera lens. That would be in both pictures, but it’s only on one! “

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Aliens & UFO's

A mysterious bright UFO suddenly appeared on the surface of the moon

A mysterious bright object, similar to a UFO, suddenly appeared on the surface of the moon, captured live by the telescope on March 29, 2020.

Strange “lights” have been seen on the moon before, and often this phenomenon is associated with UFOs or extraterrestrial activity on the moon.

A possible explanation for these lights is the so-called “transient lunar phenomenon”, which is a short-term light, color, or change in appearance on the surface of the moon.

Allegations of short-term lunar phenomena date back at least 1000 years ago, with some of them observed independently by several witnesses or authoritative scientists. Most lunar scientists acknowledge that transient events, such as gas emissions and the formation of impact craters, do occur over geological time: the contradiction lies in the frequency of such events.

It has been suggested that effects associated with an electrostatic charge may be able to explain some of the transient lunar phenomena.

It is possible that strange light is such a “transentral lunar phenomenon”, but it cannot be ruled out that the object is of extraterrestrial origin.

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Aliens & UFO's

Near Earth outer space is a real war for the Earth

Strange events occur not only in our world, but also very close to us in space. An unusually large number of UFOs have appeared on our planet and it seems that the real “Star Wars” has unfolded there, someone is bombing our Sun and it is quite likely that the coronavirus also came from space.

If you look at all the latest unusual incidents, you can see that the number of meteorites falling on the surface of the earth has increased dramatically, but is it meteorites at all? Maybe these are fragments of alien spaceships – echoes of a space war that unfolded over our heads in outer space?

On March 20, something exploded on the far side of the sun. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (Soho) recorded debris flying above the eastern tip of the sun. The place of the explosion was hidden from view, so we do not know what exploded. But, it was not a sunspot. According to astronomers, it is more likely that the thread of magnetism became unstable and exploded, throwing pieces of itself and the surrounding plasma into space.

The sun has long been at a minimum of activity, no emissions, active spots, flashes – no, and suddenly such a powerful explosion. But what if all these tales of the “strands of magnetism” are set aside and imagined that a fleet of alien spaceships was moving toward the Earth, but in near-solar space he met with another fleet, another alien civilization, and a battle took place.

The result of all this was “meteorites” and “threads of magnetism”, or maybe a giant star cruiser with powerful weapons on board and a power plant with such energy just collapsed onto the surface of our sun that the incredibly powerful explosion occurred that pierced a huge hole in the sun and throwing so much energy into space?

A lot of strange events have been happening in space lately, think about the wave of huge alien spaceships and clusters of smaller UFOs observed from the ISS and they are visible on live broadcasts. They were visible in February and the first week of March. Although at the time of the appearance of these objects, the broadcast is interrupted, but enthusiasts manage to record live footage.

Further analysis of frames with large alien spacecraft seen from the ISS shows that they were destroyed or at least seriously damaged, and are surrounded by countless fragments and broken parts from these UFOs, while clusters of smaller UFOs can be rescue capsules. 

Rescue capsules with crews of spaceships destroyed in battle during the battle of two groups unknown to us with space battle fleets.

COVID-19 pandemic, look at what’s happening in the world. I can’t believe that the whole world is ruining the global economy because of this virus. Indeed, well, let’s argue sensibly – there is no pandemic, nothing out of the ordinary for taking such quarantine measures is happening, the conclusion is essentially isolation of entire countries, cities – millions of people on Earth!

What is happening, that the leading states of the world are ruining the global economy of our civilization – they are ruining their economy in the end. Is that the deadliest virus? Is this a plague? no – dying of ordinary flu – now – more people than worldwide died from coronavirus! Why have these unusually harsh measures been introduced now in this regard? Maybe the virus really came from outer space and the consequences for those infected are not limited only to the likelihood of death. Maybe everything is much more complicated? Maybe the survivors will not be the same?

Maybe for the Earth very close to it by cosmic standards there is a real battle? The virus does not stop the global economy. There must be better ways to deal with this virus than simply shutting down the global economy. Something more than the virus is happening, and it looks like they are testing a methodology for global isolation of our planet’s population for the upcoming World Event.

From this point of view, it seems that there is a space battle going on, and we are on the line of fire of this space war, which, it seems, is still ongoing and it is not yet clear who will triumph in it – those who flew to Earth to enslave it or those unknown forces that entered the battle with these invaders and are now waging a space war with them?

The world is being prepared for something to happen that everyone should be prepared in advance and it is likely that a “pandemic” was devised, just to begin further global isolation, to prepare all services, forces, government and military for something more dangerous than “coronavirus”?

Earth’s population is preparing for something global and very crushing. so dangerous that civilization is ready to sacrifice the world economy and stability in order to prepare the population for this event. To prepare him for a ruined economy, worsening living standards, for life in cities locked and blocked, to prepare and train him to live in such very unusual conditions for modern civilization. To accustom the population, to prepare power, medical, rescue, service, military structures for actions – the right actions in a situation for which everything should be prepared.

Maybe I’m right and in space next to the Sun there is already a space war and the outcome of its outcome is not yet clear. Whoever wins will get our planet in ownership. Who will it be – the aggressors or those who are trying to protect us. But are they protecting us, or is there just a battle between two forces – the aggressors for the right to possess the Earth?

Or something is coming that is no less global, but not related to the theory of alien invasion, but of such a nature that it can inflict no less damage on our civilization and put it on the brink of survival. Perhaps such. There are options – for example, a pole flip or a powerful flash (explosion in the sun), such a force that our civilization will be discarded in development in the Stone Age.

Hypothetically, there is the likelihood of such a cause of everything happening – yes, there is. It remains only to wait and observe, analyze and search for pieces of information in order to understand the essence of the current events. 

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