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UFO spotted over the Gulf of Mexico: Photos of eyewitnesses who believe they are under the protection of aliens 5

Aliens & UFO's

Aliens inspected an oil production platform in the Gulf of Mexico. And who else if not them? Who else has these “flying saucers”, reports...

Inexplicable footage surfaced of a “flying saucer” shooting down a US nuclear warhead during a planned test in 1964 6

Aliens & UFO's

Numerous publications have accused the Pentagon of hiding video footage of a “flying saucer” attack on a US nuclear warhead. Ufologist and writer Robert...

Skyfish and Solar Entities 44 Skyfish and Solar Entities 45

Aliens & UFO's

Although they have been captured on film and video hundreds of times, no one knows what these peculiar, mysterious things really are. And you...

E.T., the Flood and the Giants 53 E.T., the Flood and the Giants 54

Aliens & UFO's

by Leonard Farra In a previous blog, I drew attention to ‘The Flood’ because legend says that this happened when Earth people had their...