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Evidence of gene interference in the human population and genetic experiments in the time of Atlantis. Who and when created the races on Earth? 5

Aliens & UFO's

Official science believes that the division into races occurred in an evolutionary way, and the blind force of nature randomly and accidentally produced mutations...

Bloom of otherworldly manifestations: new purple moon appears as global tensions grow 6

Aliens & UFO's

The Apocalypse is taking place, and in our time there are more and more phenomena that people have not observed before. According to a conspiracy...

The UFO Game 11 The UFO Game 12

Aliens & UFO's

Whoever is flying these UFOs is playing with us, and you can take that to the bank. A decade into the modern era’s experience...

The Emilcin UFO Abduction 13 The Emilcin UFO Abduction 14

Aliens & UFO's

On May 10, 1978, Jan Wolski, a 71-year old farmer, was passing through a forest near Emilcin, in eastern Poland in his horse drawn...

This happened on September 22nd 30 This happened on September 22nd 31

Aliens & UFO's

Across Britain and Northern Ireland, reports have been coming inof bright objects falling through the night sky. A number of observers saw large streaks of...