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Aliens and cannabis: The eerie pink light in the sky of a small town in Australia

Aliens and cannabis: The eerie pink light in the sky of a small town in Australia 1
Glow in the sky from greenhouses. Photo © Kelly Follett/ABC Mildura-Swan Hill

An eerie pink light has disturbed the quiet of the small peaceful town of Mildura in Australia. Later it turned out that this was a consequence of growing hemp at a local plant for the production of medicinal cannabis.

Residents in the peaceful Australian town began posting pictures on social media of the sky being painted pink, and some began to believe that the alien invasion was starting there.

The city of Mildura in north-west Victoria was put on high alert last Tuesday night with residents wondering exactly what was going on.

In social networks, people began to actively discuss what is the source of the pink glow. Some suggested that this was the result of a solar flare, others joked about a portal to the space-time continuum, writes ABC Mildura-Swan Hill.

But in the morning, the rumors were dispelled when the employees of the local plant said that this is how they grow medicinal cannabis. The plant needs a lot of light. Cannabis should be illuminated for 12 hours and then placed in darkness for the same amount of time, said Cann Group Ltd plant CEO Peter Crouch.

“As you may know, cannabis grows on long days. The flowering zone is 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, usually occurring from 7 am to 7 pm. Since the new zone will be operational in the next day or two, we have included light”

The plants are lit by water-cooled LED bulbs that emit that same pink light. Usually the greenhouse is closed with blackout blinds at the same time as the sun sets, but for some reason this was not done that evening. 

This explanation reassured the local population, which favors innovation.

“I look forward to seeing other innovative growers come to the region and bring even more shine,” said local resident Ann Webster.

Cann Group Ltd is a relatively new marijuana grower with its first commercial crop harvested in June of this year. It is the first Australian business to be licensed to produce medical cannabis. The latter was legalized in Australia in 2016.

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