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Aliens abduct four people in Allagash, Maine

Aliens abduct four people in Allagash, Maine 13

This is one of the most unusual cases of alien abduction. Four people were abducted at the same time. In the US, this case is one of the most famous ufological phenomena, but in Europe and Russia almost no one knows about it.

On August 20, 1976, four Boston residents went for a walk in the nearby forest near Allagash, Maine. Two of them were twin brothers Jim and Jack Weiner, the third was their friend Charlie Waltz, and the fourth was their friend Chuck Urik, who was the most experienced in tourism and led the group.

Aliens abduct four people in Allagash, Maine 14

It is not the first time they have walked in such a lineup. They loved this kind of recreation. In any case, the plan was the same – for several days they wander through the forest, fish in the river and sail by boat.

On the first night in the woods, everything was fine, but on the second the oddities began. The men saw the unfamiliar light in the sky, which was definitely not from an airplane. After a few more days, they went on a night fishing and camped on the shore of Eagle Lake, which was to play the role of a lighthouse.

The men sailed away from the shore and threw their fishing lines. Suddenly, a strange light reappeared in the sky. One of them turned on his flashlight and pointed it at it. Then, the light in the sky became even brighter and flooded their entire boat.

At that moment, the twins and Waltz were overwhelmed with horror. They were desperately trying to row ashore, and Uric was fascinated by the bright light and looked at it with blinking eyes.

Aliens abduct four people in Allagash, Maine 15

And then everything disappeared … The next thing the four men remember is standing on the shore by the fire that had been burned to ashes. It took them at least a few hours to understand what had happened, but no one wanted to talk about the event.

Also, everyone felt mentally and physically exhausted. They just wanted to get to their tents and lie down, which they did. The next morning, they acted as if nothing had happened.

Aliens abduct four people in Allagash, Maine 16
Near the place of abduction

In 1988, Jim Weiner suffered an accident in which he sustained a head injury, which is why he began to have nervous attacks on a regular basis. In addition, it turned out that he had long been tormented by nightmares. Jim shared that he understood that these were not only dreams but memories of what had happened at night during his stay in the woods.

In those memories, he saw gray human beings with dark eyes without eyelashes and a “metallic luster”. The creatures had long necks, four fingers on their hands, and their heads had a strange shape.

These creatures examined him, as if they were experimental doctors, while the other three men were in the corner of the room and observed them.

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Aliens abduct four people in Allagash, Maine 17
Figure by Jim Weiner

Soon, Jim Weiner’s experiences became so painful that he began to look for a ufologist to explain to him what had happened and to find out what to do. At the same time, his brother, Chuck and Waltz, joined him, who also had unusual and frightening dreams. And they also wanted to know what happened to them.

After a brief study, Jim Weiner contacts the ufologist Raymond Fowler and tells him his story. Fowler advised him to contact regressive hypnosis specialist Anthony Constantine.

All four men went through sessions with Constantine, during which they recalled some details of the abduction, how the aliens took them from the boat and then brought them back to shore.

Among the manipulations they made, there was mention of spirals and other unusual instruments inserted into their bodies. During the studies, aliens sampled various types of tissues and fluids.

Aliens abduct four people in Allagash, Maine 18

Everyone remembered these manipulations as painful and traumatic. Prior to these manipulations, the four men were overwhelmed by the blue light that paralyzed their will. They then entered a room and were ordered to undress.

According to Anthony Constantine, the Weiner twins have indications that this is not the first time something like this has happened to them, and that they may have been abducted by aliens as children.

Aliens abduct four people in Allagash, Maine 19

After the sessions of hypnosis, Jim Weiner found a strange small tumor on one leg. The tumor scared him and he immediately ran to the hospital, where it was surgically removed.

Fowler became very interested in this tumor. After the surgery, he wanted to take it with him. Instead, he realized that the tumor had been sent to a Colonel from the US Air Force (USAF) in Washington (!) For more research.

Fowler tried to find out exactly to whom the tumor was sent and where the study was performed, but no information was given to him. According to him, this suggests that US authorities may have been involved in the incident and tried to remove the evidence.

The men all recalled the abduction procedure—some would recall one part of it, and some another part, but when combined, they showed a complete picture of a typical alien abduction. Since the men were all artists, they were able to draw striking depictions of the examination room, the instruments used, and the aliens. This information would be invaluable to those who study the phenomena of alien abduction. The four friends would also take lie-detector tests, which they all passed, further verifying their encounter.

Later, Fowler wrote a book about the Alagash case.

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