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Alien life in four-dimensional space and the ability to penetrate into each of the subsequent dimensions

We, people living in a three-dimensional world, believe that our Universe is the only one. And that life on Earth is the highest manifestation of biological evolution. But what if there are other worlds inhabited by intelligent beings? And what if these beings live in a world with one more dimension than ours? What if they are in 4D space?

It is known that on Earth there is a huge variety of life forms – from microscopic bacteria to complex mammals. However, in the three-dimensional world there are certain restrictions and laws that govern the existence of living organisms. But what can be in the four-dimensional world? Where are these restrictions? What forms of life can exist in it?

Projections of the three-dimensional world

Perhaps there are life forms in the 4D world that we can see as projections of the 3D world. For example, we can imagine that there are beings out there made up of 3D planes that can move around in 4D space as if they were planes in a 3D world. 

They may look like crayfish or snails, or a combination between snails and cats, having several pairs of legs and complex sense organs.

Thoughts and consciousness

Existence in 4D space may also affect the development of consciousness and thinking in alien life forms. Perhaps in this dimension there are absolutely inconceivable ways for us to interact and exchange information between living beings. They may be more intelligent and thoughtful than people in the 3D world. Their consciousness may be able to perceive and analyze more information than we can imagine.

Energy Life Forms

We should not exclude the possibility of the existence of life forms that do not need a material body, but consist of energy. In the 4D world, these beings can exist in the form of energy polarities or waves that are able to change their structure and interact with other beings through energy flows. They may have supernatural powers such as telepathy or telekinesis.

Symbols and geometry

In the 4D space, symbols and geometry can play an important role in the communication and organization of beings. Symbols may be the only way to transfer information between alien life forms, especially if they do not have speech, like humans. Geometry, in turn, may be the basis of their architecture and social organization.

Merging different dimensions

Beings in the 4D world can have the ability to interact with and intersect with beings in the 3D world. This can happen through certain portals or dimensional transitions. Perhaps they have ways of communicating and sharing knowledge with people, and they can teach us new ways to interact with the world.

Life in 4D space can be much more complex and varied than we can imagine. And although we cannot say with complete certainty that such life exists, we must be open to the idea that there may be forms of life that transcend our concepts and ideas about reality. 

There is also a hypothesis, which runs through the entire work of Clifford Simak, that in addition to our universe, there are many others that are separated from ours by some length of time (for example, one second). This is also a four-dimensional space which gives us the opportunity to expand our understanding of life and its diversity.

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Spatial measurements in practice?

The practice is to penetrate into each of the subsequent dimensions with our awareness. Living the plane of time in the 4th dimension opens up the space of options for our path. We gain a vision of our life that is not limited by time. We gain the ability to foresee various options for the course of our life. It makes it possible to consciously change the path and algorithm for the formation of the further line of our life.

The penetration and living of the 5th dimension brings us to the level of the conscious Creator of our life and the starting positions for comprehending new realities and spaces. Time here has completely different properties. It is not limited to the past and the future. And we are able to transform it.

Here it should be noted that this practice, starting with the penetration and understanding of the 4th dimension, requires consistency and slowness. Each subsequent dimension, following the 3rd dimension, has its own frequencies and high energies, to which our body must gradually come. As our body adapts and stabilizes, we can move on. Attention should be paid to the fact that the neglect of these consistent adaptations can lead to physical health problems. The body must adapt to high frequencies.

And now a little digression into mathematics. For a 3-dimensional view, the key number will be three.

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For the 3-dimensional space of our world, 9 spatial consciousnesses are available. 3-dimensional space multiplied by 3-dimensional perception – it turns out 9 spatial consciousnesses.

For 4-dimensional space – 12 spatial consciousnesses.

For 5-dimensional space – 15 spatial consciousnesses.

For 6-dimensional space – 18 consciousnesses.

For 7-dimensional – 21 consciousness.

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For 8-dimensional – 24 consciousness.

For 9-dimensional – 27 consciousnesses.

For 10-dimensional – 30 consciousnesses

For 11-dimensional – 33 consciousnesses.

For 12-dimensional – 36 consciousnesses.

We can now imagine the same sequence for 4-dimensional consciousness. And here the number of spaces of consciousness will already have the following values ​​- 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48.

Such sequences can be calculated up to 9-dimensional consciousness, where the last value gives the sacred figure of 108 spatial consciousnesses. This is such a simple and fascinating math and attention could be drawn to how much a person becomes more filled with Mind when he goes through the comprehension of spatial dimensions in his practice, adding consistently spatial Consciousness.

Walking along this Path is impossible without an experienced Teacher endowed with Enlightened qualities. This Path is extremely fast, but it carries some dangers that are almost impossible to pass on our own.

All this knowledge is well known to the Initiated Teachers in the East and in Asia. The implementation of this knowledge in practice is a secret behind seven seals. Only those people who have come a long way of purification, liberation and practice are gradually admitted to them.

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