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Alien bases and advanced civilizations should be sought underground, and even better under water

On March 31, 2023, the solar wind reached planet Earth. The phenomenon is common, but unusual that this time it is caused by the ejection from the solar core of matter equal in size to 20 Earth planets. It is accompanied by a stream of particles flying in different directions. 

These solar, low energy charged particles, are called the solar wind. They fly at a speed of two thousand kilometers. In the case of the Sun, they are represented by electrons, protons and alpha particles (the nuclei of the helium atom) and they are not radiation.

However, there is a moment when during the ejection of the coronal mass of the Sun, ultrafast particles are released, which already pose a great threat. They reach the surface of our planet tens of minutes after a solar flare.

The solar wind, normally harmless, can become a threat to humanity if it is amplified or when the Earth’s magnetic field will weaken, as it normally protect us from the flow of radiation and other dangerous radiation from space. Modern technology, communication and navigation equipment, power supply and distribution systems will be the first to suffer.

People who have health problems, especially with regard to blood pressure, the nervous system, should also be careful. A magnetic storm can “break off the screws” and cause deterioration.

Reports periodically come from scientific fronts that the core of the Earth has stopped rotating and it might start spinning the other way. According to the majority of scientists, it’s kind of a cyclical process and there’s nothing to worry about. Others write that the stop period has passed, the core is spinning in the other direction, etc.

The rotation of the Earth’s core is the process by which life exists on the planet. This process creates a magnetic field that protects us from the damaging effects of the flow of particles from space. If the inner core of the Earth stops, or significantly changes the speed of movement, then our civilization in its current form will cease to exist, and may even completely go into oblivion. It is likely that at present there is a change in the parameters of rotation of the core of the planet, which manifests itself in the form of earthquakes. It is possible that the cataclysms will only intensify.

Alien bases and civilizations that preceded modern humanity

We are now faced with a combination of two factors: the threat of the earth stopping and the charged streams of particles from the Sun. By the way, the Sun has its own magnetic field and it protects the solar system from dangerous rays from the outside. And here we come to the alien bases. Those civilizations that can travel in the universe know better than ours how to protect themselves from the effects of radiation. Perhaps some civilizations have experienced similar cataclysms on their home planets. Perhaps Mars was inhabited, and then the core stopped, an end came first to the magnetic field, then to its dense atmosphere. A Martian or other civilization in a similar situation can only survive by going under the surface of the planet, hiding from radiation, adapting and preparing for a space escape.

Naturally, those aliens who created bases on our planet took all this into account in the slightest detail. Therefore, their bases should be sought underground. They are hidden from our eyes not because they are aliens or ancient civilizations but for an event that the density of the flow of particles from space could increase. 

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For for the most, they do not care for humanity which is at an extremely low level of development. Just like we do with animals and insects that live next door to us and so far do not cause much trouble and bring certain benefits. We are for them, in a sense, a form of symbiosis, neighbors, raw materials, labor force, guinea pigs. But not enemies and not competitors for resources, all the more so. It is noteworthy that, despite the lag in technology, modern humanity is even stronger in some ways. 

Alien bases and former civilizations should be located not just anywhere, but in places of the least exposure to radiation. The Earth’s magnetic field is not uniform and the protection is not uniform. Here, for example, is a diagram of the intensity of external radioactive radiation compiled from the results of observations on the ISS.

The upper and lower red intensity bands are the dipping lines of the Earth’s magnetic field. It is in these areas that the Northern Lights and the South Atlantic anomaly are observed. Surely the bases of aliens and previous civilizations could be located outside these zones.

The ideal place for the alien bases and previous civilizations, as well as possibly future generations of humans is the bottom of the seas and oceans, or rather the deepening under the bottom. The advantage of this arrangement is that the water and water-bearing materials provide protection against radiation. Their properties are used both in astronautics and in the nuclear industry. 

People are only at the beginning of their journey in terms of research into the protective properties of water. The use of heavy metals, from lead and heavier for protection against radiation, is irrational to use, especially on mobile bases, since they have a cumulative effect.

Bases under the sea bottom are an excellent protection both from possible natural disasters and from such absurd neighbors as people who are ready to kick each other with a nuclear elda. In this regard, the myth of Atlantis may not be a myth and the Atlanteans may not be the same as we imagine them to be. To contact with others, one must have a slightly different consciousness than ordinary people and think differently, a property available to all of us.

Thinking should be absolutely natural and open to the world, just like the ancient Taoists taught. Then abilities will be available that seem to us a little more than that.

There is a version that an older civilization, having survived a nuclear catastrophe, went underground even before the appearance of man. 

Some eyewitnesses allegedly saw that when the radiation at Chernobyl in the first days of the explosion exceeded the maximum dose by more than 2000 times, then an object appeared at the epicenter, hung for about 20 minutes and the radiation level, remaining high, dropped to acceptable values. If so, then this civilization knows how to suppress radiation.

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