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Aleister Crowley Created the 60s Peace Movement!

Aleister Crowley Created the 60s Peace Movement! 1

#3 of IMAGINARY Series!

by TS Caladan

Conclusions of my two-year investigation will not be accepted when I report them, back at home base. It was difficult for my superiors to believe first information that the one once considered ‘wickedest man on Earth’ was kept alive and will be for some time in the future. They contemplated the awful possibility that when it came to ‘free will’ of the human race, the reason roads to war were taken before paths to peace, might be because of a single and ‘vile consciousness’ that remained alive even in the 21st Century?

Home base sent me. I’m simply an agent with a big puzzle on my hands and many people that have waited a long time for the right answers.


It was more than a dozen months ago when the most astounding Close Encounter happened, as if out of a dream. A remarkable, unprecedented occurrence on 3/3/2014 was beyond the normal Earthly contact by aliens. Only Pentagon officials witnessed and tightly ‘clamped down’ on the fact that a 6-foot in diameter silver saucer landed inside the large courtyard. The small craft gently floated to a nice spot within the pentagram-shaped court. The hatch opened, and…

Its sole passenger or extraterrestrial was a small astronaut that measured only 6 inches high! He originated from the planet Excelsior. The general public had no knowledge of the visitation and those who were aware were sworn to total secrecy.

The intruder that (without warning) simply ‘barged’ into the most secure building on the planet was extremely beautiful in appearance. The male traveler, more like a ‘Ken’ doll, shimmered in white light as if he gave off high energy. Personnel in the vicinity of the alien said they, “Felt peace and had good thoughts.” Scientists quickly determined that ‘he’ emanated no harmful radiations, carried no dangerous diseases and posed no threats.

The latest team of two special technicians assigned to examine the extraordinary alien invader was sent to the boss’ lavish office.

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Major Kelly called the meeting with the Asian techs (geeks) that were honored to have the privilege to study the creature from Excelsior.

[Earth scientists in-the-know heard of the colorful, musical planet Excelsior with its tiny singers and dancers through old Nikola Tesla connections, but never made contact or had ever seen one up close].

The first doctors sent in to study the alien were human in appearance, but aliens themselves. They collapsed after close exposure to the Excelsiorian for unknown reasons. Anyone that approached the small humanoid lost consciousness and when they came to: They were never the same. They adamantly demanded to NEVER work for the government again! Many found that ‘leaving was far more difficult than joining.’

The frustrated technicians were owned by the Pentagon. They had no progress to report to the Major. They were forced and remotely examined the alien (given the name “Jonn”) through walls of Faraday protection. A Faraday barrier was suggested and approved by a cold-blooded race of aliens in cahoots with federal elite. Researchers finally approached the 6-inch ‘man’ without fear of wiped minds, lost commissions, new lives and careers.

The little man wanted his testers to call him ‘Jonn’ because that was his name. Every human on his world was psychic and approximately 6 inches tall. Excelsiorians had telepathic power and could manipulate human titans if they chose to. He was not confined. Jonn was precisely where he desired to be: in ‘captivity’ by fearful giants on an alien world.

“Report,” asked Major Kelly.

The taller tech nerd spoke up and said, “We can come near Jonn now. F-seals work fine, sir. After all this time, now we can attempt to talk or…or communicate.”

Kelly asked, “Any clue what the little alien did to our guys?”

The other one added his conclusion, “Sir. The creature we call ‘Jonn’ appears, well, to put it basically…”

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The Major coaxed the smart kid, “Put it basically.”

“Well…well, sir. We solved the problem with the shield. Before that…well, he seemed to draw out the bad in people and in nonhumans and replaces it with…the good.”

“Huh? Then I’m glad I stayed clear of the little guy when I did.”


The questions that plagued us were:

~How could the home planet of the Beatles have produced the extreme evil that was Aleister Crowley?

~How was it that the only ‘good,’ passive, nonviolent period in modern times on Earth, a time of peace that ended an ‘insane war,’ was orchestrated by the most evil man (still) alive?

~Beatles (Paul, John, George and Ringo) and their entire management and handlers were utterly controlled like puppets by a demon to bring on the Aquarian Age. How could the ‘new information’ possibly be true?

I was sent to find out. There were millions of people back at home base that anxiously waited years for my final report. I was expected to discover the answers and after multiple ‘extractions,’ I did just that. But no one will believe my report. I needed the last piece to the grand enigma and what I found was startling. I uncovered the stunning truth from the subconscious of 16 human beings. Cross-reference patterns all correlated.

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Aleister Crowley executed a severely dramatic turnaround and was the actual architect of the 60s Peace Movement (through the Beatles) during the Vietnam War. WHY? Why would Evil do that? How could a ‘man’ that motivated Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler have twisted his darkness toward peace, love and light? We had to know.

And now, I do. I’m one of the few beings who really know the truth.


The two technicians assigned to Jonn under Major Kelly believed they were close to a real communication with the creature with long hair from the ‘Planet of Music and Dance.’ So far, nothing substantial registered.

Jonn glowed in white light and often hovered. His smooth, little body was seen and filmed for hours only an inch off the floor in the room. He quietly ‘sat’ in midair and meditated endlessly. He could walk out or fly out, but chose to stay in the one room and cooperated fully with his ‘captors.’

The techs played classic music for the ‘little dude from the stars.’

He liked the music very much and slightly swayed in the air with his eyes closed, hardly above the floor.

Jonn’s saucer was impregnable. The same light around the traveler also radiated from the silver disk. No tests broke through the bright force-field that surrounded the spacecraft. The vehicle was carted off to lower levels in the Pentagon. Best minds from Venus could not ‘smash’ the electric locks on the 6-foot craft, therefore nothing inside was examined.

The two lab guys from Japan performed another test while behind the F-shield. They were uninfluenced by the warm, positive rays of love from the Excelsiorian, but they noticed some ‘animals were affected.’ Violent dogs sent through the F-shield that were close to Jonn, lost their violent tendencies…where passive dogs remained the same after exposure. Cats were the same after they were near the small human. Badgers, pumas, tigers, wild boars and wild horses were brought in proximity of the alien with a smile on his little human face. He turned every nasty one of them into gentle spirits that never got angry or violent ever again.

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Little Jonn’s rays naturally healed. Those affected by his small light were forever cured of any diseases they possessed. At times, he was used as a ‘cure-all’ for a number of test subjects and certain elite authorities.

The lovely invader with long hair was discovered to morph the most aggressive, psychotic killers from prisons’ death row into passive ‘lambs’ and sweet souls. He performed these Earthly miracles without gestures, movements, words or even a blink of an eye. One only needed his tiny light to shine on them to be positively transmogrified.

The technicians had another meeting with Major Kelly scheduled. They were worried. The techs were no closer to answer, “What did the silent visitor want? What was his purpose? What was this power he had over his jailors and when will he leave?” All they knew was one transmitted name.


The answers were so clear to me now.

Aleistor Crowley did not only mastermind the Sixties and all the ‘Kumbaya’ Peace and Love of the Hippie Movement, Anti-War Movement with Protest Music and a complete lifestyle change of a whole generation for freedoms and Human Rights, Gay Rights, Woman Rights, etc…but…

He also orchestrated the Second World War with ties to the First World War along with other warlocks, wizards, aliens and bankers.

The madman of ‘magick’ was in complete control of Hitler and was the ‘Puppet-Master of the Beatles.’ He perverted everything about the early and later ‘mop tops’ from Liverpool. He changed the Order of the World. Crowley placed a spell on the Beatles and the band placed a spell on the rest of the planet at the time of ‘Beatle-mania.’ It was all directed by the Devil.

Crowley, Master of the Black Arts and member of numerous Occult Orders, gave the V-FOR-VICTORY (two fingers) sign to a lesser warlock known as Winston Churchill. Hippies later used the two-fingered ‘peace sign,’ hand gesture which was really the ‘horns of the Devil,’ V-for Victory sign created during WWII by the most evil man on Earth.

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This pervert of all good and righteous things, Crowley, had or has the motto: “Do What Thou Wilt” where there were no rules or morality laws. Aleistor created the THUMBS UP hand sign and gave it to American pilots during WWII. (Crowley’s Thumbs Up was sexual). Whenever people view these and other supposedly ‘positive’ hand signs, understand their origin.

Aleister Crowley also gave Adolph Hitler (“Schicklgruber”) the extended RIGHT-ARM SALUTE. The highest, most respected, Occultist and ritualistic killer of children in the name of Satan, Crowley had his own twisted meaning for each of the hand signs that Earthlings have altered again and again much later without any knowledge of the true author.

I extracted old and recent events directly out of the deep depths of 16 (government) souls and know for certain now as I concluded my final report.

Crowley was placed on the cover of the Sgt. Peppers’ album twice. He was in the back on the left, next to Mae West. He was also in a fez with slightly pointed ears behind the sexy Diana Dors (not Jayne Mansfield).

Why control the Beatles? For the same reason Hitler knew to control the future, you must control the youth. To control the youth, control music and films.

Home base will find the truth a ‘hard pill to swallow.’ How could anyone believe it? Yet, the 1990s and the direction Earth society had moved or not moved in the last few decades were proof. Everything made sense now and nothing had made any sense before the correlated extractions which verified ‘the information’ and eventually answered the big questions for me.

It all started when Paul McCartney attended the Stockton Wood Road Primary School in 1947. This was the year Aleister Crowley died at the age of 72. Soul of the Wickedest Man on Earth possessed the young McCartney who was 5 years of age at the time. The plan went into effect and the planet moved in the process with a completely different future now in front of it.

Master McCartney was bestowed with musical talent, confidence, utter ruthlessness and the power to hide his great gifts, gifts that came from the Prince of Darkness or a physical manifestation of evil on Earth. He acted proper and good and Paul obeyed all the rules. He would do as mother and father told him to do. He would be a very good boy, until the time was right.

Aleister Crowley’s spirit (‘Aiwass’) acted as the supreme maestro like a spider in the center of a web as it totally manipulated:

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~The ‘chance’ meeting of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

~A George Harrison connection that introduced the youngest Beatle.

~The elimination of the ‘most popular’ Beatle, Pete Best. Crowley’s ‘magick’ brought Richard Starkey into the band. He also gave Ringo his last name (‘Starr’) which was a tribute to the Devil he worshiped.

Stuart Sutcliffe was a ‘friend’ that dragged the band. He had to go.

Crowley killed manager Brian Epstein on August 27, 1967 not with bare hands, but with a malignant horror that hung in the air over the Fab Four. The official cause of Brian’s death was an overdose of barbiturates or ‘sleeping pills.’ Epstein’s murder was because he’d never have agreed to the new psychedelic direction AC planned to push the band into in the future.

Beatles’ ‘Rubber Soul’ album was released in late 1965. The name referred to the ‘shaky legs’ or unstable condition the group was in. There was much talk of breakup among them as egos clashed as well as many arguments over royalties and percentages. There were always fights about: “How much of whose music (money) comprised the next LP record?”

The lads from Liverpool had a nice run, but it was over. The Beatles experience was exactly what they had expected: at the top of music for a few years and then the inevitable fall. 1966 was it! Beatle-mania fizzled out. It was either going to die with the breakup of the band or, (as Crowley conceived), could be kicked up and hyped to a whole new level with a band that stayed together and made music of the gods.

Top bands had no control over their music, record covers, marriages and divorces, press releases, futures, etc. The next album released was recorded earlier in the chronology of studio sessions. Crowley personally chose the title ‘Yesterday and Today.’ It was released in June of 1966 to distinctly mark the new Beatles from the simple, 2-dimensional ‘mop tops’ that Earthlings and others idolized from the beginning. ‘Today’s Beatles’ or future-Beatles were going to ‘take the world by storm’ all over again.

Correct album-order was reinstated when ‘REVOLVER’ was released on August 8, 1966. Aleister’s message to the Fab Four with the new title was: “You must ‘play ball’ and not refuse my will.” Men in Black were sent to each Beatle and aimed literal ‘revolvers’ to the head of each one and their families. They had to do exactly what the New York agents and handlers said, or else! The public was told fabricated lies as to why certain titles were used and why things around the Beatles were done. Nothing was close to the truth. ‘Revolver’ was a constant reminder that McCartney, Lennon, Harrison and Starr had to do precisely as the spirit of AC commanded.

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The Beatles (musically) did not desire or want to move in the style, plan or agenda Crowley established for them. They wanted to revert back to their roots, to the beginnings of basic rock, soul and rhythm and blues. It was not the band’s idea to work with other musicians that incorporated new (experimental) ‘sound’ techniques into Beatle music.

Crowley had a few close ‘assistants’ that guided the actions and the music of the (contrived and ultra-promoted) Super Band. Jane Asher was a Wiccan and George Martin, a Master Magickian and warlock.

In truth (hard to believe), the Beatles were not that good. Like Shakespeare, a team of writers composed many of their greatest successes! It was a team effort (for big bucks/mind-control) and the boys from Liverpool had to play along. If they talked, they would be eliminated and replaced.

Then the most peculiar oddity of oddities occurred…

Paul McCartney, Son of Satan at the time and alter ego of Crowley from the age of 5, had a…change of heart. He was not going to participate in the ‘new direction’ of the band. He refused the LSD; he refused to dress up in the bright, psychedelic uniforms and phoniness of a ‘Sgt. Peppers’ Lonely Hearts Club Band.’ He was not about to wear wizard costumes and wave magic wands and ‘shove in the public’s face’ the real agenda of Crowley, which was an occult devotion to Satan. Paul, Crowley’s inside ‘puppet’ and man all along, one quarter of the band and ‘song-channeler,’ wanted OUT.

Crowley’s demonic spirit was more than upset on a dark astral plane. The New York handlers, the mob, the feds, the Swiss, the throne of England and the Vatican panicked because their highly promoted band and ‘cash cow’ and old plan to move a planet was at an end or went unfulfilled.

Paul never wanted to sing another song or play another note after what he discovered (the spider) was located at the center of all things Music, which were in reality all things ‘Illuminati.’

Crowley lost his total control of McCartney’s actions. Paul had to go!

The Beatles and an undisclosed (now lost) British radio station held a ‘Paul McCartney Look-alike Contest’ near the end of 1966. The winner was William Shears, a dead-ringer for Paul except that he was right-handed and three inches taller. His voice box was altered to sound like Paul and he was taught to play left-handed. The ‘contest’ was Crowley’s plot to replace Paul.

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In a secret ceremony, the spirit of the Sorcerer Supreme went from old Paul to new Paul. AC was done with the rebel McCartney who apparently had a twinge of conscious and morality. The demon ordered his execution.

Paul ran out of a recording session in fear of his life from the Men in Black that carried guns. The real McCartney was killed on a highway (witnesses ‘vanished’ as with JFK). Paul was beaten beyond recognition. Photos were taken and Paul resembled a swollen, black and blue walrus.

Paul was really dead. The song ‘A Day in the Life’ was about Paul.

Crowley’s big follow-up to the ‘greatest musical achievement of all time’ was entitled, of course: ‘The Magical Mystery Tour.’ The reference was undeniable and spoke of the dark wizard’s fantastic ‘puppet show’ that was the entire career of the Beatles. Paul was positioned lower than the other three and in a walrus costume. The new Paul was posed with his hands in a cross or Christ-like position. Five-pointed stars were everywhere.

Before Sgt. Peppers and everything post Peppers around the Beatles was scripted by an ultimate warlock and the right-hand of Satan. He made ‘MMT,’ the film, fail miserably. Crowley forced Lennon into worldwide controversy with his “We’re more popular than Jesus” statement to the press. Every project was choreographed by the master fiend. Aleistor made Yoko Ono the fifth Beatle and mesmerized John into a relationship with a gothic witch. He formed the band’s late troubles, financial troubles, romantic troubles, breakups and deaths in advance. Rock and Roll! Crowley saw the future and forced the Beatles upon the landscape of the times. And the world changed along with the music. He knew the boys could move the planet more than any world leader. WHY he did it was indescribable in words.

The revolution of peace was here. The Vietnam War ended because true democracy ruled and the (fascist) State had to bend to the will of the people. Why? Why had Crowley generated such power of peace and love?


Major Kelly and the latest pair of technicians gathered themselves behind the F-shield in front of the small but pure being from the planet Excelsior. Communications only happened if Jonn wanted them to happen. Everyone in attendance received the distinct feeling that the alien would ‘speak’ or finally communicate. They did not even know his rank or serial number. But now, maybe the truth to the mystery of why he came to this planet could be realized?

Suddenly, Jonn moved in the air. He floated cross-legged and passed through the F-barrier close to the floor and very near the three men who stood tall over him. His light touched them and they were changed much for the better; they never worked for the government again.

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The inquisitive and now sad creature that came here two of our years ago from a Music Planet thought he should speak to his ‘zoo keepers’ before he left. He believed he owed them a little bit of information that they surely would not understand in the least. In a small voice, Jonn meekly told them…

“Paul is really dead. You would never believe why.”

Jonn, agent from a distant planet that adored the Beatles, zipped through lower levels and into his 6-foot silver saucer. The craft electro-magnetically ‘blasted off’ and he made it back to home base in no time.


The little alien seemed the tallest person alive when he reached home world. People were thrilled to view and hear his long-awaited conclusions on vital philosophic questions that baffled the Excelsiorians. When dances and fabulous music that Jonn missed so much had ended, he stepped up to the ‘world stage.’ Colored lights were lit and cameras focused on him…

“Good people, how long I’ve yearned to be home and with you again.

The capsule was successful and yes, I’ve found the answers.
Without further delay; you’ve waited long enough…here are truths we sought: Aleister Crowley is alive and well and grows louder and stronger than he ever had before on Tera in the new century (gasps in the vast crowd).
The answer to WHY did such evil go good?
It was not because Crowley wanted peace; not because he wanted to stop wars and save lives; not because he desired needed social change and bring the Age of Aquarius or benefit the human race in any way with Sixties Tera.
Reason was…he had no other choice (more gasps).
He believed he HAD to do what he did to control what opposes the secret fascism.
As hard as it is to conceive, it makes sense. Peace period of the Sixties was a trial run, a test to see exactly how far and where Freedom would go.
Evil fascists called ‘the man’ or ‘the Establishment’ actually created the Hippies; made the acid.
Crowley’s inverted cross was the (bent) peace symbol. His plan is known as ‘Hegelian Dialectics.’ He felt he needed to master his own enemies, the good opposition so he created the Peace and Love generation through music, through the Beatles and many other offshoot rock bands, to see and precisely measure the ‘Movement’ like a laboratory experiment; examine just where the love would go…so that They would never allow it to ever, ever happen again!
Music would always be mindless and empty from the 90s on.
Terans are brainwashed by modern music and films that are only propaganda and Mind-Control for the fascist State.

Evil Empire has total power over Teran music and other industries. Hair will always be short from the 90s on, forever (is the intent). Long hair means freedom from war. Short hair means total domination by the State that makes them blind ‘units’ that march to useless wars and meaningless deaths. Hairstyles and music will never cycle anymore as they naturally do. Crowley insured permanent wars with new Terans that love war, volunteer for war, run to war! Youths shave their heads because they are told that this is normal; everyone does it…while long-hairs are portrayed as maniacs and abnormal paranoids. Crowley’s innocent and wild freedoms of the Sixties were intended to be taken to insane extremes with the next generation or cycle. Even PUNKS were planned by Crowley, all to lead to RAP and the end of everything good and decent. Rich white men (stooges) created the black man’s rap music, all to ignite race wars, violence in city streets and everywhere else. Imagine what John Lennon would have thought if he wasn’t murdered by a Crowley stooge when Paul, Super Bowl halftime performer after 9/11, said, “Wouldn’t it great if the Patriots won?” He has been knighted as ‘Sir Paul’ while we know he’s not the original and as phony, sorry to say friends, as the rest of the Shakespearean band (more reactions). Jim Morrison called himself the ‘Lizard King’ (he can do anything). The Lizards didn’t like that and killed him in Paris. Look how crazy Jim got in Miami; Jim screamed: “No Rules! Do anything you want!” This was Crowley screaming and a sign of the terror of things to come…when we know what great Music really is; what it can be and what it can do. Music does not have to be made to destroy when it can be made to create and exercise freedoms and fire imaginations.
Crowley lives! He lives in every Teran war film; television commercials where WOMEN and children are calling for men to ‘man up’ and ‘support the troops’ (more emotional reactions from sensitive creatures). To repeat the WHY and method to his madness, this was executed by the Devil so that any more Peace Movements would be totally squashed and nonexistent. No longer were the mistakes of Vietnam repeated where horrible bloodshed was televised into every American living room. Now the State knows to continuously use the Media to reinforce an almost attraction for separation, differences, killing and hatred that all lead to inevitable WAR. That was Crowley’s plan and the many minions of evil that drink from fountains of success reinforce that Agenda. Nothing is getting better on the planet that we love; we love it from a distance, don’t we? We love Teran songs…SOME Teran songs. But don’t go there today, good people. You will lose your mind and lose your heart. I must admit: I enjoyed the music of the 80s, the last time it was real and colorful and visual art. As to their future and to the question: Will Aleister Crowley’s continuance of evil last? How long will his influence be maintained on Tera and therefore viewed by the rest of our universe? The answer is not up to us, of course. It is possible that a beautiful future will exist again on Tera as it was very long ago and also when a good vibration played freely and creatively in the late 60s. I predict Terans will get sick of war, soldiers, violence and needless crap heaped upon them and again protest; organize and The Meek will inherit.”


Copyright 2015 by TS Caladan

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