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Agrasen Ki Baoli: One of the most paranormal places in Delhi where the spirits of the dead wander among the living?

Agrasen Ki Baoli: One of the most paranormal places in Delhi where the spirits of the dead wander among the living? 1

Hidden among the chaotic, crowded shopping streets of Delhi’s Connaught Place is an ancient stepwell called Agrasen Ki Baoli. This ancient reservoir was once filled with groundwater rising from the depths of the earth. And in order to go down to the water, people had to overcome 108 stone steps leading down. But not everyone returned to the top.

Baoli is one of the places considered to be the abode of otherworldly forces, demons or other sinister entities. At least that’s what the urban legends that have developed around this well say.

Baolis in Northern India are step wells, which are also sometimes called water temples. There are many step wells scattered throughout India and they are called by different names in different parts of the country. In Delhi and Rajasthan it is called Baoli in Hindi. And in Gujarat – Vavami.

At the same time, most of these wells are in an abandoned state and are falling into disrepair every year.

Of all the wells located in Delhi, Agrasen Ki Baoli is the best preserved and maintained. It truly can be called a hidden gem among the busy streets and more popular attractions.

There are currently a total of 14 baolis preserved in Delhi, which are now protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.

While tourists descend the steps and take selfies, the spirits of departed people wander among the walls and seek peace. 

Movies and Mysticism

By the way, Bollywood has also used this architecture while shooting some scenes in movies. The most popular films in which you can see Agrasen Ki Baoli are PK starring Aamir Khan and Sultan starring Salman Khan. Scenes from Sridevi’s 2017 thriller Mom were also shot here.

Once inside this impressive structure, you will immediately feel as if you are inside history. As you go down the stairs, you will sense a gradual drop in temperature, which also plays a role in the perception of this place.

By the way, according to legends, this well was built by a king named Agrasen during the time of the legendary epic Mahabharata.

It was later rebuilt by the Aggarwal communities who are said to be the descendants of Maharaja Agrasen.

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But what about spirits and ghosts?

Red stones, both cut and uncut, were used in the construction of this tank. The architecture of this building was so well thought out that this place still looks impressive and very well preserved.

Agrasen Ki Baoli is 49 feet wide and 197 feet deep while the downward walk is 103 steps. Their stairs are three levels and during the descent you can rest on any flight of stairs.

The ancient stepwell called Agrasen Ki Baoli.

There are actually several urban legends about this place, so beloved by Indians.

No one is allowed to be here before sunrise or after sunset

There is a rule prohibiting people from entering after 18:00. This is an official rule set by the city administration. It is quite suspicious that even the government does not want its people to stay there after sunset.

There are claims suggesting that this is due to the fact that the power of spirits increases at night. And maybe that’s why people are not allowed here after sunset.

Entities from another world live here

They say that some spirits or demons from another world live here. Some believe that these are the restless souls of people who once lived in our world.

It is said that after the times of Mahabharata, due to some curse, people were prohibited from entering the Agrasen Ki Baoli. And those who got inside never came back

Black water

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It is believed that it was because of this curse that the water in the baoli turned black (kali pana). Moreover, they say that this water attracted people to commit suicide.

And if people got there by accident, they, as if driven crazy by something or someone, gave their lives by jumping into the water. They say that even the corpses of those who jumped into the water were never found.

The time when the curse ended

About a hundred years ago, the curse that took the lives of an unknown number of people was still present but after some time, the baoli’s black water suddenly dried up. Nowadays, you can go very deep into the well – to those levels where there used to be water.

Sign at the entrance to the well
Sign at the entrance to the well.

Here you will always feel someone’s presence

Many people who have been to this place have complained that they feel like someone is walking next to them or following them from behind, even when there is no one around. There is supposedly a constant surveillance feeling, but not of a human presence. From time to time it seems to many that they hear some strange sounds or rustling behind them, although there is no one nearby.

However, maybe the whole point is that Baoli has special acoustics and it is possible that visitors hear the sound of their own steps or the steps of one of the people several levels above them.

There are many stories associated with ghosts in Baoli that scare people and therefore they are afraid to enter the premises after sunset.

Many people hear strange, distressing sounds there, as well as ghostly visions, including a young woman dressed in a red sari with a partially burnt face.​

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