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Absolute dystopia: France greenlights “reinforced” Robocop soldiers – They will have implants and other technologies

Absolute dystopia: France greenlights "reinforced" Robocop soldiers - They will have implants and other technologies 1

What we see in various fantasy films, such as Robocop, does not seem to be far from reality, as according to a report by the French Ministry of Defense, the government is planning to create a cyborg of soldiers.

The French are ready to change the armed forces establishment after the research on the development of reinforced soldiers is completed! A report by the French Ministry of Defense revealed everything and especially the intentions of the French to create cyborg soldiers.

In fact, it determines the conditions under which this work should be performed with implants and other technologies, which are designed to improve performance on the battlefield.

In previous statements, Defense Secretary Florence Parly had made it clear that France had no immediate plans to develop “invasive” technology for soldiers. 

The French Ministry of Defense indicated in the past that promising bionics would improve the “physical, cognitive and psychological abilities” of soldiers. In addition, “medicines to prevent pain, stress and fatigue, as well as substances that will improve mental stability if a soldier is captured” could be developed 

However, the current report emphasizes that other nations are exploring such possibilities, and that France is called upon not to miss the “train” in the creation of super-military.

“But we have to face the facts,” she added. “Not everyone shares our principles, and we must be prepared for what awaits us in the future.”

She said that “ways must be explored to maintain our operational superiority without turning our backs on our values”. “Human beings have long sought ways to enhance their physical or cognitive abilities to fight,” he warned. “Possible developments could eventually lead to increased capabilities in the soldier corps.”

The report cited research into implants that could “improve mental capacity” or help soldiers distinguish between enemy and ally. They could also allow commanders to locate them or know their vital points remotely. Setting clear ethical lines, the document noted that eugenic or genetic practices should be banned, as well as anything “that could jeopardize a soldier’s integration into society or his return to life as a citizen.”

In her speech, Ms. Parly noted that work on human nerve implants is progressing rapidly in the private sector. This year, Tesla founder Elon Musk unveiled a pig named “Gertrude” with a coin-sized computer chip in her brain to show his ambitious plans to create a functional brain-machine interface.

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It all started in 2020

Back in December 2020, the Military Ethics Committee of the French Ministry of Defense allowed experiments with bionics to empower French army soldiers.

Remarkably, the decision come just days after John Radcliffe, US Director of National Intelligence (DNI), said China was conducting military human testing to create “bio-enhanced” troops. At the same time, the French Ministry of Defense indicated that their cyborg soldiers would adhere to the norms of morality and ethics.

In particular, the military could not use technology that interferes with the fundamental humanity of a soldier. Soldiers should retain free will and be able to choose the level of force they use – for example, a bionic enhancement cannot force a soldier to use lethal force when non-lethal force is an obvious choice. In addition, bionics should not interfere with the reintegration of a soldier into civilian life.


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