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About the so-called “City of God” found in one of the space images. Fiction or reality?

About the so-called "City of God" found in one of the space images. Fiction or reality? 1

January 1995 literally shook the whole world. It’s all about an article published in a German astronomical journal, which aroused serious interest from publishers around the world. This article boldly declared that the City of God was discovered in our Universe. Numerous scientific and popular publishing houses rushed to publish the sensation on the pages of their magazines and publications.

About the so-called "City of God" found in one of the space images. Fiction or reality? 2

It all started on December 26, 1994 at the NASA office in the United States. The pictures taken from the Hubble telescope amazed scientists. A series of deciphered images showed a huge white city in the middle of space. NASA members did not have time to react quickly and shut down the Hubble web server. As a consequence, images, usually sent for further study to closed astronomical laboratories, were made public to the world.

It took only a few minutes for the photos to be shared with everyone on the network. To calm the worried public, the US government soon classified the pictures. 

Newspaper cover with City of God photo

At first, one of the frames contained only a snapshot of an unremarkable foggy spot. Ken Wilson, a professor at the University of Florida, additionally armed with a handheld magnifier, decided to study the photograph in more detail.

Taken from open sources

As a result, the professor discovered that the stain has a rather strange shape. He ruled out the possibility of interference in the process of transferring the image from “Hubble” to Earth. It was also not explained by the diffraction of the telescope lenses. Representatives of NASA, after an urgent meeting, decided to re-remove the area where the fog was discovered. For this purpose, the Hubble telescope was programmed for the highest possible resolution and the telescope lenses were directed to the very area of ​​the starry sky.

After several agonizing minutes, the telescope recorded a photograph with a characteristic sound. The snapshot was instantly displayed on the huge projection screen of the laboratory, capturing all the attention of the assembled scientists. That little foggy spot appeared before them in a completely different guise, disturbing the consciousness.

It was a kind of structure gleaming with light, vaguely reminiscent of a mystical city floating in outer space. The city was as if built according to the classical canons of pseudoscientific fiction and futuristic ideas about the city from the future. The structure, shining with mystical light, spreads in endless space for no less than billions of distant kilometers.

Taken from open sources

The name of the City of God was instantly assigned to the city hanging in the middle of the cosmos, where the Lord God belongs. One of the representatives of NASA put forward the theory that the discovered City is inhabited by the souls of the deceased. Obviously, representatives of NASA are talking nonsense and brazenly trying to convince the truth of their statements, which is even worse than science, which obeys politicians.

The series of images obtained from the Hubble telescope were subjected to detailed analysis, as a result of which it turned out that the City moves in accordance with the movement of galaxies located around it. The movement takes place in accordance with the theory of the Big Bang, which speaks of the absence of deviations from the laws of the universe.

Soon scientists discovered another fact concerning the movement of the City. A three-dimensional model of distant parts of the Universe, transferred to a projection screen, showed that it is not the Universe that is moving away to the Earth, but the Earth from the Universe. It was the City of God that was taken as the starting point of reference, which was a kind of center of the Universe. This was confirmed by a computer model, which showed how galaxies move away from the City.

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