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Aboriginal Australians carry DNA from an unknown species

Aboriginal Australians carry DNA from an unknown species 5

Scientists have long held the consensus that almost all people on the planet descend from the first humans who left Africa between 40,000 and 100,000 years ago.

Aboriginal Australians carry DNA from an unknown species 6

There is still much that geneticists and other scientists and researchers do not understand about this crucial moment in human history, and it seems that research on the subject is posing more questions than answers.

In 2016, researchers at Harvard Medical School published the findings of an exhaustive study of the human genome from all areas of the world, and discovered something amazing about the Australian aboriginal population.

They seem to have genetic markers that indicate they are descendants of an unidentified form of human being.

“Our main goal is to understand how our race came to the point where it is today, and for that, we must first study the DNA of ancient tribes,” said Mallick Swapan, who led the study and has been actively investigating the origins of the human genome. in most of his career.

He explained that the new study gathered the genetic data of 142 different human populations dispersed throughout the world that were underrepresented in large-scale studies so far.

According to Swapan, the most incredible revelation of this new study is that the Australian Aboriginal genetic code demonstrates that they carry the DNA markers that indicate the ancient crossing with an unidentified branch of humanity.

Aboriginal Australians carry DNA from an unknown species 7

Although it was initially suspected that unusual DNA markers could indicate that Aboriginal ancestors intersected with elusive ancient species known as Denisovans, this hypothesis proved to be incorrect.

After the analysis, the scientists discovered that the DNA markers were different from the Denisovan markers, leading them to the conclusion that they had discovered the traces of a completely new form of the ancient human species.

It is known that the indigenous peoples of Australia are descendants of the first people who arrived on the continent from Africa about 50,000 years ago.

It has been assumed that the aborigines were isolated from the rest of the world for thousands of years and therefore the scientists assumed that their genetic code would be quite homogeneous. Surprisingly, this turned out not to be the case.

“The genetic signatures of an Australian aborigine from eastern Australia and western Australia are as different as those from a person from Europe and a person from Asia,” said Swapan.

The incredible diversity in the genetic code of the native peoples of Australia, in addition to the peculiar genetic marker that indicates that they intersected with an unknown human species in the past, indicates that there is still much more to discover about the ancient history of mankind ..

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