A woman met a seven foot Bigfoot in an English park. This encounter influenced her entire future life

The unusual meeting in Salford happened when the 53-year-old Englishwoman was still a teenager. Despite the fact that the exciting event happened a long time ago, for the woman everything is “as clear as a day” and the smallest details of the extraordinary phenomenon are vivid in her memory. What has followed after that fateful day, the Daily Star reports.

The year was 1982, and young Deborah with a friend was walking carelessly in a park near Manchester. Vacationers had no idea that in a second they would meet face to face with the supernatural. According to the British woman, something rustled sharply in the bushes, after which a huge beast literally hung over his friends.

“It looked like the man and the monkey were somehow connected together. He had huge muscles on his jaw, square teeth and not a single hair on his face, but he was covered with hair on his neck and chest, ”- Deborah said.

She forever remembered the impressive size of the monster. The woman subsequently claimed that the creature was huge, about seven feet (over two meters) in height and four feet (over one meter) in the chest. The Englishwoman was frightened and, leaving her acquaintance in the park, immediately ran home.

Then she admitted that seeing the beast was “the most terrible event in her life.” Nevertheless, this event forever changed the usual course of Deborah’s life. She began to look for other people who saw similar creatures in order to try to solve this riddle together. The British woman was very surprised when she discovered that she was not the only person who noticed Bigfoot in the same place.

“Other people in my city saw the same thing in the same park. There are reports dating back to the 1960s, and there is very recent evidence – the last incident happened just four years ago, ” she said.

The works of Deborah and her associates were not in vain and gave tangible results. Over the years, the Englishwoman has contacted thousands of people who have seen such creatures, and even made an exhaustive map of Bigfoot observations. Now the Briton lives in Bolton and collects testimonies from fellow citizens not only about the yeti, but also about such unusual phenomena as UFOs, werewolves, supernatural beings and poltergeists. 

She even started a special podcast on social networks, which she called “Mysterious Creatures and Unexplained Events.” Through this channel, she receives information about new interesting episodes in the vastness of England and tells her listeners about them.

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“One woman, a civil servant from Preston, recently told me that she once saw a man turn into a reptile and then back into a human,” Deborah said.

According to her, listeners belong to different strata of society, and they are all eyewitnesses to unique events. It often turned out that Deborah was the first person to whom compatriots revealed their secrets. Sometimes people were simply afraid that they would not be believed, so for a long time they did not tell anything mysterious.

“Sometimes people describe themselves in a spaceship and can see alien creatures with long nails and black fingers working on them,” said the inquisitive Englishwoman.

By the way, Deborah believes that the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, has increased the number of cases of observation of unexplained and supernatural phenomena. 

Since the woman began to study such things, this has happened at best two or three times a year. In the interval between the first “attacks” of COVID-19 on Britain and May 2020, five messages about events incomprehensible from the point of view of logic were recorded at once.

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“This may be because more and more people are taking walks in remote places such as nature reserves,” Deborah suggested.

The British firmly believes that “ordinary people see extraordinary things every day,” just not everyone talks about it. Someone continues to “disbelieve them”, while others are simply afraid to be ridiculed.


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