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“A wolf the size of a car”: a 30-year-old hunt for a werewolf still goes on

"A wolf the size of a car": a 30-year-old hunt for a werewolf still goes on 1

Thirty years ago, Briton Colin Keelty met a strange creature. He is still obsessed with the idea of ​​tracking down and killing a monster that looks like a giant wolf on its hind legs.

Colin Keelty, 54, has been trying to track down a werewolf for 30 years. This idea seized him after a long meeting with a strange creature.

In the early 90s, while working as a truck driver, he saw a running animal in the distance on the road. Colin assumed it was a deer until the animal rose to its hind legs.

“I will not lie, I was petrified – the hair on the back of my head stood on end,” the Mirror quotes Colin . “It looked like a huge dog or a wolf … In the flesh, it was much scarier.”

Since then, Keelty has been carrying weapons (as well as maps, flashlights and radios) with him and plans to kill the beast. That meeting was allegedly not the last. In September 2015, again with a full moon, Colin (in his own words) again faced the monster. This time he saw nothing, but he heard the impact on his car. He claims that “a huge three-fingered handprint” was left on the glass of the car.

Then Keelty, managed to take a photo of this trail. However, the snapshot is lost. 

All this could be taken for a lie, but Colin is not the only one who is “lucky” to make such an acquaintance.

The inhabitants of Yorkshire say that since the 18th century, a huge wolf on its hind legs wanders along the local hills. The Yorkshire werewolf has even a nickname – Old Stinker. 

In 2016, one of the animal rescuers said that she encountered the beast in person. 

“It looked like a big dog, probably bigger than my car, but with a human face,” – this is how Gemma Walner described the creature.

Old Stinker has been seen across the UK, including 12 last year, Colin said. 

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“All these people cannot lie. There is something incredible, and I’m going to find it, ” the Briton says.


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