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Conspiracy Theories

A wave of conspiracy theology swept the planet

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, a wave of conspiracy theology associated with this virus swept the planet. The most fantastic versions are put forward regarding the origin of the virus, Chinese top-secret laboratories, and errors in the development of biological weapons. Which of these publications seem most likely and why?

The pandemic of conspiracy theories affected almost all countries and peoples, only differs in shades of ideological orientation. In the USA, they are sure that the main enemy of mankind is Russia. The United States is blaming China. Part of the conspiracy theological versions is connected with the allegedly strange structure of the virus, which may indicate its artificial origin, and with the peculiarities of its spread. Another part (more reasoned) is associated with oddities around the genesis of the virus in Wuhan. And there are really a lot of oddities.

So, recently, with reference to sources in India, information has begun to spread that ostensibly SARS and HIV inserts from the RNA structure of the coronavirus have been detected in the RNA structure. Some Russian-speaking unauthorized sources even cited undocumented links to intelligence. “Our Indian partners at a high level (intelligence community) are confident that the current situation around the coronavirus is a consequence of experiments with bacteriological weapons in China.” This, of course is unconfirmed information, but the material level of argumentation in all this is interesting. Since a virus is similar to a constructor, it means that it is artificially synthesized. So far, it’s logical. This is the so-called entrench virus (the term is new, but funny), because it does not live outside the body of the carrier (no more than 40 minutes) and affects mainly men from 35 to 60 years old.

The truth here is only that such an article about the analysis of the RNA structure of the virus (without pseudo-war conclusions) in one of the Indian scientific journals really existed. Then it turned out that the Indians crookedly launched a genome analysis program and also crookedly analyzed the crooked results. The article was rechecked and recalled. They recalled, but did not block access. That is, the article is not deleted, but is in the public domain with an explanation that it was withdrawn, but conspiracy theorists never read what is written in the footnote in small print.

No one else in the real scientific environment found fruits for conspiracy theology, but the oddities from this did not diminish. And oddities produce versions and a kind of logic.

Chinese Institute?

According to this logic, traces lead to the Wuhan Institute of Virology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, founded in 1956 and engaged in the study of viruses, including HIV, Ebola and H1N1. In 2018, the Institute built and commissioned the National Safety Laboratory of the 4th level of biological safety for its needs (this is insanely expensive). Geographically, it is located in the Jiangxia region, 40 kilometers from the notorious Huanan “seafood market”, from which everything supposedly started. The laboratory’s activities are classified and no one can vouch for what they’re actually doing there. The hieroglyphs “security” in its name are alarming, although formally the construction of this laboratory was agreed with WHO after the SARS epidemic.

Many questions have accumulated for this institute in connection with the epidemic of coronavirus. The Chinese either do not answer them at all, or answer in the spirit of “you fool yourself and your questions sre stupid.” And one of the main questions, to which there is still no clear answer, is with whom and under what circumstances it all began. The question is divided into two parts: what is the name and surname of the “zero patient” and how did he / she pick up the mutated variant of the long-known animal virus? Based on the fact that it all started on the market, then who was the first to eat this nasty smoked bat? And why did this mouse already carry a “humanoid” strain of the virus?

The Chinese identified the “zero patient” as a woman named Huang Yanling, who recovered, but her whereabouts are hidden. Then the Chinese came to their senses and tried to cover up all the information, but it was too late. 

It was not difficult to find out that Huang Yanling just worked at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

This is both a bomb and the main starting point of conspiracy theories. On February 16, the National Institute of Virology issued a statement that Huang Yanling received a master’s degree from the institute in 2015, then moved to another place and never returned to Wuhan. Such an explanation only added gas to the fire. If she didn’t come back, how could she eat something so specific in the Huanan market? Did she order through Alibaba? Or was it not in the market? And if in the market, how did the mutated virus get there? Huang Yanling is inaccessible, and her “testimonies” are given from the words of the “acquaintances of her staff” from the Institute of Virology, which is also very suspicious.

Then a new character appeared in the detective scene – also a woman and also an employee, but already at the security laboratory, and not at the institute. Her name is Chen Juanjiao.

An anonymous source with the nickname Weiketiezhi reported on Weibo, a Chinese social network, that allegedly scientific researcher Chen Juanjiao sold experimental animals in the market for profit and thereby released a synthesized strain of the virus. Typical plot for the series. The Institute of Virology denied it again, but with a different perspective. Without commenting on the fact of the existence of a citizen with that name and surname and her work in the laboratory, the official response said that all this was rumor and stuffing, and a user with the nickname Weiketiezhi accessed the Network from a foreign IP address.

But a few years ago, senior officials at the Institute of Virology openly admitted that they were able to synthesize viruses using experimental animals. In the journal Nature Medicine on January 9, 2015, a researcher from Wuhan, an entire academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shi Zhengli wrote that she needed further research on primates that are not human (in the sense not on anthropoid apes – now experiments on chimpanzees are considered unethical, since they look like people; on some capuchin monkeys it’s possible, but not on chimpanzees). Moreover, she needed new experiments just to “understand the ability of these viruses to cause disease in humans.”

And this is quite a disaster. Since 2015, in the Wuhan laboratory, some viruses have been synthesized by some animals in a really empirical way and then tried to find out whether they are transmitted to humans and what comes of it. It looks like it turned out.

Ms. Shi who declared this is an unimportant source, but a world-famous researcher. She studied at the University of Montpellier in France which was founded in 1289. Nostradamus and Enver Hoxha studied there.

And now, in February 2020, it was Ms. Shi, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who stated the following: “I bet on my life that [the virus] has nothing to do with the laboratory.” At the same time, it was Academician Shi who first discovered the mechanism of penetration of coronaviruses into living cells (the notorious “mousetrap”) and the first to call bats a source of infection. This was her response to the publication of the Indians, who, by their crooked analysis, strongly substituted and gave the Chinese side a head start. WHO experts agreed with Ms. Shi who did not find the “laboratory origin of the virus”.

Additional questions immediately arose. On which animals were the experiments set? Really on bats? And then, where did the experimental specimens go? Did Ms. Shi manage to get primates for her experiments after 2015? If so, what is their fate? We guess their fate is sad, but how specific? Well, the most important question: how different from natural is the virus synthesized by the Chinese scientists? Also, is there any difference between a synthesized virus and the current coronavirus?

Silence is our answer.

The Russian trace

In turn, in the United States, some media openly pedal the alleged role of Russia in everything that happens. The entire Washington Examiner is on the top of the planet. A series of articles were published there in February, from which it appeared that after Gorbachev stopped developing biological weapons in the USSR, and Yeltsin publicly confirmed this, the development of biological weapons continues in Putin’s Russia.

They refer, out of habit, to Ken Alibek, (Kanatjan Alibekov), a retired colonel of the Soviet army, a former influential employee of the Biopreparat enterprise who was actually engaged in the development of biological weapons in Soviet times. In 1992, Alibekov emigrated to the United States, changed his name a bit and has since been associated with many scandals.

This is in addition to giving the Americans the entire Soviet scientific system in the field of biotechnology and virology.

Alibekov is considered one of the direct initiators of the war in Iraq, since it was he who popularized his alarmist “data” in the USA about the allegedly possession of biological weapons from the USSR from Saddam Hussein. At some point, Ken Alibek became a very influential character in Washington, but in 2006 he was exposed as a charlatan (Los Angeles Times investigation) and practically expelled from the United States. He went back to his native Kazakhstan, where he was accompanied by monstrous scandals such as trying to “cure” Jeanne Friske and promoting some pills through the Internet to “strengthen the immune system”. In Kazakhstan, he received millions for a “cancer vaccine,” and when he was required to present the result, he fled in 2017 back to the United States.

The second source of information was a certain Templum Fortune agent, allegedly recruited in Soviet times by British intelligence MI6. According to indirect data, this was a junior research fellow of the same Biopreparat enterprise, which merged the British with information about Soviet biological developments. He worked for the West together with Alibekov or separately – it is not so important. It is important that the anti-Russian hysteria, which was picked up at some point by larger American publications, does not have any other sources.

Ethnic weapons?

There are more particular considerations. For example, about the fact that in 2017 in the UK, a strain of “live coronavirus” was patented, which was supposed to treat infectious diseases in poultry – from chickens to pheasants. There are complex arguments that the virus, up to some point, preferred to infect only people with Far Eastern genetic haplogroups, and not all, but only those who came from Qingdao. It makes no sense to name them by name, and indeed all the disputes surrounding haplogroups are pure quackery. Moreover, the Chinese are the most mixed of all modern nations on Earth, it is difficult to develop a single genetic system there.

But theoretically, the creation of “ethnic weapons” is now quite possible (the first to be developed back in the 1970s in South Africa – the “Zulu project”). Selective exposure to the synthesized virus is quite real, not even too expensive. There is an assumption that under current conditions almost any student laboratory assistant can synthesize a virus that selectively enters only certain cells. It remains only to add that it hits only party members. Although initially these studies were and are still ongoing as part of the search for a “cancer vaccine”.

In general, there are a lot of questions. Questions are real, not fantastic (although there are much more fantastic ones). The problem here is exclusively in the Chinese side, which in practice only increases all sorts of suspicions.

Most scientists at the moment unequivocally claim that it was the mutated virus that lived in bats that caused the pandemic, and Ms. Huang Yanling ate this muck. With this act, she will go down in history. But in practice, we still do not understand what they synthesized in Wuhan in 2015, on whom they tested, whether the virus mutated itself, how similar it is to a pandemic sample, and much more. And the longer we have no answers to these questions – the more conspiracy theological versions will be fruitful.


Conspiracy Theories

New World Order may be just around the corner now

Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister, called on world leaders to create a temporary form of global government to overcome the dual medical and economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Former Labor Prime Minister Gordon Brown was once at the center of international efforts to tackle the aftermath of the banking crisis in 2008. Now he states that there is a need for a working group with the participation of world leaders, health experts and heads of international organizations who will have executive powers to coordinate the response.
A virtual meeting of the G20 group of developed and developing countries, chaired by Saudi Arabia, will take place on Thursday, but Brown said that it would be preferable to include the UN Security Council.

Commenting on his statement, Brown said that the current crisis is different from the one he was involved in in 2008:

“It was an economic problem that had economic reasons and had an economic solution. And now there is a pandemic, which is, first of all, emergency medical care. And to ensure it requires joint action. But the more you intervene in emergency care, the more you put the economy at risk.”

During the financial crisis, Brown convinced other world leaders of the need to help out banks, and then held a G20 meeting in London at which he proposed a package of measures to save the global financial system. And now, despite Donald Trump’s “America First” policy, Brown is gathering international support for an emergency executive body. Brown said the global working group he proposed would fight the crisis on two fronts. A coordinated effort will be needed to find a vaccine and organize production, procurement and prevent speculation.

The target group could also coordinate the efforts of central banks, take measures to prevent record capital outflows from emerging market economies, and agree on a joint approach to using government spending to stimulate growth. Brown recalls that in 2008 there was resistance to using the G20 as a means to overcome the financial crisis, but now it should be clear to world leaders that so far there is no single approach to fighting the epidemic.

“We need some kind of working leader. If I organized everything again, I would have made the twenty wider organization, because in the current circumstances you should listen to all countries: countries that are most affected by the pandemic, countries that have the greatest economic significance, countries that have the potential for mass distribution epidemics such as Africa.”

Mr. Brown does not disclose the name of the group with great powers neither the world great supreme leader, but, obviously, everything has been decided at the top and soon, as is written in ancient books, they will give the world a single ruler with extraordinary powers. Under the guise of fighting a pandemic, they will begin to forcibly give everyone vaccinations, along with which electronic identifiers will be injected. Thus, for those who refuse to accept the mark, very, very difficult times will come. Fortunately, according to ancient prophecies, these times will not drag on for long.

According to Christian and Muslim sources, all this circus with the great supreme world leader will last three and a half years, after which both the leader and his retinue will receive a cosmic kick.

However, according to Jewish sources, the quarantine will not last three and a half years, but no more than nine months, as the Babylonian Talmud says (tract Yoma, 10, p. 1): “The son of David (Messiah) will not appear, until the Roman kingdom spreads to the whole world for nine months, as it is said: “Therefore, He will betray them before the time (until) gives birth to a woman in labor; and the rest of his brothers will return to the sons of Israel. (Ave Micah 5, 2). ” Thus, this “emergency committee”, for which Mr. Brown is campaigning, is very reminiscent of the very “new Roman kingdom”.

Therefore, the kingdom should be short-lived, many ancient sources write about this, so we follow the development of events.

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Conspiracy Theories

Nibiru appeared on Google maps. A pretext?

Starting around December 21, 2012, YouTube and similar services are the main source of news on the Nibiru topic, where citizens cover the topic in private. NASA and other illustrious space agencies have not commented on Nibiru to this day. 

However, it seems that something happened has changed recently and the topic of Nibiru began to be covered by Google: The photo caused some online excitement, since no one understands what it is. Is this a game of light or some kind of joke from Google? Or vice versa: is it not time for jokes and is Google broadcasting pn the approach of a new planet in plain text?

Many commentators of such videos now strongly believe that this is all part of an atmospheric effect, however, atmospheric effects are not covered by clouds: Meanwhile, observations of UFO’s of various shapes and designs also somehow became unusually frequent and South America illuminates by flying balls at dusk: Say, that all of the above first appeared immediately yesterday, it’s impossible – these phenomena have been observed for years. However, the quarantine blockade of the whole world is something new in the history of civilization.

Moreover, the most interesting, despite the wild disagreements between the United States and China, between Israel and Iran, between normal countries and Venezuela, the reaction to the epidemic is the same everywhere, as if everything is done according to a single command, a single scheme sent by a single boss. This fact once again suggests that the world is global and obey a single ruler. Therefore, in the light of the foregoing, we do not exclude that the owners of this world ruler have already arrived and the development of events will begin soon.

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Conspiracy Theories

The scandalous Blue Beam project. The coming of Antichrist or a Great Deception?

According to proponents of the original conspiracy theory, a vague causal power is aimed at causing great confusion among the population through some kind of mass hallucination, during which humanity will receive a “fake” message from God / gods, see an UFO invasion and witness the return of the Messiah. Just what is all this for?

 Although the Blue Beam project remains a popular conspiracy theory on the Internet, a more thorough analysis of its convergence with another work provides much food for thought …

Everyone who is interested in the UFO phenomenon must have come across what is called the Blue Beam Project. This name also often appears on the Internet on topics related to the mystery of unidentified phenomena in the air. From time to time, the dates of the “start of the project” appear.

For some, this became such a fascinating idea that every UFO sight, even the most trivial one, was attached to it. It has also tried to be explained in conjunction of events that have nothing to do with the UFO phenomenon. Often. you can meet it, for example, in combination with HAARP – a real program that tried to justify many different kinds of strange theories.

Monast and the Blue Beam Project

Serge Monast
Serge Monast

The original “Blue Beam Project” began its life in 1994, although it was difficult to find any information until 1996, when its creator, the Canadian “mystic” Serge Monast died (a whole a number of conspiracy theories). However, 1994 is important when it comes to reviewing the entire sequence of events.

Born in 1945, Monast was a Canadian journalist, poet and, above all, the creator of popular conspiracy theories with an element of Christianity in the background and the Blue Beam project in the forefront. But that is not all. He also reflected on the NWO and the Freemasons, and today’s online conspiratorial folklore seems to draw its full potential without even realizing it. Another element attributed to the Blue Beam project was the famous release of the Norwegian Spiral, which turned out to be a virtually unsuccessful launch of a projectile.

UFO writer and national security writer Richard Dolan had enough rumors about a mythical project that he even wrote a critical article in the light of rumors about recent events. Well, in October 2010, amid the enthusiasm of the American UFO society, or rather, representatives of UFOs, was the belief that on the 13th of this month there would be massive UFO sightings. The only event that attracted attention that day was the UFO report on New York, which turned out to be a balloon.

Dolan analyzed Monast’s claims in his original work:

– Firstly, a series of “artificially created earthquakes” was supposed to be created in “several precisely selected places on the planet”, which would allow revealing places where one could find evidence of “discrediting all religious doctrines”:

This is the first preparation for the plan for humanity, because what they want to do is tear down, shake the beliefs of all the Christians on the planet. And to do this they need a false test, supposedly from the past, and from that remote past that ‘will prove’ to men and women that their religions are false. ” Serge Monast – Transcription of the recording of his conference at the ‘International Free Press’ 1994

– The second test for humanity was to be the “great space show.” More specifically, it was about “three-dimensional optical holograms and sound demonstrations, projections of lasers and groups of holograms in different parts of the world, each project would be adapted to the religion that dominates in this region. This new voice of God will speak all languages. ” These events were to open to humanity the “new Christ” (or as the will of the Messiah) and become a fabricated version of his second coming:

The second step deals with the gigantic space show with three-dimensional optical holograms and sounds, laser projections of multiple holographic images in different parts of the world, each receiving different images according to the predominant national / regional religious faith. ” Serge Monast – Transcription of the recording of his conference at the ‘International Free Press’ 1994

– Thirdly, it was assumed that this would lead to “communication enhanced by the action of telepathy and electronics,” which should be a way of transmitting all “falsified” messages from God.

The kind of rays that feed on the computer memory which stores a lot of data about the human being and languages; and we said that people on Earth will be reached from inside their brain making everyone believe that their own “god” is speaking to each one from inside their own soul. ” Serge Monast – Transcript of the recording of his lecture at the International ’International Free Press’ ’1994

According to Monast, scenes from the film "Independence Day" were to be played in big cities. In the real world, it happens that science fiction, the film industry, and conspiracy theories rely on each other. In the case of the third of them, the boundary between reality and fiction is sometimes completely blurred.
According to Monast, scenes from the film “Independence Day” were to be played in big cities. In the real world, it happens that science fiction, the film industry, and conspiracy theories rely on each other. In the case of the third of them, the boundary between reality and fiction is sometimes completely blurred.

– Fourth, according to Monast, there should have been a “universal paranormal manifestation by electronic means.” These were to be three specific “scenarios,” one of which was to simulate an alien invasion. Everything was intended to replace the current world order with a new one:

  • Create a false alien invasion that would generate tension between nations.
  • Make people believe that ‘The rapture’ is imminent to take those who would be a problem for the implementation of the new government.
  • Generate through technology paranormal situations how poltergeists and phantasmagoric appearances in addition to inducing fear causing various mental problems with waves.

The objective

In this way Chaos could be unimaginable. People disappearing during “The Rapture”, while fear is growing of the possibility of a war between nations that would be increasingly tense before an imminent extraterrestrial attack and various supernatural events happening in each corner could make the population itself demand that create a government to end these situations and that would be the moment in which the New world order.

We must assume several premises to be able to enter to value the proposals of Monast, among them, that there would be a much more developed technology than we could imagine and that organizations such as NASA would work for this secret elite.

What exactly did he say?

There is a lot of information about the Blue Beam Project and the debate continues to generate abundant speculation, so much so that the data from the main source would be much smaller in comparison. The main sources would be some of his books as «The Blue Beam project of NASA” Y “The world government and the Antichrist ” available in French, the author’s native language and the transcript of a presentation that he made in 1994, from which we have cited some excerpts in this article.

Was Monast right? Is there a secret elite seeking to control the world entirely? Will they end up carrying out such a grim and disturbing plan? Would we fall into deception if it materialized? It is a surprising theory, of course, but it is necessary to know the details so that everyone can draw their own conclusions.

Richard Dolan’s perspective

Dolan abundantly draws from the writings of the creator of the Project, who caused a sensation on the Internet, and these quotes show us the emotional state of its author and his vision of events on the world stage:

“I put such a long quote so that everyone could find out about the state this person was in – it was a very “tense”state, but he lacked an understanding of science. Nowhere does Monast offer any evidence to justify his theories, not to mention the fantastic abilities that NASA or the UN attribute.

All this, it seems, also from the point of view of logistics, too broad a scale. First of all, the scenario associated with a fake alien invasion can be created using the park of the famous black triangular UFOs. But is there so much that they can cover the whole sky? On the other hand, in the case of religious vision, they are “frequent identification of unidentified causal forces used in conspiracy theories” – who is capable of flooding the world with holographic images? God or maybe Jesus, Krishna or Allah? What about sending messages based on our beliefs and nationalities directly to our brains? According to Monast, all this should have forced us to abandon our previous beliefs … “

Vacuum Scenarios

Gene Roddenberry
Gene Roddenberry

Shortly before the appearance of Serge Monast with his next theory, a book appeared about the creator of the “Star Trek” series, Gene Roddenberry. It contained information that all fans of the series probably knew well, or rather, the proposed scenario of the mid-1970s.

The author of the book, Joel Engel, writes in it:

“In May 1975, Roddenberry accepted Paramount’s offer to transfer Star Trek to the screen. His version spoke of a flying saucer that circled the earth and was programmed to send visions of people who looked like prophets, including Jesus. ”

Soon after, Monast adapted the concept to his needs. In this case, images of saints should be displayed on the satellite: “Thanks to computer animation and sounds coming from everywhere, followers of different religions will witness the return of their messiahs during a convincing presentation. Then the plan of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Krishna will unite. ”

It is difficult to say how much about the world religions Monast knew and whether he knew about the ban on the God’s and prophets images, such as in Islam or the complexity of Hinduism. What about atheists? In addition, the script is similar to the version of the Fatima event proposed by many authors, which is also sometimes interpreted in this way.

So far, we have met with two claims of Monast regarding the Blue Beam, and thus fabricated the scenarios of the invasion of aliens and prophets, both of which were based on the scenario of Star Trek. And how did people get these photos? Of course, telepathically …

Monast wrote in 1994:

“Technological progress will lead to the activation of the third part of the Blue Beam project, where, using telepathy and electronics, there will be a message addressed to each person that will effectively convince him that he is talking with God.” Roddenberry wrote of something similar in 1976: “On the planet, people will receive mental images of the return of God.”

But this is only part of the project. There is also a scenario of a “mass UFO invasion”. It is worth noting that Monast took this concept based on the Roddenberry script for Earth: Final Conflict. Blue Beam’s father writes: “First, a space show will appear. These holographic images will be used to represent this vision of the end of the world in the form that the followers of this religion represent. “One of the goals will also be to make mankind believe in the invasion of aliens in large agglomerations, which will make the nuclear powers want to counterattack.”

Monast claimed that the goal of all these planned steps was to introduce the new Messiah of Maitreya and start a new world religion that would lead to a new world order. By the way, everyone would be left alone, even the most educated. In his fictional vision, Roddenberry saw this in a more complex way. The object itself was not just a ship, it was a complex creature that lived on its own. Soon, however, it was discovered that the manifesting God is basically a pixel — the remnant of a race that has been ejected from our dimension.

Was the concept of the Blue Beam project based on the work of Roddenberry? In both cases, we are dealing with programs hosted on flying platforms that create electronic visions related to the beliefs of earthlings. The only difference is that when the creator of Star Trek discovered that their source was a faulty foreign vehicle system, Monast sees it as a real source from the American Space Agency (NASA):

“Computers will coordinate the satellites, and the software will take care of every show,” Monast said. 

Roddenberry saw this from the perspective of a much more advanced civilization. The creature, which was supposed to deceive the earthlings, acted “with a force a thousand times greater than that which the intergalactic civilization sees. It could be God; it could be Satan. “

Some themes from the Roddenberry script were used in other parts of the Star Trek series. The 1991 Devil’s Due episode echoes the younger design of the Blue Beam project, which is 3 years younger. In short, USS Enterprise-D responds to an alarm from the Ventax II science station, where chaos emerged as a result of the appearance of a creature called the devil. Interestingly, there are other topics mentioned here. We will find other aliens imitating deities in Star Trek V.

In 1994, when the concept of the Blue Beam project was born, many publications appeared on the rejected Roddenberry script. There are so many similarities not to recognize them.

Strong awakening

Given that intelligence agencies used similar theories to spread information, it can be assumed, for example, that the Blue Beam project could be another such project ‘sold’ to Monast as well as other people. Doubtful in the light of its coincidence with Roddenberry’s concepts, the fact remains that the Canadian was the author of the assumptions of the project, perhaps, with the exception of some points related to religion.

Is Richard Dolan right in saying that the Blue Beam project is not supported by any evidence. Does it make much sense? Are they proponents of a conspiracy theory in cyberspace? Maybe yes, but we just state the facts here. Our limited human perception is not allowing us to see behind the veil. Thus, we do not have the right to criticise any opinion.

Be Vigilant, Be Healthy, Be Good and…Forgive!

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