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A volcanic rock ‘n’ roll has begun and by Spring 2023, planet Earth may no longer exist

Within the first 4 days of December 2022, nine volcanoes erupted. Most likely, the number is at least three times more, since only those located near settlements, that is, before our eyes, received media coverage. 

There are also volcanoes on the ocean floor – Antarctica, Alaska, Africa, as well as Siberia, where there are also many volcanoes and hills, but there is no USGS. But even if we do not take into account what most likely worked in the possessions of Neptune and in empty territories, there are somehow suspiciously many active volcanoes. 

On December 2, 2022, the famous Japanese Sakurajima volcano began to erupt :

On December 4, the equally famous Italian Stromboli volcano exploded:

On the same day, December 4, the Semeru volcano began exploding in Indonesia:

As it was expectedPopocatepetl joined the collective dance, also on December 4:

Earlier, on December 3, Ruiz volcano, the largest volcano in the Andes, increased its activity in Colombia:

In Chile, the Villarrica volcano was awaken. The eruption began on December 1st: 

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Let’s not forget about Kilauea, where the eruption began on December 2:

There is also an eruption underway of a volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia:

On December 3, 2022 the Sakhalin Mud Volcano in Russia was also awakened:

Last but not least is the The Hawaiian volcano Mauna Loa, which began erupting on November 28 and has been active for the seventh day with the eruption force growing every day:

However, the most interesting news from Mauna Loa is a message from citing a local photographer who captured a light pillar above the volcano:

Scientists are unable to fully explain why these “gravitational lifts” shoot out of volcanoes. But even without explanations from academicians, it is obvious to everyone that the world is somehow changing, that something significant is happening to the planet, some great changes that will most likely affect even the usual laws of physics. 

However, perhaps we are talking about some kind of global process in the mantle, but we have no idea what is going on under our feet. If the volcanoes continue to turn on with the same frequency as the first four days of December, then by the beginning of January there will be about a hundred eruptions on the planet, and in April we will be informed that there will be no summer for the volcanic winter has come.

And this will be another good option, because if the volcanoes turn on all at once, the lithosphere can shatter into pieces and plunge its inhabitants into an icy vacuum. We don’t even know how the global volcanic rock ‘n’ roll will end. 

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