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A tribe in Papua New Guinea has deep space knowledge. Where did they get it from and and what does the “particle of the sky” has to do with it?

A tribe in Papua New Guinea has deep space knowledge. Where did they get it from and and what does the "particle of the sky" has to do with it? 1
Photo: Brent Stirton/Getty Images

Traveling to Africa or Oceania often brings a lot of surprises to enlightened Europeans and Americans. Such a case occurred in 1996, when the French, British and Americans visited the remote Papua New Guinea. To be able to understand the level of development of that country, we can say that even now, at least 12 tribes of cannibals live on its territory. 

At the same time, many representatives of the local population do not even know what a TV and telephone are, not to mention smartphones and other wonders of technological progress.

Inhabitants of Papua New Guinea.
Inhabitants of Papua New Guinea.

So, Europeans and Americans came to such wild people with an expedition in 1996. Communication with local residents was carried out thanks to an interpreter. The guests were honored to communicate with the elders, shamans and the leader of one of the friendly tribes.

It is striking that the elders of the tribe, referring to the Europeans, called them ordinary people. In the local dialect, this meant that they did not have “a piece of the sky.” Literally. When the question was asked, what is a “particle of the sky”, a stunning answer was received.

“Once upon a time, tens of thousands of years, our ancestors flew to Earth. You weren’t there then. More precisely, they were, but in a primitive form. We accepted them, fed them and gave them milk to drink. In return, we were given secret knowledge about traveling between worlds, about communicating with our ancestors. We were endowed with a “particle of the sky”! Together with them, our ancient ancestors learned the details of the starry sky, the basics of taming water, wind and fire. The heavenly teachers flew away on their silvery stones and never returned. My great-grandfather told my grandfather, that father, my father, I told my children that we are descendants of residents from the Cygnus constellation”.

Constellation Cygnus. How do they know about him?
Constellation Cygnus.

At this point, the researchers decided to catch up with a local sage and asked him to draw a constellation and indicate where it is located. Taking a stick, the elder drew a schematic representation without hesitation of the constellation Cygnus and pointed with his hand in the right direction of the sky. 

After that, the guests were offered to communicate with the spirits of their ancestors. During the ceremony, the shamans entered an altered state and spoke in different voices. The whole procession was accompanied by the burning of various herbs, the use of decoctions and singing. The colorful performance ended and the researchers were taken to a special hut.

There were drawings made by the children of the tribe. Surprisingly, living literally in the forest, the children accurately depicted the planets of the solar system, as well as diagrams of other constellations with the correct number of planets around the stars. The amazing accuracy with which the images were made was confirmed by astronomers only 15 years later, when modern technology made it possible to examine neighboring galaxies.

At the end of this expedition, the leader was asked:

“Why do the inhabitants of the tribe now live in such wild conditions when they cannot even afford metal products?” 

The answer was expected:

“It’s you – the savages living in stone slums, and we are part of this world, this nature!”.

What is a "piece of the sky"?
What is a “sky particle”? 

We must give credit to these words. Many researchers believe that the path of our development is harmful and erroneous. Instead of spiritual and cultural development and cohabitation with nature, we have chosen an aggressive path, which, with a high degree of probability, can lead humanity to destruction. 

Of course, it remains a mystery how and when representatives of the rather archaic tribe of Papua New Guinea gained knowledge about deep space. Perhaps this is a consequence of paleocontact. 

We can assume that the Papuans are children of nature, children of the stars, although they are cannibals, their souls are “clean”. They are not hostile to nature and others. Therefore, knowledge is transferred in this way. Modern society is aggressive, and it is not known where the knowledge gained could lead. It’s like giving a monkey a suitcase with a nuclear button.

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The development of our planet was constantly controlled by higher civilizations and in reality, there could be nothing surprising here. First of all, the development of nature on the planet was controlled. And the Indians, in the state in which they are, unlike us, representatives of the “civilized” world, are “particles of nature”.

As for the “particle of the sky”, there is an assumption that the women of the tribe had sexual intercourse with aliens and gave birth to a new kind of people. But, this is just one of the hypotheses. Maybe it’s about spiritual knowledge or something similar.


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