A spaceship of the ancient gods and a city guarded by robots. What else could be under the pyramids of Egypt? What are the Egyptian authorities so carefully concealing?

Since 2014, Egyptian authorities have banned excavations under the pyramids at Giza and the Sphinx. The fact is that previously unknown underground passages and rooms were discovered there. 

After this discovery, admission to this place was strictly prohibited and was issued only to three foreign researchers (coincidence or not, but all three entered the Institute of Egyptology in Cairo, that is, they fully support the academic version of the origin of this complex).

Dungeons have been found under the Sphinx. 

However, there are various experts who report that they were in the dungeons under the said buildings. For example, Italian journalist and amateur archaeologist Antonio Laprieno hypothesized that the sands consumed several floors of modern-day dungeons in Egypt. In fact, the Sphinx and the pyramids are only the pinnacle of creation and under them is the whole city.

There is an ancient parable of the Garamantes (people who presumably lived in Egypt before the Egyptians) about a young man who ended up in a lost city. This story takes us back to the 14th millennium BC. So, the guy found himself in a room that was illuminated by electric snakes. Sunlight did not penetrate inside, but tens and hundreds of mysterious lamps emitted it. Inside each of them was a “sun snake”. Perhaps it was they who were depicted on bas-reliefs in Ancient Egypt.

Solar robots of Ancient Egypt. 

In addition, there were real forests on the lower floors of the structures! Someone or something has created an underground oasis. Under the ground there was a lake and a river flowing into it. There was not a soul here, as if everyone had left this place quite recently. 

The young man heard a sharp grinding and saw something bright from behind. In fear, he ran into the street and told everyone that under the pyramids there is a real paradise, only a terrible monster, bright as a dozen suns, guards him.

From this story, we can conclude that the pyramids and the Sphinx were not erected by people, at least not by our civilization. It just so happened that first the inhabitants of the desert came to this territory, and then the Egyptians appropriated these cultural objects.

Crystal ship.

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The famous researcher Erich von Daniken believes that in the past there was a paleocontact between humans and aliens. Probably, on our planet, indeed, tens of thousands of years ago, there was a developed civilization. Whether humans were its representatives or not is difficult to answer, but according to the interpretation of the Swiss specialist, the pyramids and the Sphinx were erected by aliens and that bright monster is a robot that gleamed light from mysterious lamps.

If this is true, and there is a whole city under the pyramids, then where did the inhabitants go? Why are robots guarding it and were they discovered by specialists who have been excavating the lower floors for more than 7 years?

To be honest, there is a certain skepticism about the opinions of various psychics but Edgar Cayce predicted a lot of different events, so he can be trusted. He reported that under the Sphinx and the pyramids there is a network of dungeons among which is hidden a library of ancient mankind, written on sheets of gold. 

He called it the legacy of the Atlanteans and the gods in the North (some believe that we are talking about Atlantis and Hyperborea). So, it may well turn out that under tens of meters of sand there are secret knowledge and great technology of civilizations sunk into oblivion.

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What does it look like – the city of the ancient gods?

French Egyptologist Jacques Christian said that in 1971 he and his colleagues turned to a medium for help. He told about twenty-six iron guards of the dungeons of Egypt. When asked further, he exclaimed that he saw real robots made of golden iron. They are located under the Sphinx at a depth of 230 meters, on the 28th underground floor, and guard the interstellar crystal ship. 

On it, in the 70th millennium BC, the ancestors of the first caste of gods arrived on Earth, which they erected such beautiful cultural pinnacles. There, according to the medium, the bodies of the aliens lie in the sarcophagi.

Naturally, most Egyptologists, and in general, scientists are skeptics and materialists, so no one believed the words of the medium. But who knows? What if there really are robots and a spaceship of a lost civilization on our planet? Is this not so carefully concealed by the Egyptian authorities?


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