A “snake” inside the Sun – The creepy phenomenon recorded by a satellite shows a filamentous mass of plasma moving across the surface of the Sun

The European Solar Orbiter satellite that permanently observes the Sun recorded an impressive phenomenon. A creeping plasma stream arose in the active region of the Sun, where the eruption occurred.

A filamentous mass of plasma (ionized gas) moves across the surface of the Sun, resembling a snake moving at high speed through our parent star. However, the “snake” is not a huge cosmic reptile with scales, but is a short-lived physical phenomenon that may be associated with massive eruptions of the restless Sun.

This filament was created in a sunspot, a region of the Sun where there are disturbances in the magnetic field of the star and the temperature there is lower than the rest of the regions.

The so-called solar flares are created in sunspots. These are explosions of extraordinary brilliance that release enormous amounts of energy.

A “tsunami” of electrically charged particles starts from the point of the explosion and if it reaches the Earth it cannot penetrate the atmosphere but causes natural phenomena such as aurora and at the same time it can cause malfunctions in telecommunications satellites and electricity networks.

As stated in an announcement by the European Space Agency, the thread moved towards the Sun at a speed of 608 thousand km/h and immediately after that was followed by a solar flare, which makes scientists speculate that the two phenomena are connected, opening a new field of research and study in the mechanisms of our luminary.

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Recently, efforts to decipher the function of the Sun are intensifying in an attempt to begin, among other things, to predict the manifestation of the various phenomena that occur there which affect the Earth and human activity in various ways.

Solar Orbiter is, of course, a nearly perfect device, but it is not something fundamentally new like Galileo’s telescope. Galileo, when for the first time looked at the Sun with magnification, he saw sunspots there, for which he was accused of heresy and was almost executed. But the Solar Orbiter does not provide some kind of ultra High Definition analysis. Its an ordinary telescope, of which there are many pointed at the Sun. But no “solar snakes” were ever seen there. 

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This suggests that some changes are taking place on the Sun, that our luminary has become somehow completely different. Perhaps, and as many people think, we are waiting for a micronova, a small such surface explosion, which is approximately one millionth of the strength of a supernova. 

However, this force is enough to melt Jupiter and NASA does not know how the adventure for the Earth will end. Most likely, the micronova will be soon and we will see everything with our own eyes.

Are we going to be thoroughly fried or will our planet’s magnetic field be able to beat it off? But for some reason it seems that our life span is too short for such processes in the Cosmos, to see the origin and result of events such as this. 

Unless, of course, we are being deceived and the Sun and our planet are actually billions of years old. But apparently we are still very much deceived with history. The only question is how deep this trickery is, whether it affects the universe itself or just civilizations of the last 10-20 thousand years.


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