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Bizzare & Odd

A self declared fish-man implants two fins in his skull

A self declared fish-man implants two fins in his skull 1

A man identifying himself as a fish-man has two fins implanted in his skull. This is reported by LADBible.

Manel Munoz, aka Manel de Aguas, claims he does not consider himself “100 percent human.” The 24-year-old Catalan has like-minded people, with whom he created an organization to fight for the rights of persons with interspecific identity in 2017.

Muñoz also considers himself a cyborg, having implanted two silicone fins in his head, which he designed himself. The fish man claims that due to the microchip attached to the implants, he can detect atmospheric pressure, humidity levels and sense changes in air temperature. Each fin weighs 500 grams. The fins were installed in Japan.

The Catalan removes his fins while washing and before going to bed. He admits that implants often attract the glances of passers-by, but he absolutely does not care what people think of him. When the fins give him signals, he hears a “vibrating sound passing through the bones of the skull.”

The fish-man hopes that thanks to his activities, the “bubble of anthropocentrism”, in which, in his opinion, the whole world lives, will burst.

 “Today people live in a huge anthropocentric bubble, they perceive nature as a hierarchical ladder, at the top of which there is a person. I hope to overthrow these beliefs,” he explained as his mission.


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