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A reminder testament to the living and healthy: Stay humble, life is short

A reminder testament to the living and healthy: Stay humble, life is short 1

Back in 2018 and before dying at the age of 40 from stomach cancer, world-renowned designer and author Quirzaida Rodriguez wrote:

1. I had the most expensive car in the world in my garage, but now I have to move in a wheelchair.
2. My company sells all kinds of branded clothes, shoes and valuables, but now my body is wrapped in a small white apron provided by the hospital.
3. I have a lot of money in the bank, but they are of no use.
4. My house used to be a castle, but now I sleep in a hospital bed.
5. I traveled from five-star hotel to five-star hotel, but now I spend most of my time in the hospital, moving from one laboratory to another.
6. I signed autographs for hundreds of people, but this time the medical records were signed by me.
7. I had seven hairdressers who did my hair, but now I have no hair on my head.
8. I have a private jet, I can fly anywhere, but now I need two assistants to get to the hospital door.
9. Although I can afford absolutely any food, now my diet is two tablets a day and a few drops of salt water in the evening.
10. This house, this car, this plane, this furniture, this money in the bank, reputation and fame, none of this will help me, nothing will stop my pain … I realized that the main thing is health.

Life is so precious and we don’t have to wait for something bad to happen to us to realize how important it is to love ourselves. It has nothing to do with how your body looks. It’s about love that exists regardless of what others say about you. It’s about your soul, about your being.

Stay humble, life is short. Unfortunately, we realize these common truths only on the threshold of eternity. When it’s too late to change.


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