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A prophetic message from 1984 about a terrible war that will destroy the world and the pyramid built as a stern reminder

A prophetic message from 1984 about a terrible war that will destroy the world and the pyramid built as a stern reminder 1

Raymundo’s story began in 1984, when he dreamed of a tall, handsome man named Herulayka with honey-colored eyes, long white hair, dressed in a simple tunic. He said that he came from the Orion constellation, from a world called Nefilin, which is about 20 times the size of the Earth. He also said that he would soon come in person with a message. 

Raymundo at first did not believe much in the dream, until one night there was a knock on his door and the very man from the Orion appeared on the threshold. Raymundo never told anyone the details of communication with him, noting only that he was ordered to build a pyramid in order to facilitate the reception of messages from Orion and the subsequent salvation of the Earth. 

Raymundo Corona also added that Herulayka warned him that everyone would consider him a drunkard or a drug addict when he built this pyramid. But the Mexican decided to risk it and did the alien’s bidding. And he began to build it.

Building a temple in the form of a pyramid was not an easy task, especially for Raymundo, who studied only up to the sixth grade. He had to do some mathematical calculations that were far beyond his comprehension and to this day, he has no idea how he managed to do it. The farmer believes that the knowledge was embedded in his genetic system, waiting to be released.

A prophetic message from 1984 about a terrible war that will destroy the world and the pyramid built as a stern reminder 2

Since all the people around were normal people – that is, they grew agave and drove tequila from it – Raymundo was considered a local landmark, a village fool, to whom television even came in 2016:

Nevertheless, even in 2016, they laughed over Raymundo. However, when the pandemic and the war in Ukraine arrived, the jokers were no longer teasing, the hippies reached out to Mexico for enlightenment and Raymundo told them that the following had been transmitted to him from Orion:

“We want people to realize what terrible things they are doing in this place called Earth, that in fact they should take care of it, since it is only it that supports their miserable life. People should know that their planet is an exact copy of another Earth, where people went down the wrong path and began to use knowledge to create weapons. As a result, everything  got out of control and a terrible war began. All the stones, the sea and the dust heated up to a tremendous temperature. All people burned like matches, because even the mountains melted, the whole planet was covered with smoke and it was the night of death. And now you have to tell it to people.” 

Raymundo does not tell the pilgrims a lot, but according to his version of the world, the Earth is like a copy of another Earth, which humans turned into a desert. 

And then the surviving people were either settled on another planet, or locked up under a dome in a space laboratory in order to see what type of hardware dysfunction their earthly brothers had in their heads. 

And now, since Raymundo has become talkative, we seem to be approaching the final phase of the Turing test. 

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