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A Private Company Will Try To Locate and Track UFOs Off The California Coast

A Private Company Will Try To Locate and Track UFOs Off The California Coast 1

The government appears not interested in producing more details about
potential UFOs in our military airspace beyond three Navy videos.
Some UFO enthusiasts suggest that the private sector should get more
directly involved. Well, this may be happening very soon.

Kevin Day, a former sailor on the USS Princeton during the Nimitz UFO encounters, has embarked a company that plans to locate and track UFOs if they are still visiting off the California Coast. The question now is that
if this venture can attract investors.

Kevin Day believes it does, and that’s the reason he founded UAP eXpeditions.
The organization plans to install advanced equipment off the coast of California for tracking UAPs like those infamous Tic Tacs tracked by the USS Nimitz.

Day should know about this as he was stationed on the USS Princeton as an air intercept controller during the encounter. He believes those UFOs are still out there.

Day has teamed up with Dr. Kevin Knuth, an ex-NASA scientist, to find those tic tacs. While Day knows what these mysterious objects look like, Knuth knows how to capture their images in the best details as possible and share
them with the public.

The plan involves using powerful binoculars, drones, cameras in the visual to infrared wavelengths, and satellite data. Mr. Day is partnering with quantum
physicist Deep Prasad and several other big names. Prasad said that these investigations could lead to incredible technological advances if we can reverse engineer what these UFOs are capable of doing.


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