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A prediction about the end of the world was found in “The Big Bang Theory”

TV show fans spotted a hidden prophetical doomsday message in “The Big Bang Theory” comedy series.

In the days of self-isolation, millions of people over and over again began to revise their favorite old films and series – and notice what they had not paid attention to before. And in one of the most popular sitcoms in the history of television, The Big Bang Theory, attentive viewers found a gloomy prediction of a global cataclysm that would destroy the world in 2020.

Someone very meticulous decided to take a closer look at the series screensaver. There, for half a minute, an accelerated chronicle of the development of life and civilization on Earth unfolds on the screen. Below is a countdown of the passing years – and if you look at this part of the frame in slow motion, you can see that the history of mankind somehow ends in 2020, although the show began in 2007, when no one knew about its closure in 2019, and moreover about the upcoming epidemic.

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The audience is already seething in social networks: they say that the creators of The Big Bang Theory clearly knew something about our future! Does their hint mean that coronavirus will destroy the world?

It should be noted that from the very beginning of the pandemic, people around the world began to look for predictions of today’s disaster in the past, turning to some of the “legacies” of Nostradamus and Vanga, and to films and books in the “post-apocalypse” genre.


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