A pact with the devil? An ancient plan remained well hidden for centuries within the bosom of secret societies

All that we experience on a daily basis, shows how an ancient plan has remained well hidden for centuries within the bosom of secret societies. This machination intends to subjugate humanity under a single World Government and sooner or later it will unveil itself. 

After the Great Flood described by Plato and most world mythologies, a small group of elites, hidden in secret societies, preserved for centuries the antediluvian knowledge of the technologically hyper advanced Atlantean civilization, as well as its system of government. Its primary goal was its revival and a World Government modeled after the ten kingdoms of Atlantis. This was called the Grand Plan. The group that was the custodian of knowledge, called the Order of the Enlightened, or the Order of the Quest, or the Order of the Ancient Philosophers, they bound themselves by sacred vows and practiced a replica of the antediluvian rites. 

After the destruction, the Great Plan was bequeathed to the secret societies of the ancient Egyptians, which centered on the worship of Isis, Osiris and Sirius who regulated the floods of the Nile, and were well aware of the existence of America. The group existed long before the pyramid of Cheops and the Sphinx were built and uses ancient symbols found in all lodges. 

The brotherhood of scholarly sages existed in Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, India, China, as well as throughout the rest of the ancient world, forming ruling body and plans for the development of the Western Hemisphere and the creation of a New Atlantis, they took shape in Alexandria, Mecca, Delhi and Lhasa in Tibet, long before Plato’s time. 

The knowledge of America, in the West, from the ancient Egyptian mystics, was transmitted to the Greeks, the Romans, the Gnostics, the Cathars, the Kabbalists and the Templars. The true history of the world was kept in the secret schools, while the inner orders of Europe, the Near East, and Asia were in communication with the hierarchy of the most advanced Native American nations, long before the Templars and Columbus. 

The pyramid symbol in the lodges of secret societies, on the American dollar, and on many capitals, comes from the belief that in Atlantis there was a great university housed in a huge pyramid, at the top of which was an observatory for the study of the stars. The legend of Hiram Abiff, or the Widow’s son, is fundamental to Freemasonry and is related to the flood, the hidden history of mankind, and the Templars. 

The group uses numerical symbolism, numerology, “sacred geometry” (which refers to non-Euclidean geometries and of course nothing sacred), as well as various “mysteries” based on ancient magical rituals that teach members how to gain power and wealth, how to control the destinies of men and nations, and how to achieve immortality, a false promise mainly to the neophytes, in order to approach them. The group tries to convince humanity that world government is necessary for world peace, only that in reality, such a government leads to world dictatorship.

The elite of the secret societies hate Christianity which they see as a real tragedy for their plans. But they are not bothered by all the other doctrines. According to them, God has a dual nature: he is at the same time the good Lucifer, the good god of knowledge, and the evil and vicious Adonai. The good Lucifer has a hermaphrodite nature: his male part is represented by Osiris and the female by Isis. 

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They believe that once man has evolved into God, he is free to form his own morality, and in this way he is permitted to commit numerous crimes and debaucheries, since he is accountable to no higher power than himself. Sin is considered a state of mind.

This group financially supported Communism and Zionism and used them to promote their plans. They also tried to keep the Soviet Union strong, and supported Mao’s Communist China, which cost trillions of dollars and 300 million lives.

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The group not only controls world money, international events, domestic politics of most of the world’s states, but also their economic, educational and religious policies thanks to the support of all kinds of media owned by its prominent members. The team lives under the illusion that they are invincible. Although its members are rich and powerful, they make mistakes, say nonsense and betray each other. They are not invulnerable and do not control everything, as they artificially propagate. And most importantly: they are common mortals like all of us, unlike any fable they themselves leak so that the naive and the uneducated are afraid.

As William Still mentions in his important book ‘New World Order’, the recent World Order was launched with the execution of Ceausescu and the Malta Agreement of 02.12.1989.

The Malta Agreement, which abolished the Yalta Agreement, foresees the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, and subsequently, the Western Bloc and a rearrangement of the balances in Europe.

So far unfortunately we see both confirmed. Consequently, World War III is underway and we will live through very difficult days.

According to Still, the plan includes amendments to the constitutions of the countries to concentrate all powers in a single body.

This is already happening, in such a way that they are not noticed, for example, through supposedly revision committees of the Constitution to keep pace with the “needs of today” and through amendments that are secretly incorporated into the national legislation of the states in unrelated Laws. Constitutional aberrations are everywhere in our societies.

Still, claims that after amending the Constitutions of the targeted countries, the Third World War which will be triggered by a global economic crash from Tokyo, will then proceed to its full completion. So everyone should be informed, and especially the younger ones, that in the context of the rewriting of History, all the aforementioned in this research that do not agree with the dominant narrative, are either hidden from the mainstream media, or presented as “conspiracy theories”, and especially from the respective governments and instruments of the globalists.

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What no one should overlook is the bottomless hatred which all the secret societies have for the person of Christ, which they have for no other mystic or zealot (as they consider him) and for any other of the great religions.

So like all forces that operate in the dark, secret societies cannot operate in the light of public disclosure. Like mice and cockroaches which, when the light falls upon them, disappear and hide in terror, so Freemasonry and all secret organizations cannot withstand the light of truth, for there is no more powerful weapon than revelation and exposure. 


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