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A new, extremely deadly virus is spreading across the planet and there is already parallelism with Covid-like spread

A new, extremely deadly virus is spreading across the planet and there is already parallelism with Covid-like spread 1

The US Department of Health issued a warning about the Marburg virus, whose deadly presence is increasing in many countries, and recommended that the authorities increase vigilance and quarantine measures where necessary, as an epidemic has broken out in Africa and it is a particularly dangerous virus.

The World Health Organization shows concern, as there have been at least nine laboratory-confirmed cases, seven of which have resulted in death, and 20 possible cases of people dying from the Marburg virus.

Authorities in Tanzania, in East Africa, have confirmed the first case of the deadly disease in that country.

Health authorities are investigating a total of eight cases, five of whom have died, and have identified a total of 161 contacts who are being monitored.

What is Marburg virus disease?

On February 7, 2023, health authorities in Equatorial Guinea reported that several people fell ill and died from severe hemorrhagic fever. Six days later, confirmation came from a WHO reference laboratory in Senegal that the Marburg virus was the cause of these deaths.

A disease as deadly as Ebola, transmitted from person to person. On February 14, 2023, WHO convened an emergency meeting with MARVAC (Marburg virus vaccine consortium) partners to discuss candidate vaccines and therapeutics. This emergency meeting was convened to discuss the proposed research priorities for the newly identified outbreak.

The Marburg virus shares a dubious reputation with the Sars-Cov-2 virus, which caused the Covid “pandemic”: together with Zika, Mers or Lassa fever, both are on the list of pathogens that, according to the WHO, must urgently to be investigated more thoroughly because they have the potential to cause a “pandemic”. 

Since 2007, there have been eight cases of Marburg virus in Ghana, Guinea, Uganda, the USA and the Netherlands, with the infected people in the latter two countries being travelers returning from Uganda. All cases were quickly contained. The last major outbreak was in Angola in 2004-2005, where 227 people died.

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Marburg virus disease is caused by the Marburg virus, which is in the same family of viruses as the Ebola virus. Like Ebola, Marburg virus causes a severe hemorrhagic fever that affects multiple organ systems and can include profuse bleeding and affects both humans and primates. 

The viral infection is a zoonosis, meaning that the origin of the disease is transmission from animals to humans. In previous outbreaks, fruit bats have been identified as hosts of Marburg virus, from which the virus is then transmitted to humans.

What are the symptoms and what makes this disease so dangerous?

Marburg virus disease is extremely fatal and is highly contagious when you come into direct contact with an infected person.

In previous outbreaks, case fatality rates ranged from 24% to 88%, with an average case fatality rate of approximately 50%. This means that about half of the people who contract the disease will die from it.

Symptoms often start suddenly, with infected patients experiencing high fever, headache, muscle aches and malaise. It is also common for them to have abdominal pain and cramps and severe watery diarrhea.

This disease, like Ebola, is a hemorrhagic fever in which infected individuals bleed from multiple orifices. Externally, patients may bleed from the nose, gums, and eyes, while internal bleeding manifests as blood in vomit, urine, and stool. Severe blood loss can cause shock and death.

The incubation period – the period from infection to the onset of symptoms – is two days to three weeks. Most symptoms begin within a week, while death occurs eight to nine days after the first symptoms.

Pandemic forever

The private World Health Organization (with Germany being the world’s largest funder for 3 years ) at its meeting reported on the “efforts” of the MARVAC consortium (Marburg Virus Vaccine Consortium) to develop a new vaccine that would “save” the planet again. According to a PubMed Central publication :

MARVAC is a WHO-coordinated consortium to promote international cooperation in the development of vaccines against Marburg. The consortium builds on the previous success of the WHO working groups on preclinical COVID-19 models and trials that accelerated the development of COVID-19 vaccines by rapidly sharing scientific findings and protocols. This consortium includes stakeholders from industry, non-profit organizations, government and academia in order to maximize its effectiveness. It is based on the following principles:(1) sharing tests and reagents, (2) promoting access to laboratory networks in MVD-endemic countries, and (3) promoting structural support for the preclinical development of upcoming vaccines and therapeutic candidates for MVD.

According to the WHO presentation, the candidate products that provide protection against the virus are the following:

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A new, extremely deadly virus is spreading across the planet and there is already parallelism with Covid-like spread 2

But let’s see in detail, exactly who these companies are.

– Sabin Vaccine Institute, an NGO based in Washington, USA. The institute collaborates with, among others, the Rockefeller Foundation, the WHO, Stanford University, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI (which also belongs to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). This institute, in collaboration with the US military research program on HIV, carries out clinical research.

A new, extremely deadly virus is spreading across the planet and there is already parallelism with Covid-like spread 3

– IAVI , a non-profit scientific research organization based in New York, was founded in 1994 by the Rockefeller foundation. It is financed, among others, by the European Union, the World Bank, the US Department of Defense, the Welcome Trust of the World Economic Forum and, of course, by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

A new, extremely deadly virus is spreading across the planet and there is already parallelism with Covid-like spread 4

– PHV (Public Health Vaccines, LLC), headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a privately held biotechnology company that develops products for the prevention and control of emerging infectious diseases. The list of partners also includes CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations), a non-governmental organization whose purpose is to collect “donations” from “philanthropists” and states. 

Some of the donors are Goldman Sachs, Nestle, the World Economic Forum (through the Welcome Trust), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

-Auro/Emergent ( Auro Vaccines), was created by the multinational Aurobindo Pharma, which had its original headquarters in the city of Hyderabad, India. The company is a “significant strategic partner” of AstraZeneca and Pfizer. Among other things he has been accused of a concerted scheme to artificially keep prices high for a generic antibiotic and a diabetes drug.

-the now well-known Janssen (Janssen-Cilag), which is a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. The company was formed in the early 1990s from the merger of Janssen Pharmaceutica and Cilag. As its anti-Covid-19 product failed miserably, causing hundreds (perhaps thousands) of deaths and serious side effects that led several states to ban it, the company is considering trying its luck with another virus. The company also conducts clinical trials in collaboration with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), which in turn collaborates with the German Charite of our well-known Dr. Drosten.

Of course, as the amounts that will be “invested” again before the new “pandemic” will be astronomical again, there are many more companies that have already started the procedures and lobbying to get a piece of the public money pie. According to the VaxBeforeTravel website, Blue Water Vaccines, along with AbVacc, is also conducting clinical trials of a Marburg vaccine.

Tragic irony: BioNTech also makes its BNT162b2 product in Marburg, Germany, the same town where it all started 50 years ago.

A new, extremely deadly virus is spreading across the planet and there is already parallelism with Covid-like spread 5

Pandemic forever. Besides, it’s a lot of money. Again, it’s good that there are “philanthropists” to “save” us.


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