A new Eucharistic miracle in Mexico? Vatican sent a commission to investigate

A video showing an amazing phenomenon is circulating on social networks: it seems that the consecrated Host, exposed for adoration, beats like a human heart, pulsating with light.

The video was recorded on July 23 at the parish of Our Lady of the Rosary in the city of Sapotlanejo, near Guadalajara, in the Mexican state of Jalisco, the Catholic News Agency reports. The Eucharistic adoration was led by the Argentine priest Father Carlos Span, the founder and rector of the Consecrated Family of the Immaculate Heart and Divine Mercy, who currently serves in Mexico.

“We exhibited the Holy Gifts,” said the priest. – I said my prayers, and when I got up to go to the sacristy, it started happening. Some people looked at it and couldn’t believe what they were seeing. We have at least two videos.”

As the reporters managed to find out, the flickering was observed by many people who immediately began to grab their phones and record everything in awe. The light changed approximately with the rhythm of the human heart. Now the Vatican detectives are running around the witnesses and writing testimonies on dictaphones in order to make their own verdict, so to speak. 

These recordings, Father Carlos explained, were made by people who quickly took out their mobile phones and recorded what they saw. They almost immediately handed over the notes they had made to him, as the priest had asked them to “so they wouldn’t change them or anything.”

“So I can confirm that they are authentic,” he said.

The Archdiocese of Guadalajara has not yet issued a statement regarding this phenomenon. Father Carlos’ “personal interpretation” is that it is “the Heart of Christ that beats with love for people.” “This Heart is so outraged, rejected, despised, that sometimes we do not treat it as it should: with more attention, faith and devotion,” he said. “I can’t officially say that it’s a miracle, because I don’t have permission.”

“We did not consult with the archdiocese, because I was here just passing through; now I am serving in another diocese,” he said, adding that the local priest would be able to find people to testify in writing about what they saw, and then this documentation could be sent to the appropriate people.

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Father Carlos also said that a few hours before the event, he blessed the photo of Blessed Carlo Akutis, who popularized Eucharistic miracles through the Internet. According to him, the photo was behind the glass, but that night the photo began to emit mist.

“I’m just talking about it without making any judgment about it,” he said.

After the video went viral on social media, Blessed Carlo’s mother, Antonia, called the priest. They discussed the event, but so far they cannot officially call it a miracle, because there is no corresponding decision of the Church about it.

The first thing everyone talks about is a sign for the Catholic Church, a sign most likely not favorable. Something is going to happen in the world that will affect Catholics more than anyone else. 

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The second most common opinion is the approach of the End of the World, during which miracles are promised to people at every corner, from the resurrection of the dead to walking on air.

Most likely, both opinions are correct, therefore over time, miracles will not be the same, many people will witness all this. But far from everyone will live to see this – and this is also said in the Apocalypse. By all indications, Revelation is already unfolding at full speed.  

“We only claim that this is an extraordinary event that has no explanation from the point of view of our limited natural science. We did not find any explanation,” Father Carlos concluded.


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