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A new documentary attempts to reveal the “Big Reset” secrets – The fake news, the shock doctrine and the media role

A new documentary attempts to reveal the "Big Reset" secrets - The fake news, the shock doctrine and the media role 1

The documentary “The Big Reset” features economists and geopolitical experts trying to show “what lies behind the Big Reset, the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) proposal to rebuild the world and the economy after COVID-19”

Today, VERDI cinemas in Madrid will host the premiere of The Big Reset, an audio visual production through the crowdfunding system with the help of – a non-profit collaborative project that disseminates independent, conflict-free and interest-free research – an initiative that its creators called “The censored documentary about the truth of the pandemic”.

Directed by W (nickname director whose identity is unknown), his goal is, according to his website, “to help us regain control of our lives and all the rights that have been violated. 

“And the only way to achieve that is to help the public understand what is really going on.”

Covering aspects such as the “shock doctrine”, the “media” or “fake news”, the documentary features economists and geopolitical experts trying to show “what lies behind the Big Reset,” the World Economic Commission’s proposal (WEF) for the reconstruction of the world and the economy after COVID-19″, in which the current pandemic is presented as an “accelerating factor”.

A new documentary attempts to reveal the "Big Reset" secrets - The fake news, the shock doctrine and the media role 2

In this sense, viewers going to the cinema will be able to find out who controls the data controls or “data verifiers”, who, according to the documentary’s authors, are the ones who are in the judges’ position to evaluate what “is true and what a lie about what is being published on the internet and leading us to ideological totalitarianism in the so-called age of free information.”

Another aspect covered in The Big Reset is the transition of the world to the sixth technological example. As its creators explain on the official website of the documentary, “The current world war in the form of a ‘pandemic’ is not so timely, there is a real problem: coronavirus is just one catalyst, the so-called posthumanism. The union of man and machine through technological processes such as robotics and artificial intelligence”.

During the audiovisual advertising campaign, which launched this week on the Internet, its creators did not hesitate to refer to the “New Normality” as “an abnormal and undemocratic state of controlled freedom”, always under the pretext of “a supposed pandemic disease “which is destroying the planet”, which, in his opinion, has corrupted “even the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

Among the protagonists of The Big Reset are:

Alexandra Henrion Caude, a geneticist and one of the most recognized RNA specialists in the world. 

Alexandre Juving-Brunet, former Captain of the St. Gallen Military School, St. Cyr and former officer of the French military intelligence service DRSD (Directorate of Defense Intelligence and Security). 

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Carlos M. Vara del Rey, active pilot colonel in aviation and professor at the General Aviation Academy (1996-99) and at the Higher Center for National Defense Studies (2011-2016 and 2019-2022). 

Christian Perrone, French physician, university professor and senior official in the Ministry of Health for 15 years. 

Cristina Martín Jiménez, PhD in Communication Sciences, Bilderberg Club expert and author of “The Truth About the Pandemic” and “World War III Is Already Here.” 

And Pierre Barnérias, journalist, director and creator of Hold-up, one of the first pandemic documentaries to be released around the world.


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