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Planet Earth

A mysterious small solid ball of iron: Scientists have discovered what is in the very center of the Earth

A mysterious small solid ball of iron: Scientists have discovered what is in the very center of the Earth 1

A very big discovery was made by scientists regarding the inner core of the earth which, based on the latest data, turns out to be an iron ball.

In particular, seismologists from the Australian National University believe that this new core occurred after a “major global event from the past”.

Through their studies of specific earthquakes and the monitoring of “seismic waves that reverberate across the planet”, Thanh-Son Phạm and Hrvoje Tkalčić found a solid metallic core, which led them to identify new details that had not been observed before.

So not only were they able to confirm the existence of a solid metallic core, also known as an “inner core” or IMIC, but they were also able to make another discovery completely by accident.

The scientific duo now estimate that the inner metallic core is about 800 miles in diameter, which is almost one percent of Earth’s volume.

It is now clear that at an early stage of geological history some global event occurred that led to a significant restructuring of the crystalline structure of the core. And this may have played an important role in the appearance of a magnetic field near the Earth, without which the development of complex life forms would have been impossible.

This news comes in line with a report by the British BBC last summer in which it was revealed that using seismological centers in Antarctica, scientists found surprisingly huge “mountains” at the boundary between the core and the mantle, about 1,800 miles deep (about 2,900 kilometers).

It was a very big discovery, creating reasonable questions as to whether some beliefs about the Hollow Earth have some truth since after all inside the planet and near the core there are mountains three times the height of Everest!

The problem for there to be mountains inside the earth is that this interior must be hollow. If it was solid and made up of a single material there simply wouldn’t be mountains.

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A mysterious small solid ball of iron: Scientists have discovered what is in the very center of the Earth 2

Since then, similar mountains have been found hiding in scattered locations throughout the core. Some are especially large: One monster specimen occupies a 910-kilometer (565-mile) “patch” beneath Hawaii.

However, to this day, no one knows how they were created there, or what they are made of.

Will someone say what condition these mountains are in? So close to the core? No one is claiming that they are inhabitable and with snow, just that they exist means that we have so far not properly described to ourselves, as to what is inside the Earth.

Called ultra-low-velocity zones (ULVZs), these giant subterranean mountain ranges managed to elude scientists for years until earthquakes and atomic explosions produced enough seismic data for them to be detected, the BBC reported.

To give you an idea of ​​how big these mountains are, Mount Everest is about 5.5 miles (8.8 kilometers) from the surface, while the underground mountains are said to be over 24 miles (38 kilometers) high.

Besides the mountains, water was also discovered!

All this in combination with the knowledge that the core is essentially a small solid iron sphere shows that after all we knew nothing all these years about the interior of the earth and probably the Ancients knew much more.


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