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A mysterious object is approaching the Earth from space, which astronomers consider a “rocket”

A mysterious object is approaching the Earth from space, which astronomers consider a "rocket" 1

Astronomers are bewildered by the object, due to enter Earth’s orbit in November, and it doesn’t look like an asteroid.

Astronomers attributed the object to the category of “mini-moons”: Mini-moons are a unique cosmic phenomenon that usually occurs when an asteroid is captured by the gravitational pull of the Earth and temporarily rotates around the planet.

According to the director of NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Objects Research, this “mini-moon”, which they named asteroid 2020 SO, could be a lost launch vehicle from the 1960s.

Thus, NASA is seriously telling the version that this launch vehicle, launched in the 60s, traveled in space all these years, only to reappear near the Earth after more than 50 years. 

Moreover, as usual, NASA does not consider it necessary to explain what kind of rocket that flew into space in the 60s, where it flew all this time and how, years later, it flies back to Earth to become its “mini-moon”!

As a result, at the moment, if we discard all these absurdities that NASA writes, we have a mysterious object that flies to our planet from space to stop in its orbit, and this object is not an asteroid.


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