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A mysterious dark body devouring torpedoes: the submarine turned out to be a UFO

A mysterious dark body devouring torpedoes: the submarine turned out to be a UFO 1

The American military spoke about a mysterious UFO-like dark body that devoured torpedoes and drones in the ocean and even nearly “devoured” himself alive. The 2004 story has surfaced again quite recently.

The retired commander of the US Navy, David Fravor, told about the encounter with a huge dark oval-shaped object with a length of 12 meters. He met a UFO 130 kilometers off the coast of San Diego while patrolling the area in a Super Hornet fighter jet. 

The military described what he saw from the cockpit of a UFO. The object swiftly covered a distance of 40 miles and was ready to “devour him alive.” This was reported in 2017 by the  New York Times.

Recently, David Fravor gave  an interview to podcaster Joe Rogan, in which he said that he had heard another story about a mysterious dark body. He heard it from a helicopter pilot who served in the Navy in the 1990s. Once he flew over the territory in search of drones and torpedoes left in the water. Then he saw a strange object, but this time it was in the ocean.

Later, a diver, who worked in conjunction with him, said that the mysterious object literally “sucked a torpedo into itself.” At the same time, he explained that it was definitely not a submarine, the outlines of which “cannot be confused with anything.”



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