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A mineral of extraterrestrial origin, which may be a fragment of the planet

A mineral of extraterrestrial origin, which may be a fragment of the planet 5

In 1951, in the Sydney suburb called Wedderburn, a 210-gram piece of meteorite was found that stood out from other similar finds.

A mineral of extraterrestrial origin, which may be a fragment of the planet 6

For a long time scientists tried to unravel its secrets and probably one of them still became less.

In August of this year, the first study of a team of mineralogis from the California Institute of Technology led by Chi Ma was published, who announced that they had found in a meteorite a rare form of iron-carbide mineral.

This mineral, called “Edscottite” (in honor of the cosmochemist Edward Scott, who was able to synthesize it artificially) does not occur in the nature of our planet and is of extraterrestrial origin.

After this discovery, scientists began to study any meteorites that could be found in museums in Australia. In 3 incomplete months they managed to explore more than 60% of all cosmic stones put on public display. However, none of them managed to find Edscottite.

Since the mineral does not occur in the earthly nature, but has a natural origin, a fair question arises: Where did Edscottite come from?

Is it part of a flying saucer or a trace left by a highly developed civilization that has flown to build Egyptian pyramids and scatter artifacts for connoisseurs of alternative history?

“We managed to discover about 600,000 minerals and only 1% of them were made by nature itself. The discovered Edscottite is the brainchild of nature itself and requires exotic conditions to emerge”said geologist Stuart Mills.

The exotic conditions for the appearance of Edscottite is a very hot and isolated envoronment, saturated with metals under gigantic pressure.

A mineral of extraterrestrial origin, which may be a fragment of the planet 7

The core of a planet, not ours, but some unknown and already non-existent, is suitable for the role of this creation.

Once upon a time, this hypothetical planet, which created Edscottite in its bowels, was destroyed by unknown forces and its fragments set off to travel through space and time.

After millions, maybe billions of years of travel, one of these pieces reached the solar system, crashed to Earth in Australia and was found by curious scientists.

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Seriously, a fragment of another planet was found on our planet, and isn’t that damn cool?


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