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A member of a secret society revealed the truth about the Bohemian Grove, slavery and the Universal mind

A member of a secret society revealed the truth about the Bohemian Grove, slavery and the Universal mind 1

On the rocky bank of the Russian River, virgin forests spread over an area of ​​about 11 sq. km. For more than 120 years, members of the extremely closed and elite Bohemian Club, founded in 1872, have been gathering under the crowns of ancient, gigantic, 1500 years old sequoias.

A member of a secret society revealed the truth about the Bohemian Grove, slavery and the Universal mind

Who are the main visitors to the Bohemian Grove, which is located in the forests of Monte Rio, California? The so-called world elite. A distinctive feature of the gathering is that only men are invited there. 

The first meeting was held in July 1899. In 2000, Harper’s magazine published a transcript of one of the conversations of the 37th President of the United States, Richard Nixon, with his aides. The politician said:

“Bohemian Grove – I go there from time to time – it’s just a fucking collection of f*****. You have no idea – it’s full of these guys from San Francisco! You won’t give a hand to anyone there: you’re afraid to get dirty,” the magazine quoted the ex-president as saying.

Not so long ago, more shocking details became known about the party of the “chosen ones”. According to survivors, children and women were taken there, drugged and abused, after which some were either sacrificed or killed. Many were afraid to report to the police because of the risk of death. Some people were just drugged and didn’t remember anything after the incident. But still there were daredevils. Among them are Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips, who managed to survive after the “party” and uncover the truth about the essence of the powers that be. Later, about 80 more witnesses were found in the Bohemian Grove case. The police launched an investigation, which they soon stopped for well-known reasons.

The emblem of the club is an owl – a symbol that personifies the Canaanite cult of Moloch (Baal), an idol that devours babies. A 12-meter monument is installed in this mysterious place for sacrifice. It is in it that people are burned in the name of the devil.

“The Bohemian Grove is for those who have entered the New World Order. The highest representatives of the mafia and the American government gather here … A large amount of drugs are used here … Program-controlled slaves of the Monarch project are delivered there for the main purpose – to satisfy all perversions,” Katie said.

She added that she once witnessed a conversation between the powers that be. People were talking about the New World Order.

“They believe that controlling the masses through manipulation of propaganda alone does not guarantee the state of the world they want due to environmental issues and overpopulation. The solution that the discussion boiled down to was not pollution/birth control, but mass genocide of the “selected undesirables”.

You can, of course, call this woman crazy, but how can you call all the other victims who managed to survive as such, because they told the same thing. 

The Bohemian Grove case was not given a go, and this is understandable. But the world has learned who is in control of planet earth and what is really going on behind the scenes.

But is it really the world elite? On one of the forums, a member of a secret society under the nickname Insider, told the whole truth about these people. According to this person, everyone who visits the Bohemian Grove has nothing to do with the secret elite. These are the same puppets, like all other people, just endowed with a little more power.

Asked by a user whether you visit the Bohemian Grove and participate in sacrifices to Moloch and ritual satanic orgies, the Insider replied that “this and other similar places are for politicians and media people, they are obliged.”

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“Sometimes someone from the Blood Elite may be present, but will not participate in these acts that are not our rituals,” the guest said.

According to the member of the secret elite, members of society manipulate this world no more than is allowed by Divine Law.

“We give you the tools, and it’s up to you to decide how to use them. Tools can be used for evil, but no one forces you to use them like that … you choose. Therefore, to despise those who provided you with a tool that you willfully use to “sin” is like masking your own footprint,” he said.

The insider added that each person gets what he deserves.

“This is how the universe works. We do our duty, and so do you.”

In his dialogue with users, he said that people are full of hatred, anger and this makes them unhappy.

“If you could free yourself from swearing, hatred, fanaticism and prejudice (based on the amazing wisdom of your gurus), you would see a little more, rising from the level of the ignorant,” he said.

This can be achieved with the help of visualization, which works for everyone, but people use it in different ways: someone for their own good, and someone vice versa for evil. According to Insider, most people have neither the discipline nor the forbearance to achieve the required standard of living. To do this, you need to live by strict rules, applying them to everything you do in life, even in small things.

“Some here claim that they are capable of this, but I know for sure, without even having an idea of ​​their life, that they are much further from this than they think,” he wrote.

He emphasized that “visualization” works because it is an essential way to create in this material universe.

The Universe is a living entity that uses its Mind to create, and creatures created from it can have the same power in their measure. However, people have made themselves slaves.

The insider recalled an old saying that goes:

The ideal slave is the one who says, “I am not a slave.” It’s like an alcoholic who says that he is not an alcoholic, and that’s the only reason he will forever remain an alcoholic.

He warned that people should be careful in what they say and what they write, because all this has a direct impact on them and their consciousness. Do you also think so or your thoughts do not affect your life?

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