A giant spiral appeared in the sky over Fiji islands

On December 9, 2009, the so-called Norwegian Spiral Anomaly occurred in Norway. It was a luminous  elongated blue spiral cloud with a white rotating spiral at the end. The spiral then expanded until it turned into a huge halo in the sky with a blue-green ray in the center. 

The phenomenon lasted from 6:45 am to 7:00 am GMT. As the Norwegian media suggested, it turned out to be the trail of a missile that was unsuccessfully launched from the Russian side. 

“Several witnesses in Yati, La Tontuta and Vanuatu have seen this strange phenomenon. However, we have no explanation yet. Based on our initial study, the only similar but even more impressive event was the Norwegian spiral anomaly of 2009,” said the Association Calédonienne dʼAstro. (ACA).

The Norwegian spiral anomaly could be observed throughout the northern part of the country for about 10 minutes. For many, it was perceived as something alien.

Experts from the Norwegian Space Center initially suggested that the launch may have been carried out from the Plesetsk base, located in the Arkhangelsk region in northwestern Russia.

In fact, a spiral in the sky was drawn by an intercontinental ballistic missile, whose 12th test launch was again unsuccessful. According to the Russian defense department, the first two stages of the rocket worked in the normal mode, however, at the third stage of the flight, the power plant of the next stage malfunctioned, and the missile deviated from the set course.

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And now, on June 18, 2021, in Fiji, “it happened again”:

There is a VIDEO of the incident, but the author has set restrictions on the video, you can only watch it on YouTube.

At the moment, the news is fresh and the officials did not comment in any way. It will be quite difficult to do this, since Australia does not have ballistic missiles in service, and the closest area for combat patrolling of nuclear submarines is Hawaii is 5,000 kilometers away from Fiji.

In addition, the US military does not like surprises with missile launches and they report everything in advance, but there have been no announcements of an operation to Fiji and Trident II tests. Nevertheless, it is not clear what was flying there. 

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It is possible that everything is the same as with Norway – the opening of some kind of portal or something like that. It is possible that these are Blue Beam tests. That is, 11 years after the events in Norway, everything has remained a mystery.  


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