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A funeral agency for sex dolls has opened by a Pornstar monk

A funeral agency for sex dolls has opened by a Pornstar monk 1

A funeral agency for sex dolls has opened in the Japanese city of Higashiosaka. It is reported by the Daily Mirror.

Superstitious Japanese people believe that any doll has a soul, so they can not be thrown away. Some Shinto shrines hold farewell ceremonies for dolls, but often only traditional Japanese dolls, such as hina-nenges, with which the Hinamatsuri girls celebrate March, are taken. The ‘Human Love Doll Company’ has offered a similar service for owners of sex dolls.

A funeral agency for sex dolls has opened by a Pornstar monk 2

Rei Kato, a porn star, is involved in the funeral, which, according to the company’s website, is also a Buddhist monk. For 50 thousand yen (about 450 dollars) for a sex doll, they will arrange a personal farewell and funeral ceremony, and the owner will receive a funeral certificate and a memorable photo or video. If you refuse the certificate and allow it to be buried at the same time as sex dolls of other owners, you can save 20 thousand yen (about 200 dollars).

For a personal presence at the funeral, you will have to pay 90 thousand yen (800 dollars). In this case, the doll will be solemnly dismantled in front of the owner’s eyes, and during the ceremony his farewell letter will be read. In addition, he will be able to take away for memory one of the doll’s details.

After the funeral, unnecessary sex dolls are sent to a waste recycling plant. In addition to sex dolls, the Human Love Doll Company is ready to bury soft toys, as well as ordinary and articulated dolls (for example, action figures). The cost of this service can be found on request.

In 2018, it was reported that the owner of one of the first British sex doll rental services was going to produce dolls for widowers reminiscent of their dead wives. She claims that she will provide dolls “not so much for sexual satisfaction, but for psychological comfort.”


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