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A dystopian future approaching? Mayo Clinic: “We will collect everyone’s medical records by 2029”

A dystopian future approaching? Mayo Clinic: "We will collect everyone's medical records by 2029" 1

Speaking at the World Health Summit on Monday, October 17, 2022, Molly Biwer, head of commercial strategies and spokesperson for the academic medical center Mayo Clinic, developed the long-term goal they have set to predict and treat diseases before they occur!

Mayo Clinic wants to achieve this by “aggregating the medical records of every person on the planet” which in essence means a near “complete file” of all people and their every activity.

At the infamous Global Health Summit, Mayo Clinic spokeswoman Molly Biwer said:

“What we’re hoping to do is gather the medical records of everybody in the world, so we can start to predict before diseases and conditions even happen.”

Note that Mayo Clinic has a ten-year strategic partnership with Google to store and protect medical data with artificial intelligence and cloud services.

Three years after entering into a ten-year strategic partnership with Google, the Mayo Clinic hopes to “bring together the medical records of everyone on the planet.”

It must be said that when someone has access to any person’s health records, they essentially have complete control over that person.

And then all this data could be included in a digital identity, which will be implanted and can be connected to artificial intelligence.

“New and improved” healthcare world order

A few days ago, Sandra Gallina, the European Commission’s Director-General for Health and Food Safety on the so-called pandemic’s legally binding agreement, appears to be confirming fears as she announced a “New, improved, Sanitary Order with an effective and accountable World Health Organization at its core.”

In general, there is a structured an attempt to remove the powers from the governments and introduce WHO’s possible actions to voluntarily impose an emergency status of funds on the countries that would sign the binding agreement at any time.

Among other things, Gallina stated:

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“We urgently need to shape a new, New, improved, Health Order with an effective and accountable World Health Organization at its core.

We must build a lasting link between global health and financing efforts and fill the gaps in global governance. Germany’s lively leadership and Indonesia’s dynamism have demonstrated the importance of the G7 and G20 in this effort.

We must support the future pandemic agreement This is a collective responsibility. We need to achieve a quantum leap in our preparedness to respond to health threats.”

At the same time, a new, more deadly strain of COVID may be under development, with the risk that this too might escape from laboratory.


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