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A constantly developing army of nanorobotic agents will soon change our modern civilization beyond recognition

A constantly developing army of nanorobotic agents will soon change our modern civilization beyond recognition 1

Energy, magnetism and the power of crystals, more than 6500 patents that were hidden from the public, would change our modern civilization beyond recognition.

A constantly developing army of nanorobotic agents will soon change our modern civilization beyond recognition 2

Now it is very important to direct all the free energy of the people, humanity to the destruction of the global matrix. Also, it is important to direct energy towards the creation of what our world and our life will be like in a purified world.

How far aspiring “wizards”/scientists/eugenicists-transhumanists will go if genetically modified organisms, nanorobots and magnetic field can be coupled, no one can now say for certain.

In 2016, researchers developed a protein dubbed Magneto. It is able to activate nerve cells in the presence of a magnetic field. It was injected into certain neurons in the so-called reward circuit in mice. After that, they expressed/showed a clear preference for the place where the strong magnetic field prevailed. 

Thus, the researchers twice demonstrated the role played by these neurons and the possibility of their activation directly, instantaneously and at a distance by applying a magnetic field to them.


Genetically Targeted Magnetic Control of the Nervous System

Various studies have been carried out regarding Magneto-protein

Like this, for example:

Magnetoaerotactic bacteria deliver drug-containing nanoliposomes to hypoxic areas of tumors “

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The article reports the results of studies conducted on mice that were successfully injected with nanorobot agents into colorectal tumors.

“This army of nanorobotic agents actually consisted of more than 100 million flagellated bacteria – that is, self-propelled – and loaded to the brim with drugs, which moved along the most direct path between the point of injection of the drug and the area of ​​the body to be treated,” explains Professor Sylvain Martel, MD, Canadian Research Department of Medical Nanorobotics and Director of the Nanorobotics Laboratory at the Polytechnic Institute of Montreal, who leads the research team, “The driving force of the drug was sufficient to effectively travel the path and penetrate deep into the tumors.”.

To move around, the bacteria used by Prof. Martel’s team rely on two natural systems. A kind of compass, created by synthesizing a chain of magnetic nanoparticles, allows them to move in the direction of the magnetic field, while an oxygen concentration sensor allows them to reach and stay in active areas of the tumor. Using both of these transport systems and exposing the bacteria to a computer-controlled magnetic field, the researchers demonstrated that these bacteria can perfectly mimic future artificial nanorobots designed for such missions.

“This pioneering use of nanotransporters will not only lead to better engineering concepts and new interventional methods, but will also open up vast possibilities for the synthesis of new means of drug delivery, imaging and diagnostics,” continues the professor, “Chemotherapy, so toxic to the entire human body as a whole, could use these natural nanorobots to deliver drugs directly to the target area, which would eliminate unpleasant side effects while increasing therapeutic efficacy.”

In this regard, we recall nanorobots crawling through our veins, independently finding the disease and signaling about it to a remote AI, which issues instructions to the individual on what to do next, changing his “mark of the beast” (qr-code) in accordance with the issued instruction. 

After the initial excitement caused by these close to digital slavery revelations, a large sum of this information has been carefully hid from the public eye.


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