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A clinically dead woman talks about the afterlife

A clinically dead woman talks about the afterlife 1

A woman who wished to remain anonymous spoke about the sensations during a clinical death after a car accident. This is reported by the Express edition.

A woman named Faith had an accident in Iraq. After the victim woke up in the hospital a few days later, she said that during clinical death she experienced an incomprehensible feeling.

Faits stated that she saw her lifeless body and the wreckage of a car, after which she went, as she believes, to heaven. She wrote about her feelings to the Afterlife Research Foundation:

“I looked at everything from above. I saw my body covered in blood and people who tried to remove it from the car.”

“Everything I write about cannot be described in words. I was surrounded by a bright light. It was such a calm, warm feeling that people living on earth simply cannot imagine. It was as beautiful as the colors of the rainbow, but much brighter. I was surrounded by a landscape of green hills, ”Faits said. She noted that she heard calm music that was not like anything she had heard before.

Some researchers believe that such visions are a scientifically explainable phenomenon that is not evidence of an afterlife. Dr. Sam Parnia of Langon School of Medicine in New York, USA, explained:

“People describe the feeling of a bright, warm, welcoming light that draws them towards them. They describe the feeling of meeting deceased relatives. They often say that they did not want to go back, this light attracts them like a magnet.”

According to Parnia, many describe the feeling as if they are separating from their bodies and watching the doctors and nurses working on their bodies from the outside. According to the scientist, there is a scientific explanation for this reaction: the brain scans itself as a survival technique.

Neuroscientist Christof Koch, president and chief scientist of the Allen Brain Research Institute, also tends to attribute posthumous experiences to natural brain mechanisms rather than supernatural causes. “Death occurs as a result of irreversible loss of brain function. When the brain lacks blood supply (ischemia) and oxygen (anoxia), the patient faints and his or her electroencephalogram becomes flat, ”Koch said.


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