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A city built by the moon inhabitants? NASA will send a rover to the “alien base” in the very center of the moon

A city built by the moon inhabitants? NASA will send a rover to the "alien base" in the very center of the moon 1
Photo: NASA

NASA has dramatically changed plans for its lunar program by deciding to send a rover to the very center of the Earth’s satellite – the mysterious “city of Gruithuisen.” This unusual place has long attracted researchers. According to some of them, there are structures clearly of artificial origin built by the moon inhabitants.

The “City of Gruithuisen” was named after the German scientist Franz von Gruithuisen. In 1822, using a small telescope from Earth, he discovered a real city in the very center of the moon. The lines went to each other at an acute angle and converged to the citadel. Now any amateur astronomer can see the city with a good telescope in a certain amount of sunlight.

Since the 19th century, scholars have been arguing about the origin of the “City of Gruithuisen”. The discoverer himself believed that this was the creation of intelligent beings. And in 1874, the amateur astronomer Casimir Marie Gaudibert made a sensational statement. According to him, the city changes over time – some of the boulders collapsed and new ones appeared.

Modern scientists say that the “alien base” on the moon is just a figment of the human imagination and was created by nature. Its area is 70 by 90 kilometers, and the height of some shafts reaches hundreds of meters. However, cosmologists still do not know how it was formed. Supporters of extraterrestrial civilizations claim that once the whole city was covered with a dome, traces of which can be seen now. Everything was under the dome: water, air, but who built it remains a mystery.

Recently, NASA and the Pentagon acknowledged the existence of UFOs. Apparently, they both decided to look into the mystery of the “city of Gruithuisen” and planning to send a rover designed to work on Mars to it. The agency admitted that for the natural creation of such a “city” formation, water is needed, which as it seems, never existed on the Moon.

“We have a lunar secret in our hands! The domes of Gruithuisen are a geological mystery. To truly understand these mysterious features, we need to visit the domes, examine them from the ground, and analyze rock samples,” said NASA spokeswoman Caroline Capone.

Another oddity of NASA’s surprise lunar mission lies in the plans for biological research. That is, scientists for many years believed that there had never been life on the Moon, then why look for its traces on the Earth’s satellite?

A city built by the moon inhabitants? NASA will send a rover to the "alien base" in the very center of the moon 2

By the way, enthusiasts and some scientists put forward the theory that inside the Moon there are so-called magma tubes, inside which air could remain, and hence a chance for life to appear. In general, we will be able to unravel the mystery of the city of Gruithuisen in two years.  


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