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Naval Aviator Who First Broke Tic Tac UFO Story Shares Details from Classified Report

Well before the New York Times covered the sighting of Tic Tac UFOs by Navy pilots off the US Nimitz, Paco Chierici wrote an article detailing a first-hand account shared with him by his friend and former squadron mate, David Fravor. Fravor, who was the squadron commander of the F-18s which encountered the UFOs, first told Chierici the story over drinks at a bar soon after the incident. Chierici was able to obtain a classified report about the incident and he shares the conclusions of the report and provides his opinion regarding Mike Turber’s claims that they are secret U.S. Air Force craft.

He wrote the first story about the incident: “ There I Was: The X-Files Edition”.

Chierici recounts the above experience in a December 9 interview with Jim Breslo on ‘Hidden Truth ”. The full YouTube video appears above.


Conspiracy Theories

Five Secret Conspiracy Documentary Films

We have collected five documentaries about secret conspiracies, which in the 21st century find sources for the most unthinkable conjectures and theories. Enjoy watching!

Behind the Curve, 2018. Daniel J. Clark.

The concept according to which the Earth is a flat disk existed among many peoples: Scandinavians, Egyptians, Greeks, Indians and so on. In this case, all of them are united by the word “ancient”. The fact is that the more people looked at the stars and around, the faster they realized that it was wrong to imagine the visible world as a huge flat island.

Thanks to such researchers, the vast majority now roughly imagine the structure of the solar system. However, for some time now in the United States a group of adults has formed, to varying degrees, successful people who selflessly believe that the Earth is not a ball, but a disk rushing in space (this creates gravity) with an ice wall around it (Antarctica) and with the Moon and the Sun rotating above it.

And NASA, the pilots of the planes, the governments, according to their beliefs, are participating in a global conspiracy whose goal is to hide the truth from the majority. And in this regard, the Daniel J. Clark documentary is good at several levels: firstly, it satisfies curiosity about one of the strangest conspiracy theological groups on our planet, and secondly, it treats the representatives of this group very delicately and respectfully, in Thirdly, it gives reason to think about why in the 21st century people voluntarily marginalize themselves for the sake of faith in the impossible.

Unacknowledged, 2017. Michael Mazzola

The film Unacknowledged reveals a less improbable and more familiar topic – UFO. Built on the principle of “talking heads plus a historical chronicle”, Mike Mazzola’s painting covers the entire XX century: from supposedly the first observations of unidentified flying objects to supposedly attempts by shadow organizations to hide their existence. The main speaker and apologist for UFOs in the film is Stephen Greer, a man who built a successful career as a doctor of medicine, who left the profession in 1998 and devoted himself to collecting evidence of human contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations. At the same time, he is confident in the existence of secret, government forces engaged in the study of alien technologies and severely punishing those who decide to intervene in their work.

Greer appears here as a knight who knows the truth, and his speeches, documents at his disposal, skillfully mounted frames by Mazzola with famous characters from the American politicum, which can be hidden, make you think. Indeed, to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, given the size of the observable Universe, is easy, and the fact that representatives of these civilizations have visited our planet is even more difficult, but quite possible. The only piece of the puzzle that is missing is confidence in the authenticity of those Greer documents. The rest of the film Unacknowledged is an example of a convincing movie on a very unconvincing topic.

A Gray State, 2017. Eric Nelson

In 2005, Werner Herzog released an amazing documentary about a man trying to make friends with a grizzly bear. One of its producers was Eric Nelson. In 2017, the great director decided to return the favor and became the producer this time of the directing project of Nelson himself. The movie turned out even more amazing. The film tells the story of a guy named David Crowley – a handsome man from a simple American family, a veteran of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Just between Iraq and Afghanistan, Crowley thought about the state of affairs in his country and became a fighter against the so-called Gray State (the hidden government that governs everything and everyone).

A little earlier than Afghanistan, he met a girl named Komel, married her, a couple was born to a daughter. A little later, Afghanistan, Crowley decided to shoot a fantastic action movie, in which he would reveal the themes of human struggle against the system. In the midst of David’s film work, Komel and their daughter were found dead in their own home. Only the dog survived, having spent several days with the corpses of its owners. The case of the Crowley family was immediately woven into the consiprological web by fans of conspiracy theories.

Nelson is not in a hurry and reveals the secrets of this story gradually, leading the viewer through one nook and cranny of Crowley’s personality, then another, not forgetting to reveal the character of the main person in his life – Komel. And it is worth recognizing that some twists and turns of this carefully documented plot are many times worse than fiction. Moreover, the fiction is not in the style of the film Enemy of the State, but in the style of the film Paranormal.

Cowspiracy, 2014. Kip Andersen, Keegan-kun.

The movie of Kip Andersen and Keegan Kun is the example when they wanted the best, but it turned out badly. Their picture is devoted to the disclosure of the extent of the impact primarily of livestock and, in the last, the agricultural sector on the ecology of our planet. The data presented in it are unpleasantly surprising, some “talking heads” are credible, and indeed the problem is really serious: the number of inhabitants of the Earth is growing, consumption does not think to decrease, a huge amount of forests are cut down for pasture for cattle breeding. It is worth adding a bunch of unpleasant aspects related to this breeding.

Nevertheless, the peremptory tone of both the authors themselves and many speakers, the turbidity of some of the information that they postulate as a fact, reduces the efforts of their film to zero. It is necessary to consume less, industrial animal husbandry must be better and tougher to control, but people who eat meat are not enemies of the planet and its ecosystems. This point is important to understand, and the authors of the film Skotozagovor clearly forgot about it, thereby turning their picture from enlightenment to conspiracy.

The Great Hack, 2019. Jehen Nujheim, Karim Amer.

The Great Hack film is also devoted to a topic that concerns everyone, but its authors treat it completely differently: Jehen Neuheim and Karim Amer talk sequentially and voluminously about a company called Cambridge Analytica and its key influence on the US presidential election, voting on Britain’s exit from the European Union and a number of other popular wills in not so influential countries. The pivot of this story is American professor David Carroll, who, having learned that Cambridge Analytica has at least 5,000 data points for every American voter, has decided to request information about himself.

Information from this company was provided by technology giants, whose names are known to everyone: Facebook, Google and others like them. It was used by Cambridge Analytica employees to bombard the social networks of undecided voters with false information and thus manipulate their choice. An example of a lost moral compass in this completely immoral story is a girl named Brittany Kaiser, a former employee and even one of the board members of Cambridge Analytica, who decided to break up with her colleagues and tell the whole truth about their activities.

Finally, the former CEO of Cambridge Analytica British businessman Alexander Knicks looks like the devil in the flesh in the film. He refused to give interviews to the authors of the tape, but there were enough archival materials of varying severity at their disposal. And it’s not that all the elections before Brexit and Trump’s inauguration were transparent and democratic. Of course not. But the film Great Hack shows how easy it was to break into the system and, without leaving the office, manipulate and lie to determine the course of development of an entire nation. Do not forget that Cambridge Analytica is just the tip of the iceberg. An occasion to talk about the beginning of digital wars.

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Conspiracy Theories

For the first time, official TV seriously spoke about the plan of Bill Gates to destroy part of humanity

The authors of the program “Man and the Law,” which aired on the Russian Channel One, devoted a 16-minute story entitled “The Trojan Horse of the World Pandemic,” dedicated to the role of Microsoft founder Bill Gates in spreading the coronavirus worldwide. The creators of the program retold the prevalent online unconfirmed conspiracy theories, which say that Gates wants to destroy part of humanity. The fragment is published on the website of the First channel.

The presenter explained that he was ready to seriously talk about conspiracy theory, since this is “terribly stunning news”. The plot began with a story about Event 201, a training exercise that examined the impact of a pandemic on the world’s population and the global economy. They were held by Johns Hopkins University on October 18, 2019 with the participation of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum. In a commentary on the program, blogger Vlad Kopylkov noted that Event 201 is “one-on-one of what is happening today” due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Throughout the story, a program correspondent regularly spoke out in support of those who supported conspiracy theories regarding Gates. In particular, she spoke about Gates’s measures to vaccinate residents of African and Asian countries against various diseases and the subsequent side effects, including deaths.

 “Here you have the good Dr. Death Bill Gates. It turns out that the billionaire sponsors WHO (World Health Organization) in order to reduce the population of the planet, ”said the voiceover.

The plot also featured a speech by the founder of Microsoft in 2010, in which he points out that the development of vaccination, the health system and maternity centers will reduce population growth by 10-15 percent. “Both that, and another smacks of, roughly speaking, genocide”, – the correspondent counted. She also noted that the “Gates advocates” launched a media campaign, insisting that “he was misunderstood.”

In the end of the video, viewers are invited to dream up about the world with the vaccines that Gates is investing in and give their opinion about the “digital slavery” that the entrepreneur allegedly wants. If we develop the theory further, says the correspondent of the Russian TV channel”, then the next step of the “shadow government” is to chip humanity. Chipping, according to the author of the plot, will allow you to disconnect objectionable people from the system and leave them without a livelihood. Among the supporters of this theory there are famous people, the correspondent continues. An example is the post of former tennis player Marat Safin .

In conclusion, the journalist explained that the role of Gates is only “one of the versions”, and the conspiracy theory can be “specially promoted by someone”.

The theory of the role of Gates is popular from the very beginning of the spread of the new virus. For the first time, the Chinese authorities began to report the disease, cases were recorded in Wuhan. Soon the disease spread throughout the territory of the PRC, and then in other countries of the world. However, conspiracy theories appear that the coronavirus is somehow connected with the creator of Microsoft Corporation. According to one of them, coronavirus was allegedly patented by the Pirbright Institute, which is partially funded by the Gates Foundation.

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Conspiracy Theories

Starlink satellite “Tholian web” – Pentagon’s Earth enslavement project?

Starlink (SpaceX) is a project of a near-Earth satellite system developed and implemented by SpaceX, with the goal of creating a cheap and high-performance satellite Internet communication channel and technical transmitters for receiving and transmitting signals from the earth and orbit. A good goal, but is it really so?

Is it really that simple and altruistic? Now the mass of satellites, which have already been put into low orbit, is flying over our heads, including if astronomers swear that these echelons of satellites prevent them from photographing the stars, then the rest of the townsfolk are only touched by looking at these luminous trains of these satellites flying in the night sky.

This satellite network, which has just begun to entangle our planet, is the very “Trojan Horse” with which the Pentagon plans to roll the whole world under its complete domination.

It is difficult to frighten any of the strongest opponents with nuclear weapons – you can get change in the same nuclear. Aircraft carriers can only be scared that there are whales in the ocean, and formidable shouts no longer affect even North Korea or Iran.

What to do? Create a total control system and a combat network of thousands of satellites that will monitor each step of opponents and ordinary citizens, the movement of enemy troops, etc. etc. These satellites can also be weapons. yes – weapons. Ordinary bombs flying in low orbit.

If an opponent like North Korea has a nuclear bomb, then it can counter the sudden drop of 50 satellite bombs, which in minutes will destroy all important defense sites, including launching sites for launching missiles.

And this applies not only to North Korea, but to any country in general. Any country that dared not bend under the Pentagon hegemonic boot.

The Elon Mask StarLink satellite network is nothing but one of the new tools of the Pentagon, thanks to which they hope to gain the possibility of global dominance on our planet Earth.
To date, SpaceX has launched 360 Starlink satellites, with more than 12,000 planned to launch.

A number of users have even managed to take the moment of intersection of two groups of satellites in converging orbits. What happens at this moment? The satellites are not just flying past each other, they are testing a laser communication system. Satellites of the two groups “communicate” with each other.

Laser beams are not visible to the human eye because their wavelengths are not in the spectrum of visible light. Digital cameras can capture a wider range of wavelengths, so it can be seen in video or photographs to see these laser beams.

This whole situation is reminiscent of one episode from the Star Trek science fiction film, The Tholian Web. But what’s really happening now is not a movie at all, but the result may be similar to a plot from science fiction – the Pentagon will entangle the Earth with its satellite network, which will enslave humanity once and for all.

Star Trek: The Tholian Webs (Pt. 2 of 2) | Lieutenant Eric Cone's ...

The main purpose of the StarLink satellite constellation is not the distribution of free Internet in an attraction of unprecedented generosity, but the creation of a global network of combat control and intelligence. 

According to published data from the Pentagon’s Space Program Development Agency, by the end of 2022, the U.S. Army wants to have a new constellation of satellite devices in low Earth orbit. The purpose of this satellite constellation is to monitor the launches of air and space objects, target designation and search for ground targets, remote sensing of the earth in various ranges.

Using these tools, the SDA plans to create a large number of satellite devices that will be used for the direct transmission of data to military personnel. 

According to plans, by 2024 it is planned to deploy a sufficient number of satellites for a global solution to reconnaissance and combat missions.

The Elon Mask project is in fact a Pentagon project and when 12,000 satellites “for free distribution of the Internet to African countries” will be deployed in low orbit, the Pentagon will have thousands of devices that will be combined into several layers of the matrix satellite structure.

Eight levels of the space matrix constellation of satellites:

– space transport layer – a global mesh network that provides round-the-clock data transmission and communication;
– tracking level – provides tracking, target designation and advanced warning about missile threats;
– custody level – provides all-weather custody of all identified time-critical goals;
– containment level – provides situational observation, detection and tracking of objects in space to help the spacecraft system to avoid collisions;
– navigation level – provides alternative data for positioning, navigation and synchronization in the event that data from GPS satellites is blocked or inaccessible;
– battle management level – control and communication teams are supplemented by artificial intelligence, which provides independent statement of tasks, independent determination of priorities on the processing and distribution board;
– support level – ground command and control facilities and user terminals, as well as quick response services;
– activation of the space transport level, consisting of a mesh network for communication and data transmission in low Earth orbit.

But these are only stated goals and objectives, and what is hidden in the secret part of this project? After all, any of the 12,000 satellites can be a nuclear bomb, which can be dropped from a low orbit to the right places by command, because do not forget that all these satellites are controlled and are in low orbit.

Is it a coincidence that the Pentagon’s space program development plans coincide so much with Elon Musk’s plans to create StarLink low-orbit satellite constellation?

Interestingly, after highlighting its plans, the Space Development Agency (SDA) realized its mistake and allegedly abandoned plans to create a new set of tracking satellites designed to deter opponents in space.

They acted smarter and did not make noise, used a dummy who supposedly with good intentions launched hundreds of satellites into orbit.

The Pentagon has already begun through Elon Mask to deploy its first global intelligence system in the form of the StarLink satellite constellation. According to plans, the test of this system should be completed in September 2020.

Agree, this is an ideal cover. 12,000 satellites launched by a private company at their own private means, ostensibly in order to shed heaven on mankind in the form of cheap, and for many of the poorest countries, free Internet.

That’s just when everything is finished, instead of the manna of the heavenly Internet, a completely different substance can spill that will turn humanity into prisoners on a planet called Earth. 

Star Trek: The Tholian Webs (Pt. 2 of 2) | Lieutenant Eric Cone's ...

The prisoners on the Pentagon’s Tholian Web …

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