6 months, 6 weeks and 6 days after Elizabeth’s burial, Charles was crowned. Then the ‘Grim Reaper’ marched into the Abbey’s sanctuary

Considering that Elizabeth’s burial took place on September 19, 2022, one can calculate by looking at a calendar that Charles’ coronation, which took place yesterday, 5/6/2023, actually took place 6 months, 6 weeks and 6 days later. There was also a shadowy character no one expected to see at Westminster Abbey today.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla were crowned at Westminster Abbey, marking the symbolic start of a new royal era in Britain and an extraordinary moment for a man who has spent more than seven decades waiting. 

And some claimed they heard the choir singing “vagina” as the King and Queen entered the Abbey. The coronation of King Charles III also had uninvited guests, an ominous ghost reportedly appeared in Westminster Abbey. One Twitter user posted a video and wrote: “Anyone else just spot the Grim Reaper in Westminster Abbey?”

A Black Ceremony?

Below is the video circulating on the internet from the coronation of Charles, in which a strangely dressed figure is seen passing in the scenery background.

Is it a product of video editing or a real human figure? Opinions on social media are divided.

There are opinions that the black death figure with a black cape and a staff who marched into the Abbey sanctuary during the ceremony was a scene part of a ritual which include the use of black robes similar to those worn by the mysterious figure, and others agreed that she must be a witch.

Ahead of the coronation ceremony, a body of witches and pagans had announced they would accompany the festivities with a ritual of their own, in which they would cast spells for good weather and health for the new monarch during the coronation, The Sun reported.

Another angle led to discussions about the connections of the new king with the Free Masons.

Some remembered the prophecy of Nostradamus, who predicted that the reign of Charles III would not be long. One of his quatrains says: “The reign of the king will be short and a man will ascend the throne who never expected to become king.” 

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Others believe that they show us the beginning of the Second Pandemic and another crime against humanity after covid-19 with the injections of innocence or the harvest of the plebs. The End could be now and no one has yet realized the greatest crime of the black man’s murderous powers.

Death is often imagined as a personified force. In some mythologies, a character known as the Grim Reaper causes the death of the victim by coming to collect that person’s soul.

Whatever they say it seems like they have set the scene so that the message is clear.

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Another coincidence, the World Health Organization (WHO), on the eve of the coronation, declared that the coronavirus is no longer a “global health emergency”!

The Crown Jewels, worn by King Charles III, are estimated to be worth $2 billion and contain the world’s largest clear diamond. Known as “The Great Star of Africa”, the diamond was mined in South Africa in 1905. The ruler of this world….

What is The Grim Reaper?

For thousands of years, various cultures have had figures representing death. One of the most common and enduring of these is the Grim Reaper—usually a skeletal figure, often cloaked in a dark hooded robe and carrying a scythe to “harvest” human souls. But how and when did this image become associated with death?

The Grim Reaper appears to have appeared in Europe during the 14th century. It was during this time that Europe faced the world’s worst pandemic at the time, the Black Death, believed to be the result of the plague. It is estimated that around a third of Europe’s total population was lost as a result of the pandemic, with some areas of the continent suffering far greater losses than others. 

The initial outbreak of the plague occurred during 1347-51, and outbreaks subsequently recurred several more times after that. So clearly death was something the surviving Europeans had in mind, and it’s not surprising that they invented an image to represent it.

But why the skeletal figure? Why the sickle? Why the robe? Skeletons symbolize death, representing the human body after it has decomposed. The robe is believed to be reminiscent of the vestments worn by religious figures of the time when they performed burial services. 

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The scythe is an apt image from agricultural practices of the time: reapers used scythes to reap or gather crops ready to be taken from the earth and, well, that’s what happens when people die: a harvest from the earth.

The Green Man

These wild claims continue discussions of paganism and occult symbolism surrounding the long-awaited coronation of Charles III.

One of the main points of contention was the official invitation to the coronation ceremony, which included a depiction of the “Green Man” at the bottom of the card.

The Green Man is an Old English motif that appears on medieval church ceilings or is often carved into garden pavers, but is also thought to have pagan overtones.

British MP Zac Goldsmith responded to claims of pagan connections by stating:

“It is a symbol, among other things, of our relationship with the natural world (or in Christian terms, God’s creation). This is beautiful.”


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