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4-year-old’s NDE is turned in to hit movie

4-year-old's NDE is turned in to hit movie 1

Colton Burpo described a visit to heaven during a vivid near-death experience following a burst appendix.

After he had woken up from surgery, the then four-year-old told his father, a preacher, that he had visited heaven and described in remarkable detail how he had met up with the Virgin Mary, John the Baptist and even Jesus, who he described as having “a bright smile”.

What set his story apart from those of most near-death experiencers however was the discovery that he seemed to have gained knowledge of people and events that he couldn’t possibly have known about. In one incident he was able to recognize a photograph of his great-grandfather who he had never met and even talked about meeting with his sister who had died before being born, despite his family never telling him about her.

So inspiring was his tale that it was turned in to a movie called “Heaven Is for Real” that went on to be a major success, earning $22.5 million within the first three days of opening in the US.

Now aged fourteen, Colton still remembers his experience and maintains that every word of it is true. “It’s not fiction at all,” he said. “This is real and I want people to know that and be given hope.”

Source: Vancouver Sun


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