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2023 could be the year of Great Wonders. May the Force be with us

2023 could be the year of Great Wonders. May the Force be with us 1

The New Year 2023 is here – the fourth strange year of the gloomy cycle that began in January 2020. First a pandemic, then a pandemic treatment, then a war, and then a possible continuation which seems completely incomprehensible. As a result, all forecasts for 2023 are not very optimistic for everyone.

The first thing the world is likely to face in 2023 is a pandemic repeat. A new strain has already been found in the United States, which they called XBB.1.5, now up to 40% of cases of covid are associated with it. Whether the strain came with the Chinese migrating to the continent, or is it some kind of local infection is not yet clear, but most likely this is only the beginning of new and wonderful discoveries by the CDC. It is unlikely, of course, that a wave of quarantines will sweep the world in January, but by spring this scenario may well become reality. 

Also, in the spring or at the end of winter, everyone expects a second offensive of the Russian army, while gradually escalating the conflict to their southern borders, threatening Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and even the very distant Israel. Thus, information was received that the deal with Iran on fighter jets is almost completed: 

This means that Iranian missiles will most likely fly across Ukraine, even though with suspended nuclear weapons, because either Iran has a nuclear bomb or is about to showcase it, although no missile delivery technology is expected. 

As a result, Israel could launch a pre-emptive strike, and there is great doubt that it will be conventional. Thus, there could be a final attempt to set fire to the Middle East, the consequences of which can be completely unpredictable – the United States, China, and many other countries will be drawn into the war. 

Since so far no preventive actions are visible either from the Pentagon, or NATO, or even the UN, there will most likely be a war in the Middle East, which will immediately stop the entire world economy because there will be no fuel to transport goods. And if North Korea’s Kim Jong-un joins the global fire starters or China makes any military move towards Taiwan, then Asian markets will also collapse.

Whether the global puppeteers will be able to avoid all this, or whether everything goes according to their plan, we do not know, but from the horrors of the last times predicted by numerous prophets, there has not yet been a famine. Therefore, in 2023, food shortages will definitely flare up with a brutal punch. The reason for this may be a second pandemic round, another climate change, there may even be a global war or three in one at once – in any case, the prophecy of famine must be realized and the prospects for 2023 in terms of food look rather despairing.

2023 could be the year of Great Wonders. May the Force be with us 2

However, the same prophecies, the same various mystical and numerological signs indicate that civilization has come to the end of some large and global cycle that has stretched for millennia.

This is also evidenced by the experience of observations, in particular, such expressions as “darkness thickens before dawn.” Moreover, we constantly witness prodigal signs appearing now in nature and the world which also speak somehow in the same vein.

Therefore, looking at all the above, we think and hope that the dark time appearing like a thief in the night back in January 2020 will last no more than three and a half years, and all the bad things that we have encountered during this time will end as suddenly as they began, that is, somewhere in the middle of 2023.

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Whether the show stopper would be some kind of cosmic event or earthly – we do not know, so we simply congratulate our readers on the upcoming New Year and wish them to see all the good wonders of 2023 with their own eyes. 

May the Force be with us. The power of purity, goodness, that Light up the Dark.


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