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2021-The year that societies stopped believing in science

2021-The year that societies stopped believing in science 1
Alfred Kubin. Into the unknown. 1900

There has been an unfortunate shift in Western educational practices in recent decades away from what we usually call “critical thinking”. In fact, critical thinking was once a fundamental element of American colleges and now it seems as if the concept no longer exists – at least not in the way it did. Instead, another type of learning has emerged that promotes “correct thinking” – a form of catechism that encourages and rewards a particular student response that is in line with ideology rather than necessarily reality.

It is not that schools directly impose a collectivist or corporatist ideology (sometimes they do), it is more that they filter out different views as well as facts and facts that they do not like, until all that remains is a single path and a single conclusion for each given problem. They teach students how not to think by presenting thought experiments and then checking acceptable results.

2021-The year that societies stopped believing in science 2

For example, a common and manipulative thinking experiment used in schools is to ask students to write an “analysis” of why people do not trust science or scientists today. The trick is that the question is always presented with a built-in conclusion – That scientists should trust and that some people refuse to listen to them, so let’s find out why these people are so stupid.

We have seen this experiment many times, it is always presented in the same way. Not once has a university professor or public school teacher asked students, “Should we trust scientists today?”

Not even once.

This is not an analysis, this is a controlled case. If you already have a conclusion in your mind before embarking on a thought experiment, then of course you will try to adjust the result of the experiment to suit your prejudices. Schools today present this nonsense as a form of thought game, when in fact it is propaganda. Students are taught to think “inside the box, not outside the box”. This is not science, it is anti-science.

Educational programming like this is now a key element, while real science has taken second place. Millions of children leave public schools and universities without understanding the real scientific method or science in general. Ask them what the Equations for Density or Acceleration are and they will have no idea what you are talking about. Ask them about vaccination or “climate change”, and they will pick up a litany of pre-programmed answers as to why science can in no way be challenged.

In the alternative media, we often refer to it as “trapped in the Matrix”, and it is difficult to think of a better analogy. People have been rewarded for so long for accepting the dominant narrative and blindly rejecting any other information, that when reality is presented to them they either laugh arrogantly at it or wrap themselves in terror. The Matrix is ​​much more comfortable and safe, and see all the good grades you get when you say the right things and avoid difficult questions and agree with the teacher.

Given the deplorable state of science in the West these days around the coronavirus reaction, as well as the irrational and unscientific push for forced vaccinations, it would be interesting to try this “thought exercise”, but from a point of view that is never allowed. in today’s schools:

Why do people no longer trust science and scientists?

This is simple: Because many scientists have been caught lying and falsifying their data to fit the conclusions they want rather than the actual data. Science is often politicized to serve an agenda. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is a proven fact.

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This does not mean that we should not trust all the sciences.

The point is that no science should be blindly accepted without an independent examination of all available facts. This is, after all, the meaning of science.

Yes, there are stupid conspiracy theories out there when it comes to scientific analysis, but there are several scams in the world of science as well.

The usual false claim is that the average person is ignorant and does not have the ability to comprehend scientific data. Interestingly, this is the general message of the science fiction experiment. It fits perfectly with the dominant and governmental narrative that their scientists, the scientists who pay and the companies that pay, are right and should not be questioned. They are the high priests of the modern age, who delve into great magic that we ignorant people can not understand. It is not our job to challenge “science”, it is our job just to embrace it as a religion and bow down reverently.

Most people have the ability to dust off scientific data as long as it is transparent. When facts are hidden or distorted or omitted, it is confusing, and of course only the scientists of the establishment can unravel the chaos, because they are the ones who created it. Let’s look at some examples that are directly related to human health.

Genetically Modified Organisms and the Corporate Money Train

The propaganda around Genetically Modified Organisms is relentless and pervasive, with the general direction being that they are completely safe and that anyone who says otherwise is crazy. And of course, there are hundreds if not thousands of studies that easily confirm this conclusion. So, the case is closed, right?

Not exactly. This is where critical thinking comes in handy and the reality escapes the catechumens – Who paid for these studies and is it in their interest to censor the negative data on GMOs?

Well, in the vast majority of cases, studies on GMOs are funded by two sources: GMO industry giants such as Monsanto, Dupont and Syngenta, or government agencies such as the FDA and EPA. Very few studies are truly independent, and that is the problem. Both the government and companies such as Monsanto have an interest in preventing the release of any critical studies on GMOs.

Monsanto has been caught in many cases hiding the dangerous health effects of its products, from Agent Orange to the growth hormone RGBH used in cows. She has been arrested for compiling illegal files on her critics. The industry has often been caught paying academics and scientists to conduct studies on GMOs in a positive light and even attacking other scientists involved in experiments that are critical of GMOs. Research shows that at least half of all GMO studies are funded by the GMO industry, while the majority of the other half are funded by governments.

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We would love to know for sure if GMOs are harmful to the human body in the long run, and there is certainly scientific evidence to suggest that this may be the case. There have been many cases in which certain GM foods have been withdrawn from the market in foreign countries due to potentially harmful side effects. Endogenous plant toxins with modified metabolites are a concern, along with “embedded protective plants” (plants designed to produce toxins that act as pesticides).

There are facts that tell us to be cautious, but nothing convincing. Why; Because billions of dollars are invested by companies in research designed to “disprove” any notion of side effects. If the same amount of funding had been invested in independent studies without prejudice, then we might have heard a different story about the risks of GMOs. All the money is for rejecting the risks of GMOs – there is almost no money for their honest study.

Science seems to be set towards a specific result or narrative, and that is a lie. Science is supposed to remain as objective as possible, but how can it be objective when paid for by people with an agenda? The temptation to sell out is extreme.

Covid vaccines and the death of science

We cite the example of GMOs because we think it is representative of how science can be tested to produce only one message to the exclusion of any other analysis. We do not really know for sure how dangerous GMOs are, because most of the data is dictated by the people who profit from them and their friends in government. Lack of knowledge is supported as proof of security – But this is not scientific. Science and medicine would require us to be careful until we know for sure.

The same dynamic exists in the world of vaccines. The major pharmaceutical companies have a legitimate interest in ensuring that NO negative information is circulated about mRNA vaccines, as there is a perpetual stream of money to be earned as long as the vaccine remains FDA approved for emergency use. It may be important to note that the FDA has said it will take at least 55 years to release all the data it has on Pfizer covid vaccines, which again suggests that there is a beneficial collusion between the government and the corporate giants.

Meanwhile, anyone who questions the effectiveness or safety of vaccines is immediately attacked in the media, most of which are paid for by advertising dollars from major pharmaceutical companies. These attacks are not limited to alternative media – the establishment has also attacked any scientist or doctor who has questions about the safety of vaccines.

There are clear and openly accepted ideological agendas around the science of vaccines, which have nothing to do with public health safety and have to do exclusively with political control. When you have the head of the World Economic Forum applauding the pandemic as a perfect “opportunity” to promote global socialist centralism and to eradicate the last remnants of free markets and individual liberty, any reasonable person should ask whether also set up to support special interests.

Fortunately, the issue of coronavirus is so massive that it is impossible to control every study. Instead, the establishment ignores studies and data that it does not like.

The virus is being touted as a threat to the majority of the public and as a reason for 100% vaccination rates, with violence if needed. However, the average mortality rate of covid virus infection is only 0.27%. This means that on average 99.7% of the population at all times have nothing to fear from the virus. This is confirmed by dozens of independent medical studies, but when was the last time you heard this number discussed by leading government scientists such as Anthony Fauci?

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We have never heard them talk about it. But how is it scientific to ignore data simply because it does not fit your political goals? Again, intentional omission of data is a form of fraud.

What about the multiple studies that show that natural immunity is far superior to protection against mRNA vaccines? What about the fact that the countries with the highest vaccination rates also have the highest infection rates and their hospitalizations have actually increased? What about the fact that states and countries with the most severe lockdowns also have the highest rates of infections? What about the fact that the average vaccine is tested for 10-15 years before being approved for human use, while the covid mRNA vaccines were put into production within a few months? That is, there is no long-term data to prove the safety of the covid vaccine.

These are easily observable scientific facts, but we never hear them from corporate scientists or government scientists like Fauci. Instead, Fauci argues that criticizing his policies is an attack on him and that an attack on him is the same as an “attack on science.” In other words, Fauci believes this is science.

And does not this show how much science has fallen in the new millennium? Real scientists like Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, call Fauci a scam, but they are ignored, while Fauci is worshiped. We can not even refer to the “science” of climate change here, we have to write a whole separate article about the mistakes made by academics dealing with global warming.

The absence of critical thinking in science today is reminiscent of the Catholic Church under Pope Innocent III, when ecclesiastical authorities forbade ordinary people from possessing or reading a Bible in their own language. These laws remained in force until the 13th and 14th centuries. Instead, farmers had to go to church and have their texts read to them by specific clergy. Often Bible readings were made in Latin (Bibles were only allowed to be written in Latin), which most people did not know, and were interpreted as the Church wished.

Only the invention of printing in the 15th century changed the dynamics of power and allowed the wide distribution of books and the dissemination of information without the supervision of the church. As the creation of the internet allows the public to access “mountains” of scientific data and methodologies in their hands. The free flow of information is a curse according to the norm – they claim that only they have the right to process information for public consumption.

The status quo requires excessive data control and the complete restriction of external interpretations. As information becomes openly available, the public is then able to learn the whole truth, not just the established narratives of the establishment.

Science is rapidly becoming a political religion, not a bulwark of critical thinking. Conflicting data is ignored as “unscientific” or even censored as “dangerous”. Studies paid for by the government and companies are treated as sacred. Is it any wonder that so many people no longer trust science?

Any sensible person would have questions and suspicions. Those who do not, have been catechized in a sect to which they do not even know they are a part.

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