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2013 WAKE UP CHALLENGE! Stop The Madness & DO something!

2013 WAKE UP CHALLENGE! Stop The Madness & DO something! 1

*** Note: This has been attempted before, by many others… but always seems to FAIL! I believe the reason for this is due to FEAR, people are “worried” or “concerned” what would happen or then simply not convinced it would make a difference “so why bother”. This however is exactly the reasons for why it would NOT work. We need to DO something and STOP being “observers”!
There is no need to “run yourself into trouble”, think of it in the following way… If 1M people would take out $10 of what is theirs, each month, that would add up to $10M. Just imagine several million would do this and just imagine it would be more like $100 each time… 😉
The GOAL here is to WAKE UP those around you that have not yet realised , the system they are playing part in.

Here is one more IMPORTANT VIDEO; that will explain you EXACTLY how the Banking system works, it’s a MUST SEE and KNOW for EVERYONE!:

We have set ourself a Wake Up! Message CHALLENGE for 2013 and we invite anyone and everyone to do the same!

As of the start of 2013, go and take as much cash out of your account as you own (don’t take any credits, ONLY what you have and what is YOURS). Your savings, your salary etc.. anything you can really! If you get more, go and pick it up again.
Then just keep that on you or spend it cash in the shops if you need to. Do this for at least for 3 to 5 consecutive months. There should be nothing wrong with that considering it’s your Money!?

WHY? Just to see what would happen 😉 considering that only around 8% of the world’s currency exists as physical cash and the rest is electronic… It would be interesting to see how all the banks, governments, the federal reserve as well as our great econamy support this… if it’s such a good system then there should be absolutely no issue with you taking back what is yours…?!
In addition, it would be interesting to see how long it would take in a town or a city or even a country for them to shut the doors… 🙂

Are you not curious? What will you do? Will you join in and get your family, friends and colleagues to do the same? Or will you just sit and smile? We for one… will definitely take ours before the doors shut 😉


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