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2012 Transition, Awakening, Ascension or absolutely Nothing?

This is a topic that has fascinated many of us and also has a huge amount of infos, assumptions, visions, prophesies, channellings and opinions on it. There is literally hundreds of books, thousands of movies and millions of posts and articles on this topic… Simply the fact that there is so much on this, must mean something is bound to happen… Or does it?
What does Transition, Awakening or Ascension really mean… and what exactly would one consider as “nothing”? Which one will it actually be? Or is it all of these at the same time? Is he right, is she right, are we right… Who is right who should we listen to and who should we follow?
So, as so many have done before, we have decided to consolidate and formulate our own views on this and bluntly put it out there…. Why? Well, we feel sharing is good, listening is good and being open to all views and opinions is good… Why?

As much as we may be aware of the spiritual universe, we must also remember that currently and all around us there is a physical universe, which by the way can be of extraordinary beauty and inspiration. So, we must remember to deal and work with this material world too… By keeping thoughts to ourselves and as thoughts only, that is the state they remain in, at least most of the time. Writing it down and sharing, is one of the many ways to starts acting upon that thought and to initiated the process of manifestation in the material universe so to say…
Before we go any further though … We would like to make something very clear and understood, this is critical and applies to anything and everything!

True is only what is true to you and that is it, don’t dig any further! Be your own advisor in all subject and matter, follow yourself only! Time is an illusion, there is only NOW, by living in the past or worrying about the future you are not affecting the present! No one will save, guide or free you, except yourself!
Now… On the subject of ‘Awakening’… Well… Just look around you and remember how you felt and though about things a year ago… The Awaking as it’s called is happening since a long time, probably since the 70s if not longer. The awakening process per our observation, is simply a change of view and opinion in respect to this extreme materialism vs. spirituality with all its assets, whether this may be the comprehension, that there is individuals here who’s only interests are suppression, power and control over you, using systems, technologies, solutions and lies that we have bought into for so many years. All of which are currently being exposed at an ever growing and faster rate (war, religion, government, banking, health, education etc…) or simply the realisation that you are more than just flesh and bone, to what ever depth you wish to take this. That there is more around us than what we have been educated to know, understand and realise (astral projection, self healing, telekinesis, spirits, the universe, aliens, hollow earth, DNA etc…) all of which are again being shared and discussed more and more.
Ascension as per its definition is just the act of rising to an important position or a higher level. So, considering the current but fading state of affairs… What do you believe that would be… Our observation of this is, we are all part of this, what ever this may be and we are part of this planet, (it’s called ‘mother earth for a reason) this planet is part of this solar system, this solar system is part of this galaxy, this galaxy is part of this universe, thus we are all part of the same or one. If you now reverse that, what ever happens in the universe will effect the galaxies, what ever happens in the galaxies, will effect this solar system and planet and what ever happens to this planet will effect us.
Ignoring time as what we consider it to be for a moment, the universe has gone through many changes and so has this planet and so has everything and everyone on this planet. For the purpose of providing a ‘terminology’ lets call these changes ‘Transitions’. Simply put, we (the universe, galaxies, planets and us) have gone though several these ‘transitions’ through time, some grater some smaller. This could be referred to as dimensions and some believe we are moving from the 4th to the 5th dimension. Same can be related to astrology, we are in the age of Aquarius and moving into the next. However, this is not what we want to focus on. The question that we feel is of real essence in all this would be what ‘change’ is to be expected by within or after this new transition. All in all, ascension is about moving on and in theory into higher or better or just a new state of affair.
Nothing… Does that even exist? What is being referred to by nothing? Does that mean everything will just continue in the same pace and rhythm as it’s going? Is the 3 days of darkness part of a ‘nothingness’ or a ‘time out’? Because it’s a gradual transition over thousands of years, will it feel like any everyday experience? Personally, we feel ‘nothing’ is not even of any relevance on this topic… Because anything would be something, whether it’s a war, revolution, a new year resolution, change of government, new finding with energy and power, change of general health or educational systems, discoveries or eating a new brand of serials in the morning… It’s all something and you know what, if the serials are really good… They are all major events!
Now for real, of course we can relate to what is meant by nothing… But this is exactly where we feel the catch on this whole topic comes to play and it’s a very simple ‘catch’…
If you now build on or put your efforts in the material aspects, that is what you will transition to. (Invest in Materialism and you with get Materialism) And if you build on or put your efforts in the spiritual aspects, that is what you will transition into. (Invest in Spirituality and you will get Spirituality)
Considering all the information we have read and observations we have made, it would nearly seem like, earth will transition or ascend, regardless of what you or I may think and those who get it will feel and experience that and those who don’t, well, they will experience ‘nothing’ so to say.
So instead of listening, reading, watching things like this… We feel you should be asking and answering yourself these very questions and thoughts or scenarios.
As we had summarised in one of our earlier topics on this subject and final thought is:
It will be a NEW BEGINNING, the finding of our TRUE nature and the full EXPOSURE of suppression and control. We think that it will be the EVOLUTION stepping stone in the GROWING of OURSELVES and our UNDERSTANDING of this WORLD, the UNIVERSE and ENERGY! We believe that the more think and feel this way, this will be the outcome!


Metaphysics & Psychology

Can the Universe consciously imitate its own existence?

According to the new hypothesis, the Universe imitates its own existence in a “strange loop”. In an article published by scientists from the Institute for the Study of Quantum Gravity, it is argued that the basis of the hypothesis is the theory of panpsychism, according to which everything in nature is animated. 

The article was published in the journal Entropy and, as the authors of the work write, is designed to combine understanding of quantum mechanics with a non-materialist point of view. In other words, scientists want to understand how real we are and everything that surrounds us. Agree, this is at least an interesting question for modern science and our understanding of the Universe.

What is reality?

How real is reality? What if all that you are, all that you know, all the people in your life, as well as all events do not physically exist in reality, but are a very complex simulation? Like in the series of the animated series “Rick and Morty” when one of the characters got into a simulation and did not even notice it. Our regular readers know that the philosopher Nick Bostrom addressed this issue in the foundational article “Do we live in computer simulation?”, Which suggests that our entire existence may be the product of very complex computer models (simulations) controlled by advanced creatures whose the true nature we may never know.

I am not a supporter of this idea, but despite all the seeming madness of Bostrom’s assumption, we really don’t know what reality is. Modern science is not yet able to cognize the quantum world and understand, for example, why at the atomic level particles change their behavior when they are watched. At a time when physicists are working on building a mission that can figure out if a parallel universe or universes exists, Bostrom’s idea does not look extraordinary.

But the new theory takes a step forward – what if there are no advanced creatures, but everything in “reality” is self-imitation that generates itself from “pure thought?”

Frame from the series Rick and Morty. The moment Jerry found out that all this time he lived in a simulation

The Physical Universe is a “strange loop”, writes Quantum Gravity Research, a Los Angeles-based Institute for Theoretical Physics, founded by scientist and entrepreneur Clay Irwin. The work is based on the Bostrom modeling hypothesis, according to which all reality is an extremely detailed computer program – and they ask: instead of relying on advanced life forms to create the technology necessary to create everything in our world, is it not better to assume that the Universe itself is a “mental imitation of oneself”? Scientists associate this idea with quantum mechanics, considering the universe as one of many possible models of quantum gravity.

One important aspect that distinguishes this point of view from others similar to it is related to the fact that the initial hypothesis of Bostrom is materialistic and considers the Universe as physical. For Bostrom, we could just be part of an ancestral simulation created by posthumans. Even the process of evolution itself can simply be a mechanism by which future beings experience countless processes, purposefully moving people through levels of biological and technological growth. In this way, they generate the alleged information or history of our world. Ultimately, we will not notice the difference.

But where does physical reality come from that would spawn a simulation? Their hypothesis takes a non-materialistic approach, arguing that everything in the universe is information expressed in the form of thought. Thus, the Universe “self-realizes” into its own existence, relying on the underlying algorithms and the rule that researchers call the “principle of an effective language”. According to this proposal, the simulation of everything is only one “great thought”.

How could a simulation have arisen on its own?

Surprisingly, the answer is simple: she was always there, researchers say, explaining the concept of “timeless emergentism”. This idea says that there is no time at all. Instead, there is a comprehensive thought, which is our reality, offering a built-in semblance of a hierarchical order, full of “sub-thoughts” that extend down to the wormhole to basic mathematics and fundamental particles. The effective language rule also comes into force, which assumes that people themselves are such “emergent sub-thoughts” and experience and find meaning in the world through other sub-thoughts (called “code steps or actions”) in the most economical way (well, then) .

We do not know much, which means we must consider all hypotheses without exception

In correspondence with Big Think, physicist David Chester said:

Although many scholars advocate the truth of materialism, we believe that quantum mechanics can give a hint that our reality is a mental construct. Recent advances in quantum gravity, such as the vision of spacetime arising from a hologram, are also a hint that spacetime is not fundamental. In a sense, the mental construction of reality creates space-time to effectively understand itself, creating a network of subconscious entities that can interact and explore the totality of their capabilities.

Scientists associate their hypothesis with panpsychism, which considers everything that exists as thought or consciousness, the purpose of which is to generate meaning or information. If all this is difficult to understand, the authors offer another interesting idea that can connect your everyday experience with these philosophical considerations. Think of your dreams as your own personal simulations, the team suggests. Although they are fairly primitive (by the superintelligent standards of the future AI), dreams tend to provide better resolution than modern computer modeling and are a great example of the evolution of the human mind.

Of course, not everyone will like it, but the Universe can really have consciousness. 
At least we cannot rule it out.

Most notable is the ultra-high resolution accuracy of these mind-based simulations and the accuracy of the physics in them. They point to lucid dreaming – when the dreamer realizes that he is in a dream – as examples of very accurate simulations created by your mind that at times cannot be distinguished from any other reality. So how do you know, while you are reading this article, that you are not in a dream? It turns out that it is not so difficult to imagine that the extremely powerful computer that we can create in the near future will be able to reproduce a similar level of detail.

Of course, some of the ideas of Clay and his team in the academic community are called controversial. But the authors of the work believe that “we should think critically about consciousness and some aspects of philosophy that are inconvenient for some scientists.” We can not agree, because in science there are no or, should be no authorities. 

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Metaphysics & Psychology

The journalist predicted a cancer-free future and was healed

ABC11 American journalist Michael Perchick predicted on his Twitter account that his future would not be related to cancer. The reporter later reported healing, and the post scored 1.8 million likes.

A 28-year-old North Carolina channel correspondent said in January that he was diagnosed with cancer. However, the journalist did not somehow comment on the current state, but wrote about the future. 

“In four months, I will be the 28-year-old who defeated cancer. To the battle! ” – Perchik noted.

Many users supported his entry with comments with words of support. Some users remembered how they themselves fought with a similar diagnosis and they managed to prevail over a deadly disease. 

“I was diagnosed at the same age, two days after my 28th birthday. I’m 34 now. You will succeed, man. Kick your ass cancer,” Humphrey03Pat wrote .

In April, Perchik announced that he had completed the necessary course of chemotherapy. 

On June 5, he retweeted his January post and wrote:

“New information about my life: I was right.” 

This meant that the journalist was cured. In the comments, he met positive feedback from users. Some responded with a meme about dancing coffin carriers from Ghana, symbolizing a cancer funeral.

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Metaphysics & Psychology

Death Angel Drummer talks about meeting with Satan during a coronavirus coma

Will Carroll, a member of the Philippine-American thrash metal band Death Angel, spoke about a meeting with Satan during a coronavirus coma. It is reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

The 47-year-old drummer is sure he has been to hell. He fell ill with COVID-19 after a European tour of the band and was in critical condition for two weeks at a California medical center. Carroll was connected to a ventilator and was in a coma.

According to a member of the group, in nightmares, he appeared to have Satan in a female guise, who reproached him for being lazy and turned him into a monster resembling Jabba from Star Wars. After that, the drummer decided to abandon the use of strong alcohol and marijuana.

“I will still listen to satanic metal, and I still love Deicide and similar bands. As for my personal life and what I experienced, I don’t think that Satan is so cool” Carroll said. 

He explained that he was close to death, but now he feels as if he was born again.

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